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Julian Vaughn – Supreme

Hailing from Kansas City bass player Julian Vaughn has reached after The Purpose Project(2010), Breakthrough (2012), Limitless (2015) and Bona Fide (2017) with Supreme (2019) number 5 of his solo projects. Not just a handful but a 5 stars career.

Julian Vaughn plays on the new album bass. He is supported on selected tracks by Darren Rahn, Elan Trotman, Marcus Anderson, Donald Hayes (sax), Adam Hawley, Mike Hart, Andrew Freeman (guitar), Mel Brown (bass), Jeremy Nixon, Jeremy Thomas, Greg Manning, Lew Laing (keyboards), Nicholas Cole, Oli Silk (piano) and Anthony Saunders (vocals).

With Flash Back Friday as opening track Julian continues the glorious times of the 80’s music. The bass in the lead sharing the melody with Darren Rahn on sax is a good way to get to the hit parade. The title Black Dynamite spontaneously reminds me of the original film Shaft with the film music by Isaac Hayes. Is it a coincidence that the saxophonist’s name is Donald Hayes?

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Lee Jones – Grace

Lee Jones is a multi-instrumentalist. Playing woodwinds( flute, clarinet and alto sax), guitar, bass guitar, keys, composer and occasional vocals. His self produced music features him playing multiple instruments on a recording. As a veteran of the live jazz scene, Lee finally released his debut album in 2018 after spending a number of years of writing songs. He stays mainly on the sax and keys as lead instruments.

His album, Watercolors has remained on the Hot New releases for CD sales. With his most popular song, “once in a lifetime” hitting international radio airplay on jazz radio stations and online streaming. The later half of 2019 will see Lee embark on a tour with fellow jazz charting recording artist. A further album is Grace.

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The Pact – Possibilities

The Pact symbolizes a magical realism that brings joy and energy to life through various communications uniting people regardless of their age, color, nationality, tribe or even religion. This may be observed in the painting portrayed by five women of different nationalities United together by wearing the same designed gown / dress, signifying love, unity, rhythm and peace. Articulated in a manner I consider being analogous to music.

Possibilities is featuring Richard Smith, Adam Hawley, Allen Hinds, Gianni Vancini, Tom Braxton, Nils, Jonathan Fritzen, Tollak Ollestad, Martin Verdonk, Jeff Sopacua and Peter Krako.

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Avery Dixon – Entrées

Young Avery Dixon, a saxophone extraordinaire, was born weighing only 1 lb 8 oz and was not expected to live. He has a condition which causes his voice to be pitchy at times and airy because his vocal cords do not close completely. Despite this, along with asthma and other medical complications, he is beating all odds by playing the saxophone. By the grace of God, he is excelling and has had many opportunities to play for various programs.

Avery has been playing since 2009, and he has made significant strides as an upcoming artist. Now he is using those powerful lungs to serenade with an impressive talent comparable to artists twice his age. He received a letter from President Barack Obama, congratulating him on his accomplishments and encouraging him to continue to work hard for his community. Avery received the 2018 Musician of the year award from the Tommie Smith Youth Initiative. Endorsed by Colgate-Palmolive – Ian Cook Chairman, President, and CEO, Eugene Kelly VP – Global Diversity & Inclusion and Jennifer Perue – Global Human Resources, flew Avery to New York and presented him with a Yamaha 62 Tenor Saxophone for being a young achiever.

Avery’s Great Grandfather Maxwell Davis is his biggest inspiration. He was an American R&B saxophonist, arranger, record producer and “Father of the West Coast R&B.” Maxwell worked with BB King, Etta James, ZZ Hill, and many others. Avery is a miracle who is literally walking in the legacy of his Great Grandfather Maxwell Davis. Avery feels that every time he plays, he is telling a story and painting a musical picture. Not only is it fun to play but it is also soothing to the ear.

His debut album Entrées is on sale at CDBaby.

Althea Rene – Flawsome

Detroit, Michigan born flutist Althea Rene has never regretted having chosen music as her purpose in life. With Flute Talk in 2000, Chocolate Rush (2003), In The Moment (2006), No Restrictions (2008), In The Flow (2013), Live In Detroit (2015) and Unstoppable(2017) she can look back on a remarkable discography. Now her new album Flawsome(2019) delivers the next paving stone of her street to glory.

Althea explains the title Flawsome as something or someone that is extraordinary because of its imperfections. The album is elaborately designed. Demetrius Nabors, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, & Lew Laing are listed as responsible producers. In addition to Althea, who plays the flute as her favorite instrument, are named as musicians on selected tracks Demetrius Nabors (keyboards), Robert Skinner (bass), Gary Johnson, Andrew Freeman and Jas Miller (guitar), Nate Winn, Eric Valentine (drums), Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Lew Laing (drum programming, keyboard bass, keyboards, rhythm arrangements), Euge Groove, Jeanette Harris (sax), Andrew Dorsett (keyboard and programming) and Dwight Adams (trumpet).

The sumptuous line-up is immediately noticeable in the quality of the music.  Inner Circle starts with an introduction in George Duke style followed by a high-quality tune with excellent musicianship of all participating musicians. Althea offers multilayered flutes in spectacular overdub.

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Shakatak – In The Blue Zone

A quick glance at the list of reviews for Shakatak and their band members reveals the incredible amount of recordings. A clear sign of constancy and long lasting creativity of this formation, which has also although long in the music business lost none of its originality.

Shakatak hasn’t changed their signature style in over 50 albums and that’s the reason why their fans stay faithful to this group. Shakatak are Bill Sharpe (keyboards), Jill Saward (vocals), Roger Odell (drums) and George Anderson (bass). Their new album is In The Blue Zone and will be released on June 28, 2019 in Europe and on August 9, 2019 in the States. Patrick Van de Wiele ( has just reviewed the new album.

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Willie Jazzanova Davis – The Dulcet Experience

Willie Jazzanova Davis is straight out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He will blow your mind with his high energy, soulful style! At the age of 10 he started playing the saxophone and has never put it down. At the age of 23 he has set out on an exciting stage of his music career by releasing his R&B Jazz Album- Saxual Therapy! With this album he hopes to inspire young people to follow their dreams & provide listeners with music they can listen to over & over & feel good & blown away at the soulful musicality this album provides. Every year he grows & progresses higher in his career knowing that when he keeps God first, doors will begin to open.

His new album is The Dulcet Experience, a smooth, melodious blend of R&B & Jazz formulated to keep you relaxed with the smooth sounds of the sax!

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Rick Howard – Lil’ Noir

Rick Howard‘s fifty plus years of guitar playing and vocalizing have put him into every situation and every musical genre. By nineteen he was getting his Jazz legs playing nightclubs while teaching guitar in a Brooklyn music school. Rick attended college in his twenties. The local 802 program for professional musicians at Kingsborough College gave him a chance to hone his arranging, composing and orchestration skills. The late seventies saw Rick form a group called “Whapp.” This Zappa influenced ensemble mixed intricate music with a humorous theatrical approach.

In the Eighties, Rick applied his talents to doing session work, playing guitar on movie scores and jingles. He contributed to recordings by King Sunny Ade, Betty Wright, Bob Marley, and Shania Twain to name a few.

Rick toured extensively with many artists and he has shared the stage with Keith Emerson, Birelli Legrene, Chico Hamilton, John Entwhistle and others. Rick was heavily involved in the jazz and blues scene in New York City. Rick recorded two albums with his Latin Jazz group IGUAZU…the first self titled “Iguazu” in 1998, and the second, “All You Need” in 2003. “All You Need” featured guests Paquito D’Rivera, Slide Hampton and Antonio Hart. Iguazu played at many Jazz festivals sharing the bill with Acoustic Alchemy, Alex Bugnon and David Valentin, to name a few. Rick now resides in Southwest Florida. He considers his new album “Lil’ Noir” to be the culmination of his long musical career and looks forward to many years of creating great music.

For jazz aficionados and the more tending to smooth jazz give this album a listen on CDBaby.

Mattias Roos – It Goes On And On

Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Mattias Roos, a member of the band Soweco, that he formed with drummer Peter Gustavsson, started his solo career with the album My Story (2016). Soon followed his second project Movin’ Up (2017). Now he is back with his third project with the aptly title It Goes On And On (2019). Mattias builds on the proven cooperation with the label Skytown Records.

Mattias Roos has written, arranged and produced all songs. He performs piano, keyboards and also executes programming and editing. He is supported on selected tracks by Fran Merante, Wictor Persson (drums), Samuel Olofson, U-Nam (guitar), Greger Hillman, Mikael Emilsson, Andrey Chmut (sax), Marcus Asplund (trumpet), Jonathan Lundin, Samuel Lundell (bass).

I have to admit, I’m indulged by Keni Burke’s Rising to the Top. Mattias Roos doesn’t cover this ancient hit, but offers a modern musical concept which is been exceptionally engaged in keyboard magic. Bring It On shows more of Mattias’ elegant piano style that captures the essence of his sonic mastery.

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Earl Carter – Silky

Guitarist Earl Carter is well known in smooth jazz business. He already recorded with Marcus Johnson, Bobby Lyle, Jaared, Alyson Williams, Spike Lee, John Tillery and also performed with Nick Colionne, Bob Baldwin, Mike Phillips, Freddie Jackson, Michael Lington and a lot more.

He regularly release solo albums as No Frettin’ (2002), 495 (2005), My Paradise (2007), Project X (2009), Welcome Back Carter (2013), and Simplicity (2014).  In 2011 he released the EP’s Yeah Mon and Summertime. This year Earl Carter presents Silky.

This album is for download only at CDBaby.