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The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight on iTunes Podcast

One year ago in August, Spud Too Tight had a vision to conduct celebrity music tech talk interviews with some of the biggest icons in the music industry. From music producers, engineers, songwriters, musicians and recording artists, Music Producer/Composer/Musician Spud Too Tight was on point with his vision in hosting a one of kind music tech talk show with Billboard chart topping and Grammy Award winning icons in the music business. The weekly show is called:

The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight on iTunes Podcast.

Since Twin Cities based Spud Too Tight is prolific on keyboards, drum programming, engineering, composition, and production hedged with 20 years of creating that sonic signature edgy funk/jazz sound coupled with a few notable accomplishments under his belt including producing/performing the smooth jazz theme music to his show, has the savvy music technical knowledge, branded as the “Go to Tech Guru on using Logic Pro 8 and other programs and dynamic personality to interact well with other industry professionals, he was destined to secure interviews with the finest music icons in the business and has been extremely successful since.

Hosting The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight on iTunes Podcast was an excellent decision since it offers 24/7 free access to all the celebrity interviews while Spud’s sole purpose is targeting and educating upcoming producers, composers and musicians to learn production techniques from some of the best.

This week marks the one year anniversary date for his first major celebrity interview with music icon George Duke and Part 2 of this saga continues. The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight gives a big welcome back and acknowledgment to one of his keyboard hero’s Music Producer/Composer/Producer Jazz/Funk Icon George Duke. They discussed structuring sounds, synths, chord progressions, creating the bridge on songs, the value of musicians possessing a strong church performance background and upcoming endeavors.

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