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A Conversation with Gerald Albright

PH: Hi, and welcome to Augsburg. My name is Peter Höld and I’m from the German webradio station GrooveFM ( So, thank you for your time. OK, let’s start with the interview. I think it’s not your first visit to Germany?

GA: No, I’ve been here for several times actually. I enjoy coming to Germany. The people really appreciate the jazz. It’s nice to come. So far away from home and have people appreciate your music that you’ve been doing for so many years. A great compliment.

PH: I don’t know if you are aware of it… hey, we are friends on Facebook. (laughs)

GA: Oh, beautiful. I’m big on Facebook. I love it.

PH: Yes, me too. I thinks it’s very important, because you are able to have contact with people all around the world.

GA: Yes, It’s very important. Especially with the state of the music industry right now. Where jazz has changed so much in terms of how people acquire their music and how we get the word out these days versus… back in the days when we had the record companies doing all the work. Now we as artist do a lot of the work now to get the word out. It´s a new day in time.


A Conversation With Paul Brown

PH:  Hi, my name is Peter Höld and I’m from the Webradiostation GrooveFM. I have a few questions for you. Is this your first time in Germany?

PB:  Yes, it’s my first time in Germany.

PH:  Yes, indeed? And you like it here?

PB:  I love it. So far it’s great. I love this venue, it’s beautiful and everybody is very nice.

PH:  And we have nice Californian weather (laughs) today.

PB:  (laughs) Yes, I brought the sunshine.

PH:  One important question for me, because I’m a guitar player. You are playing a Gibson L-5?

PB:  Yes, on my recordings I use a Gibson L-5. Live I have this Nelson Palen Archtop, that’s what I’m playing tonight.


A Conversation With Jessy J

PH:  Welcome to Germany. Is it your first time here?

Jessy J:  Thank you, it´s my first time.

PH:  Do you like it?

Jessy J:  I do. It´s beautiful. There´s a lot of nature. So I was surprised to see some interesting birds at the hotel. Very beautiful birds. Different from the ones that are in the United States. The colouring is different.

PH:  First I want to introduce myself. I´m Peter Höld from the internet radio GrooveFM.

You ever heard about it?

Jessy J:  I have heard , yes.

PH:  You have heard about GrooveFM? Hey, that’s great!

And congrats (congratulations) for your top ranking on the Jazz Billboards.

Jessy J:  Yes, thank you. Thank you so much.

PH:  It´s sensational, you are number one!

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