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Mike Sedmak – Guitars & Axes

While living in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in the 1990’s, Mike Sedmak was introduced to the Smooth Jazz genre and was immediately captivated by the instrumental melody and improvisation.

After his children were grown and his career established, he found more time to devote to music. He  now enjoyed playing the Classic Rock songs he grew up listening to and performing in his youth, as well as many of the Smooth Jazz songs that have been recorded over the past decades.

Guitars & Axes is the result and you should give it a listen at CDBaby.

Rob Keiter – The Glory of Love

As Rob Keiter stood at the microphone to record his vocals for “This Nearly Was Mine,” the opening track of his The Glory of Love album, a torrential flood of tears burst forth unexpectedly. Although he could not contain his raw emotions while singing the heartfelt words about love lost, he sang anyway. What was captured on the recording was something special and it established the tone for the entire collection of classic love songs in jazz settings, which will be released by Sketchin Records on October 26th.

“When I finished singing, I went into the control room to try to explain what happened. Everyone was silent. They felt it. The song (“This Nearly Was Mine”) was recorded in one take. We agreed not to record it again, that what we got was genuine and could not be duplicated,” revealed Keiter.

When Keiter began the recording sessions with producers Amber and Rob Whitlock for The Glory of Love, he was in the midst of a dark period following the breakup of a twenty-three year marriage. Singing the songs that comprise the collection enabled him to grieve as well as to find new hope. “Even though I had lost love, I wanted to sing love songs because I still believe in love. Having sung my entire life, I would say that I truly found my voice as a result of that experience (in the studio),” he explained.

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Various Artists – Brazilian Night

Songwriter Tom Hansen is based in the city Tønsberg located 10 miles south of the Norwegian capital city Oslo.

On his debut album “Brazilian Night” Tom Hansen has been working with 6 different arrangers, all with inspiration from artists like David Foster, Jay Graydon, Chaka Khan, Mezzoforte, Larry Carlton, Shakatak, as Tom are saying “all arrangers has been raised up with David Foster and has been playing Through The Fire many times”, so you can really hear this at the album.

Brazilian Night is available at CDBaby.

Les Sabler – Crescent Shores

Hailing from Montreal, Canada guitarist Les Sabler has constantly build his reputation as top musician with his albums Hidden Treasure (1990), Time For Love (1994), Bridge The Gap (2003) and Sweet Drive (2007). The new album Crescent Shores (2010) is a logical continuation of his artistic work.

In 1991 Les Sabler and his group often opened shows for Richard Elliot. That led to the opportunity to record some tracks in Richard’s studio. Some of these tracks were published on his second album Time For Love but according to the liner notes of his new album most of the tapes were stored.

Recently Les Sabler went into the studio again and completed with the support of keyboardist Allon Sams his studio work from 1991. The new album contains some tracks of the old recording and several new compositions.

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Jeff Richman – Like That

It’s Like That when guitarist Jeff Richman fuses jazz and rock into a new recording.

Richman’s extensive professional background includes performing on guitar, composing, arranging and recording music in many genres, and teaching in academic and private settings. He has produced 16 solo albums and toured worldwide with notable musicians over a 35-year career. Among those he has performed with are Ray Barretto, Flora Purim, Airto Moreiro, Eumir Deodato, Blood Sweat and Tears and Gerry Mulligan.

For his 15th album as a leader, Richman is accompanied by a variable lineup of all-star session players: Will Kennedy, Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Hass on drums; Dean Taba and Neil Stubenhaus on bass; Deron Johnson on Fender Rhodes; Mitchel Forman on keyboards; and Larry Goldings on organ. Percussionist Alex Acuna appears on all but “Touch and Go.”

The title song is a moderate groove, featuring Kennedy, Taba and Johnson. Acuna’s congas give it an extra punch. Richman’s lead is smooth. Kennedy rolls through the toms to set up Johnson’s solo. Taba holds his own, but it’s Forman and Kennedy who have the most to say about this track.

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Nils – What the Funk?

Nils fourth album on Baja/TSR, What the Funk? expands on his already successful jazz base and incorporates dance and R&B into the mix.

His impressive list of accolades includes most played song of the year at jazz radio in 2005 with Pacific Coast Highway, a nomination as best Jazz Guitarist for the American Smooth Jazz Awards in 2010, musical director for the Independent Spirit Awards Show and numerous #1 hits from his previous three albums.

What the Funk? lives up to its title with groove filled tracks and soulful riffs that Nils delivers with his renowned guitar skills. The lineup of musicians features stalwarts Rickie Lawson (drums), Alex Al (bass), Oliver Brown (percussion) and Avatar choir vocalist Clydene Jackson (background vocals/ keyboards).

The JT Jazz Project – Good Times (limited edition)

Because of an exceptionally creative home environment, JT‘s interest in music began at a very early age. He began playing the saxophone in the fourth grade and continued to play through elementary school, high-school and college, accumulating several awards and accolades. Throughout his music education, JT studied under some of Chicago-land’s most renowned musicians.

JT’s interest in writing and production began at age sixteen, when he (and his soul band) stepped into a recording studio for the first time. In JT’s late-teen years, his affinity and talent for music production developed tremendously. He and a close friend built a 5′ x 5’ closet-like “studio,” equipped with an old Roland keyboard and a four-track cassette recorder. JT would spend hours upon hours in this studio creating hip-hop, RnB, pop, rock, funk, gospel, and all types of grooves.

After high-school, JT chose practicality over ambition and attended the local community college as a pre-vet major. That path was short-lived however. Because JT’s heart just wasn’t in it, his academic performance left much to be desired. Then, the inevitable happened… JT decided to pursue a musical career. He went on to receive a BS in Music Performance with a minor in Business Administration from Millikin University.

During his last year in college, JT interned at the Chicago Recording Company (CRC), Chicago’s premiere recording studio. At CRC, JT honed his production and technical audio skills while working with high-profile clients like R. Kelly, Three 6 Mafia, Phil Collins, Liz Phair, and countless movie and commercial projects. One year later, JT accepted a position at Streeterville Recording Studios, which was at one time the premiere recording studio in Chicago. JT continued to work at Streeterville with clients like Kanye West, Marvin Sapp, Tori Amos, Melissa Ethridge, Orbert Davis, and John Madden, until the studio went out of business.

These days, JT keeps busy by producing projects for Jevon Music Group (JMG) and by performing with his band, The JT Jazz Project. The latest album from The JT Jazz Project, titled Good Times,  is a sexy fusion of neo-soul and jazz (in the vein of Maxwell or Sade) and features Chicago-land’s most talented musicians and vocalists.

Good Times now at CDBaby.