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Althea René – Unstoppable

Detroit, Michigan born flutist Althea René had to decide if she should stay as a Wayne County Deputy Sheriff or as a full-time performing/recording artist. Fortunately, she let her heart lead the way toward music as her ultimate passion.

She started her solo career with the debut album Flute Talk in 2000. Soon the albums Chocolate Rush (2003), In The Moment (2006), No Restrictions (2008), In The Flow (2013) and Live In Detroit (2015) followed.

With Unstoppable (2017) Althea sends a clear sign of continuity and confidence in her musical future. Althea is joined on this album by Lin Rountree (trumpet), Turhan VanDyke (keys, trombone and horn arrangement), Mike Harrington, Allen “Snoop” Evans, Robert Skinner, Jamaal Andrews, Chris Ellis, Darrell “Red” Campbell (bass), Roscoe Henton, Darrell Crooks, Chieli Minucci, Joe Foster, Kenneth Morris, Tim Bowman, Frank Selman, LaVon Rushing (guitars), Marcus Hunter (drums and programming), Eddie Garcia, Barry Fry Jr. (percussion), Lew Laing, Derrick Harvin, Nicholas Cole (keys and programming), Joe Otis (drums), Alex Goss (keys), Greg Manning (piano), Marvin Bernett (steel pan), James Carter (sax and horn arrangement).

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Althea René – Unstoppable

Althea René an impassioned flautist from Detroit, Michigan, has been known to mesmerize her audiences with her vivacious captivating performances. This unparalleled artist, born December 25, began her musical career at age four as a classical flautist. She was influenced by the rich talent in her family, among them her father Dezie McCullers, Sr., who performed with many Motown stars.

Smooth jazz flutist Althea Rene made history by becoming the first flute player in the history of Billboard Chart to reach the number one rank with her 2013 hit single “In the Flow”. In collaboration with award winning producer Lew Laing, Althea Rene delivers another solid tour de force. “Gypsy Soul” is the first single release from her powerful, scorching hot CD Unstoppable. The CD will be available at CDBaby in some weeks. Watch out!

Althea René – Live In Detroit

11157362_10206390852351036_372665359661949376_oAlthea René is the first performer in history to have their flute featured single reach the number one ranking on the Billboard Music Chart. The daughter of one of Motown’s original Funk Brothers, she began playing the flute at the tender age of four. She worked for 11 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit) before making the leap into a full-time music career.

Arguably the strongest performance ever displayed by a soul-jazz flutist in recent history. Her Detroit-based band delivered the unparalleled funk that made this concert a scorching hot tour de force. Get this remarkable album at CDBaby.

Althea Rene – In The Flow

InTheFlowOne of America’s best kept secrets is secret no more. Having single handedly built a huge following throughout the Contemporary Jazz community over the last 10 years, this young lady has been in high demand on the concert scene and has accomplished all with little support from radio and doing it without label machinery. Taking the next career step and signing her first major label deal, Althea Rene is poised to take her music to the masses and her Trippin N Rhythm debut ‘In The Flow‘ marks a seismic shift not only in her career but in taking the flute back to its accepted place as a dominant genre instrument not seen since the days of Tim Weisberg and Herbie Mann.

Mix the mastery of Herbie Mann and add the sexiness and moves of Beyonce and you get this dynamic performer who delivers on every level, chops mixed with sex appeal. On ‘In The Flow’ Rene enlists the help of Grammy award winning producer Michael B, who has worked with A-List artists George Benson, Cindy Bradley and Marion Meadows, to name a few, to assemble a portrait of this multi-dimensional artist, painted with a broad brush. Not afraid to paint outside the lines Rene shows her mastery of the flute, blowing when the moment is called for yet showing great restraint as she floats in and around the melodies, showing passion and fire reminiscent of Al DiMeloa on tracks like LA Solstice and then chilling things down with sides like Sunday Cruise . Standouts include fresh takes on the John Legend classic ‘Used To Love You’ and ‘Free’ from Denise Williams.

With support from label mates Cindy Bradley and Randy Scott , ‘In The Flow’ marks the re-emergence of the flute to its deserved place in what has become a sax heavy genre. The time has come, the moment is now and Althea Rene will soon place her star alongside the genre’s greatest.

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