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Canelita Sabrosa – Canelita Sabrosa

SabrosaCanelita Sabrosa means in Spanish “Tasty Cinnamon” and indicates the multi-cultural direction in which the Atlanta-based band moves. Members of the formation are Chris Nettuno (congas, vocals and acoustic guitar), guitarist Julio Miranda, drummer Chunky Sounds and some other musicians, who play in changing line-ups.

The group sees itself as a live band with a wide repertoire that includes styles such as Latin, jazz, R&B, pop, funk and rock. Their self-titled debut album can be interpreted as a calling card, with a certain Latin orientation being unmistakable. The album is packed with a total of 16 tracks, though the last four tracks are vocal variants of previous ones.

The band gets us in the mood with the percussive Señorita, which reminds you of the sound of Carlos Santana. The leitmotif is interpreted by various instruments such as flute, saxophone and trumpet before the guitars take the lead again. Pleasing and melodious.

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Thasaint – All About Love, Vol. 2 (In The Key Of Me)

InTheKeyOfMeThasaint is a producer/musician that has been self producing and honing his craft for more than 25 years. He is an award winning Illustrative artist who not only creates by his hands but with his mind. Thasaint creates and produce music for just about any genre with more focus towards Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary R&B. He released his first recording project to the public at the end of 2012 titled “Love Confessions” and have been putting out projects non stop since.

His new project is All About Love, Vol. 2 (In The Key Of Me) (2022). All About Love, Vol. 2 – In The Key Of Me allows many genres to collide, standing out as Thasaint’s best work yet.

Get the album on all streaming platforms or download it on quobuz.

Carlos Camilo – Rhodes’ Rage

Rhode-s-RageCarlos Camilo is a pianist, singer, composer and producer hailing from Cuba and currently based in Miami. At just 3 years old, Carlos Camilo began playing the piano. By the time he was 11, he was composing his own music. Today, he composes anything from smooth jazz to R&B and pop. In 2012, he released his first album titled Dim the Lights, which was a smooth jazz instrumental piano album and one he says has been his most influential.  “I like to give a positive vibe with my music, making the world a better place one song at a time,” Camilo said.

Growing up in Cuba, his music is inspired by traditional Cuban flavor mixed with American music. “Love is a key player in my songs,” he said. “I’m forever intrigued and passionate about its power and how influential it is to all of us. Without love, we’re simply mechanical beings.”

Today, Carlos Camilo mainly creates Smooth Jazz, R&B, and POP. He’s released more than ten albums, and multiple singles independently and had played his music all over the globe with other artists, including Spanish Latin superstar, David Bisbal, and International Salsa Singer “India”. Currently, he’s working on his own band called Carlos Camilo and the Live Dimension. All in all, Carlos Camilo hopes to make a living doing what he loves with creating music, and completely immerse himself in it.

His newest album is Rhodes’ Rage (2022)  feat. Juan Silveira and Carlos Corpas, which you can buy here.

Mark Etheredge – Love Planet

LovePlanetThat pianist Mark Etheredge appears smiling on the cover of his new contemporary jazz album, “Love Planet,” offering roses – his songs – to the world is a triumphant story of resilience. Since the title track of his last album, 2016’s “Connected,” landed him at No. 6 on the Billboard singles chart, the keyboardist slipped into the abyss of alcoholism, going bankrupt and losing his West Hollywood home, which forced a move back to the Bay Area where he slept on a friend’s couch and watched his mother slowly slip away before she finally succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease last year.

As “Love Planet” readies for its August 12 release on Vipaka Records, the now clear-eyed Etheredge is back living in his own West Hollywood place, clean and sober for fourteen months, living one day at a time with hope restored. During the tumultuous years, Etheredge found strength and creative expression by retreating to his keyboard to compose music. Reteaming with “Connected” producer and two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown, Etheredge recorded and released two singles, “Resonance” (2019) and “You&Me&We” (2020), both of which appear on “Love Planet” alongside eight new songs.

Last month, Etheredge finished recording the inspired new set consisting of spirited jazz instrumentals, soulful R&B grooves, iridescent pop melodies and festive Latin rhythms, with Brown at the controls. A vibrant homerun hook powers the title track, which will begin collecting playlist adds on July 18. Continue reading

Melissa Errico – Out Of The Dark

melissa20errico20-20out20of20the20darkWhen the Corona pandemic hit in 2020, and the world locked itself at home, singer and author Melissa Errico suddenly returned to one of her lifelong obsessions, which was “noir”.

That dark, unsettling sense of intractable fatalism that Parisian existentialists discovered in 1940s American movies. With Adam Gopnik, Melissa curated a series of film noir classics at New York’s FIAF, appeared in the New York Times with an essay on a custom-made black dress portraying a “femme fatale,” and offered Manhattan a concert of ” noir” songs.

Now all those loose ends have been brought together in this new recording where Melissa shows herself as a very sexy, sensual lady. In doing so, she tells a complete story of hope, despair, and renewed hope.

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Mark Mixx & Tha Street Jazz Cartel – V

177800848_10158384672773981_4260354489279561773_nA native Detroiter that grew up listening to music and because of his infatuation with music he knew at an early age that one day he would embark on a musical career. During his early years while Mark was still in elementary school in 1984 he joined the band where he took up the art of playing drums and percussion, which carried over to middle and high school after graduation Mark added the piano. Producer, Arranger & Musician: Mark Mixx has produced, arranged and played on musical projects over the past twenty three (23) years.

Tha Street Jazz Cartel: In 2009 Mark Mixx decided to produce a Jazz CD on his independent record label(Isis Style Music). He assembled some talented Detroit musician to collaborate and play on the “Street Jazz Project, Johnny Barnes (trumpet), Steve Cooley (trumpet),Eddie Taylor (trumpet), Ike Pippen (keys), Shane Mckeever (keys), Jeff Canady (drums), Antonio Johnson(drums), Deblone Jackson (flute), Marty Montgomery (sax), Don Whyte (sax), Charles Jones (trombone), Stephen “Stevo” Current(bass), Tony Parker (bass), Derrick Bartel (guitar), Randal Wilson (guitar), Athony Booker (guitar) and Mark Mixx (percussion and keys).  The Street Jazz Cartel has four album releases out now on all digital platforms.

In 2021 Mark Mixx feat. Tha Street Jazz Cartel release their new singles from their (5th) album entitled “V” with a collaboration with James Gibbs III (trumpet) “Rydn & Chillaxn” along with “Ziggy’s Groove”. These releases will Put you in the mind of Riding on a “Hot Sunny Day”! The Street Jazz CD is currently getting radio airplay in Detroit and other parts of the country plus overseas.

Buy the album here.

JJ Sansaverino – Soul Energy


New York guitarist JJ Sansaverino has long been one of the greats of the smooth jazz genre. Since his debut album Sunshine After Midnight (2005) it took a bit longer that his sophomore album Waiting For You (2014) was released. His third album was International Groove (2021) followed by Cocktails & Jazz (2021). Now he is back with Soul Energy (2022).

The time intervals of the release dates are a sure indicator for the almost explosively developing creative power of this guitarist. The extremely large number of musicians involved in the production, as can be seen from the credits, speaks for the consistently excellent quality of his music.

The positive attitude of this album is already evident in the album’s opener Ride With Me. Backed by a strong horn trio consisting of Jonathan Powell (trumpet), Jeremy Powell (alto sax) and Mariel Bildsten (trombone), JJ is able to fully express himself with the guitar in a gripping song.

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Paul Brown – Promised Land

PromisedLandTwo time Grammy winner, Paul Brown, both as an artist and producer, is responsible for more that 60 #1 jazz radio hits! Paul has produced and shared the stage with a who’s-who of jazz greats such as George Benson, Patti Austin, Boney James, Norman Brown, and Peter White, just to name a few.

With Promised Land, Paul Brown reaches the peak of his prodigious creativity. The album kicks off with the spirited “Secret Sauce,” a surefire contemporary jazz radio #1, and delivers with “Don’t Stop,” Paul’s sexy collaboration with Marion Meadows, and the Bluesy, in-the-pocket, “7and7,” featuring Euge Groove!!

Get the album at Barnes & Nobles.

Najee – Savoir Faire

SavoirFaireI have been following the Afro-American saxophonist Najee for many years. After all, he has belonged to the top of smooth jazz for about 4 decades.

On his latest album, he explores different musical genres, saying: “I gave up worrying about disputes between genres a long time ago. Duke Ellington said there are only two kinds of music: good music and bad music. So based on that I don’t worry. People seem to forget that in the early days of jazz, the music was designed to make people dance. All of your experiences live inside you and they come out in your music. I just want to make good music and make it accessible for people to enjoy.”

Najee could count on several well-known colleagues for this project, such as pianist Frank Wilkens on the soulful opener ‘Dr. Dolittle’, followed by ‘Luna’ on which pianist & keyboard player Mark Harris II is a guest, and Najee cheerfully chooses the flute himself. ‘Valentine Love’ is a vocal slow jam, a cover of the Norman Connors song, sung by Alyson Williams with Chris “Big Dog” Davis on keyboards.

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T-Square – WISH

81CCM-OxzbL._AC_SX679_T-Square is a Japanese jazz fusion band formed in 1978. They became famous in the late 70s and early 80s along with other Japanese bands in the genre. Its most famous lineup included its members from 1986 to 1990: guitarist Masahiro Andoh, saxophonist/flutist/EWI player Takeshi Itoh, bassist Mitsuru Sutoh, keyboardist Hirotaka Izumi and drummer Hiroyuki Noritake. They are known for songs such as “Truth”, “Japanese Soul Brothers”, “Takarajima”, “Omens of Love”, among others.

Their newest album is WISH (2022). Buy the album at