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Greg Ware – Just Love Everybody

Just Love EverybodyThis album contains songs featured in the science-fiction novel Just Love Everybody and has legendary players like Byron Miller, Kenneth Crouch, Trevor Lawrence Jr. and Robert Kyle! It also features the smooth vocal styling of Toni Peete and RobJon. Booming 808’s and soaring saxophones dancing with melodic guitar lines creating the perfect setting for romance.

Just Love Everybody offers smooth grooves with sweet vocals and outstanding live musicians, sewn together with soaring saxophones and stellar guitar work now at CDBaby.

Phillip “Doc” Martin – Pocket Love

Quite rightly Philipp Martin is nicknamed Doc. He works in his day job as dentist in the Washington DC area. His second passion is music and as saxophonist he has already released several solo albums.

All started with his album Saxappeal in 2003. 2007 followed Pride and Joy, then Realization (2009), and Good Day at Work (2013). Pocket Love (2016) is his fifth album and was released on the label Innervision Records.

His new album was produced by Marvin Tony Hemmings, who also plays keys on all tracks. Additionally are joining the project on selected tracks Greg Boyer (trombone), Paul Brown (guitar), Frank Brunot (bass, guitar), Courtney Leonard (bass), Luc Derival (guitar), Kenny Kohlhaas (guitar, vocals), Jeff Lorber (drum programming), Eddie Montalvo (percussion), Roger Smith III (bass), Jay Williams (drums), Marlon Winder (flugelhorn, trumpet) and many more.

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Smooth Jazz FHG Band – A Joyful Beginning

A Joyful BeginningThe band Smooth Jazz FHG consisting of seasoned and experienced musicians from the Inland Empire of Southern California, was formed in 2013. They are just a bunch of guys who love to play upbeat Contemporary Smooth Jazz exercising the musical gifts that God gave them. Their repertoire of songs consists of several songs of own composition plus other Contemporary Smooth Jazz standards. These songs are all performed in an upbeat Contemporary Smooth Jazz style.

The aptly titled A Joyful Beginning is their debut album on now on sale at CDBaby.

Dan Sistos – Ventura Blvd

Ventura BlvdDan Sistos is a prolific and sought after session and touring musician in the United States. He has played with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Christina Aguilera, and Toni Braxton. He has performed on major radio stations and on network television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman, Good Morning America and the American Music Awards. He was also the featured guitarist on the blockbuster video games, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Dan’s debut CD, In the Midnight Hours, received rave reviews in music publications, and has been excitedly lauded by his fans. 20th Century Guitar Magazine hailed him a “Spanish guitar master” while Black Label Reviews declared him “the Carlos Santana for the next generation.” He was even nominated for Instrumental Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards. Dan’s latest album, The Road To Euphoria, continues his tradition of blending classical, latin and jazz influences to create a sonic masterpiece that is truly out of this world. Dan’s newest album of jazz originals is called Ventura Blvd. Acoustic and electric guitars soar above intricate crafted melody and harmony. This album also features some of the best musicians in Los Angeles. It’s a must have for any jazz, guitar or music fan!

Ventura Blvd is on sale at CDBaby.

Love Suggestions – Guitar Night

The Love Suggestions series are entitled Piano Night and Guitar Night. This year Konstantin Klashtorni will probably release Sax Night. That sounds like one instrument on each album in the lead.

Konstantin comments꞉ “True, that was my idea, it’s like a piano, guitar and sax player each recorded an album in the same vein. By the way, those are 3 instruments I like to feature on all my releases, I like the combination of different instruments a lot, depending on mood and kind of arrangement. I find it quite boring when only one instrument is playing hole song long, no matter how good it is.

I believe people like a variety very much, by the way in the mean of time I’ve learned a bit to listen music with “normal” people’s ears, just a bit! Wish I could do it much better to understand what Jazz music people like most and why.″

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Konstantin Klashtorni – Smooth Jazz III

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is certainly the most productive artist of the smooth jazz genre. Beside his solo projects he released series like Kool & Klean, Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion, Love Suggestions and Smooth Jazz. His newest album of the latter is Smooth Jazz III (2016).

What is the special feature of the Smooth Jazz series? Konstantin comments: “This is the style I started with back in 2004 recording my 1st album Downtown. I always wanted to be a part of SJ community since I first heard David Sanborn and Eric Marienthal play back in 80’s. And of course, as soon as I’ve got that awesome opportunity to record music at my home studio, I started to produce tracks to sound like my heroes. (two more came later – Kirk Whalum and Gerald Albright)

This series has nothing special except of just being a nice melodic easy listening Smooth Jazz. Unlike Kool&Klean and Chillaxing Jazz series it has a bit more chords and arrangement complicity, might be a bit funkier I would say.″

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Chameleon – Smooth Moves

Smooth MovesJazz musician/Producer Phil Wilkinson spent two years working on this album. He is a multi instrumentalist and plays all instruments on the album. The album takes influences from Jazz, Pop, Brazilian music and RnB as well as a dash of India in there for good measure. The concept is a chill out vibe inspired by sunny days and the beautiful coast lines of Spain where he currently resides.

Smooth Moves is a Smooth Jazz and Bossa Chill Out album to bring some sun and good vibes to your ears. Now on sale at CDBaby.


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