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Konstantin Klashtorni – Smooth Jazz IV

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is known by his projects Kool & Klean, Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion, Love Suggestions and Smooth Jazz. His newest album of the latter is Smooth Jazz IV (2017).

The front photo indicates Konstantin’s musical main weight, the saxophone. In order to avoid a false impression, Konstantin plays all his instruments himself, composes all the pieces and produces them. Releasing more than 30 tracks each year makes him to the most productive artist of the smooth jazz scene.

Listening to the first track If I Told You immediately comes Grover Washington’s The Two Of Us into mind. The soul searing beauty of the melody can compete with the great inspiration. With Hills and Valleys Konstantin not only presents a catchy melody but also invests time and efforts in a sophisticated rhythmic background.

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Jaee Logan – Sun Rider

Smooth jazz multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer Jaee Logan‘s new album Sun Rider is featuring Verdine White (Earth Wind & Fire), Bill Summers and more. Recommended if you like Earth Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, Norman Connors.

This album is on sale at iTunes.

David T Shamley – The Transition

David T Shamley comments his new album The Transition: This music is what you want to hear when problems is in your life and you don’t know which way to to turn, this music will give that direction to take that step toward God and understanding his love and power that he has waiting on you. If you trust God, and believe that he can make a way for you, then you just picked up the right album.

The Transition is available at CDBaby.

Mattias Roos – Movin’ Up

Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Mattias Roos is a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed with drummer Peter Gustavsson in 2011. He started his solo career with the album My Story (2016). His second project Movin’ Up (2017) is destined to make a breakthrough on the American music market.

Mattias Roos performs on the new album piano, Rhodes, keyboards, synth bass, programming & editing. He is accompanied on selected tracks by U-Nam (lead guitar), Elan Trotman (tenor sax), Dwayne «Smitty» Smith, Jonatan Lundin (bass), Wictor Persson (drums), Samuel Olofsson, Johan Björklund (guitar), Markus Asplund (trumpet), David Ehrlin (sax) and Greger Hillman (sax section).

Central theme of the new album is the title song Movin’ Up. The uplifting melody is the right stuff to bring you on the next level and U-Nam on guitar is now launching the second stage of joy. Take It Higher shows a giant step forward in artistic weight class with a simple melody which is transposed by a perfect arrangement to a catchy unforgettable something.

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JOURNEYS – Transit

JOURNEYS are six Swiss professional musicians who have delighted a wide range of concert and radio audiences with their funky Smooth-Jazz-Fusion compositions across Europe and North America for more than 15 years.

JOURNEYS’ original compositions are mainly by Angelo Signore, & Philippe Mall, but Ueli Gasser also writes his own songs. While the Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Funk and Latin elements form a soundscape that is rich in rhythm and harmony, the clear melodic direction continually ensures an easily-traceable common theme. This is why the groovy Funk pieces, lyrical ballads, and creative Latin Jazz compositions appeal to not just Jazz lovers, but a broad, multi-generational audience.

Their new album Transit is on sale at CDBaby.

Raymond Towler – This Freedom II

This Freedom II, is all about the new. New friends, new music, a new life. “My old friends are still around and will be forever a part of my life, no doubt, even with all of the choices in the world. These songs and artist on this album are magic.” Most of the instruments are performed by Raymond Taylor. Vocals are by Rosa and Simbryt. Steve Eisen performs sax and Sarah Vail piano.

This Freedom II is a compilation of songs for download only at CDBaby.

Burt Brion – The Secret’s Out

One can certainly describe Burt Brion as veteran in music business. When I reviewed his debut album Say The Word in 2005, he was already since 15 years a professional musician.

Last year he released his second album The Secret’s Out with the support of some musicians mostly from the San Diego area. Guitarist Mark Shapiro and keyboardist Allan Phillips from Fattburger, guitarist Patrick Yandall and bassist Nathan Brown are mentioned in Burt’s comment at CDBaby.

The Secret’s Out is served fresh like a Pinnacle from Sumatra’s fruit fields. Richard Seller’s dry drum beats, Brant Leeper’s vintage organ strokes and Burt on piano introduce into the piece soon joined by Mark Shapiro on guitar and Jason Weber on sax. This is a striking full house on your hand.

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