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Lin Rountree – Soulfunky

Chicago based trumpet player Lin Rountree started his solo career in 2006 with the album Groovetree, followed by Sumthin’ Good (2008), Soul-Tree (2011) and Serendipitous (2013). Soulfunky (2015) is his fifth album and the second for CutMore Records. His new project is supported by many label mates and fellow musicians.

Lin is the master of groove. How he handles his trumpet on Wish It Was is more than funky. He doubles his instrument with clever overdubs and creates the accurate harmony. With Julian Vaughn on bass and Nicholas Cole on keys he improves the song and pitch the ball in the centre of the strike zone.

Pushin’ On written by Nate Harasim presents guitarist Nils in a powerful solo, however Lin is really perfect in drawing the notes like a trombonist. On Just Know It bass and trumpet melt to an irresistible vibe. Detroit fellow citizen Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors aptly creates magic on ivory and ebony.

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Juan Carlos Mendoza – Thanks To Life

What could be more exciting than to discover a previous unknown musician and his music? In the case of Spanish guitarist Juan Carlos Mendoza and his album Thanks To Life the whole is an adventure.

Unbound by genre thinking Juan puts on his album the music that is close to his heart. Some of the best musicians of Spain are joining this project such as Norbert Fimpel and Inaki Arakistain (sax), Cristina del Valle and Ivana Manzotti (vocals), Gherardo Catanzaro, Javier Mora (keyboards), Javier Barral (guitars), and a lot more.

Limoncello Break is launching a massive deluge of Funk. Inspired by an Italian liqueur the musicians let it hang out with a zesty groove. On top the outstanding Norbert Fimpel on sax, who defines Funk in a new way.

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Jessy J – My One And Only One

Jessy J’s solo albums Tequila Moon (2008), True Love (2009), Hot Sauce (2011) and Second Chances (2013) mark her constant way to fame and popularity in the smooth jazz community. Her fifth project is My One and Only One, scheduled for release May 26th, 2015.

Paul Brown, Gregg Karukas, Roberto Vally, Sergio Gonzalez, Richie Gajate, Michael Ripoll, Zoux, Oskar Cartaya, Ruslan Sirota, Alex Al, Taku, Michael Angel, Frank Abraham, Iajhi Hampden, Bryant Siono, Norman Jackson, Jay Gore, Lee Thornberg, Dave Hooper, Ronnie Gutierrez, Janis Leibhart & Dave Darlington are mentioned as supporting musicians on her website.

Jessy is toying gladly with her Mexican American ancestry. Many of her songs have a Latin American reference like the starting Una Mas. Capricious but warm on the skin like a soothing spring breeze soars the melody. The title track is more down to earth, so if she tried to retain My One and Only One.

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Paul Whitley – Come Groove With Me

Keyboardist and composer, multi-instrumentalist and music instructor. One can meet Paul Whitley in multiple roles. Jonathan Butler, Steve Cole, Joey Sommerville, Elan Trotman, Lin Rountree and Walter Beasley are among the many artists he performed with.

His debut album was Versatility (2011), a proof of competence. Now he is back with his sophomore album Come Groove With Me (2015). With the exception of Tis So Sweet Paul has recorded, written and produced all tracks on his new album.

Among the supporting musicians are Jonathan Fritzen, Elan Trotman, Marcus Anderson and a plethora of other high profiled players. In the tradition of George Duke Paul starts with a bombastic intro entitled Unorthodox (The Warmup).

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Dave Panico – Tasty Treat

Tasty TreatThe album Tasty Treat is produced by Eric Copeland out of Nashville, TN. I met Eric at a music conference several years ago and found out he was a Christian Jazz producer so I ventured with him on this CD Tasty Treat. Tasty Treat Opens up with a song I wrote called “Break’N Free”. This is an upbeat/happy song performed on alto sax. Sometime life and circumstances bring hard attacks and I feel like I’m trapped and can’t get out. This song is about being able to break free and overcome these hardships. The next song is the Title track called “Tasty Treat” . This song is written by Eric Copeland. He provided the track and then I added the melody to it. This is a very nice cool smooth jazz song. It’s one to lay back on and enjoy. I perform soprano and tenor sax on this.

The 3rd song is a blues song called Soaring Sax Blues performed on alto sax. I tend to go by the name “the Soaring Saxman” so the title fits. This is a compilation between myself and eric Copeland. I wanted a blues tune on the album. I tend to hang out at the open jam blues clubs here in KC and I’ve had several compliments that I play some mean kick ass blues. So why not. This is a good ole fashioned blues tune. The 4th song is entitled “Pump’N” performed on alto sax. This is one I wrote and I ventured out on this one. I wanted a dance tune that people will get up and move to. The song Pump’N is a great tune for workouts and getting out on that dance floor. Eric did a nice job on the track.

The 5th song came from a guitar lick I sent Eric. I don’t play guitar but I was fooling around on it and came up with a lick. The song is called “Just Like That”. This is a compilation with Eric Copeland. This is a bit funky and has a cool vibe to it. When I think about how God created the world or how he moves amazingly in someone’s life, he can make it happen , Just Like That. This is performed on alto sax.
“The Search” is the 6th song on the Cd and is the first song I wrote for this CD. During the time I was writing this song, I felt like doors were closing on me on where I could perform/minister. Give this album a listen at CDBaby.

Rei Narita – The Color of Soundscape II

Japanese pianist and composer Rei Narita is one of the rare artists in Japan addicted to smooth jazz. He started to play the piano in the tender age of 15. He delivered the musical background for several NHK documentary programs, participated to compilations of King Records and further TV and movie productions.

His solo career began with the album The Color of Soundscape in 2011 and continues with his new album The Color of Soundscape II in 2015. His style is influenced by The Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson, Rachel Z and many more of the smooth jazz scene. As a self-made man he has programmed all instruments and tracks. All songs are composed, arranged, programmed, mixed and produced by Rei himself.

On the starting Run Through the Urban City Rei paints with fast and powerful keystrokes the dynamic picture of a modern town. Bass and drums are perfectly adapted to the magic piano performance. Tender Voices delivers a soft impression with the piano in the lead and keyboard as secondary melody transporter.

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Rudy Rodriguez – Aliento De Adoración (Pistas Originales)

Aliento De Adoración (Pistas Originales)Rudy Rodriguez is internationally renowned and has worked with every major Christian artist in Latin America. He traveled with Marcos Witt for 7 years full time, visiting over 15 different countries per year. He has performed with Randy Phillips (Philips, Craig and Dean), Darlene Zschech (Hillsong Music) and Ron Kenoly to name a few.

He is currently Pastor of Freedom Life Center in San Antonio, Texas. Rudy Rodriguez offers with Aliento De Adoración (Pistas Originales) relaxing instrumental music with musical arrangements. Give his CD a listen at CDBaby.


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