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Patrick Yandall – Stratophunk

stratophunkGuitarist Patrick Yandall is a proactive musician who still has his focus on music production. He is one of those musicians who promote a new album every year. This year he delights us with the album Stratophunk (2022).

It is easy to imagine from which parts of words the title has taken its origin. The Stratocaster is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top “horn” shape for balance produced by Fender since 1954. Phunk is a mixture of Punk and Funk that originally described a form of Punk, but is now common as an urban spelling of Funk.

Patrick has performed all instruments, mixed and recorded the tracks, which he has mostly written himself. The album opens with the title song which is also the first single release. A robust funky piece of music with plenty of brass support and heavy bass and guitar action.

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Patrick Yandall – Chasing The Light 

chasingthelightGuitarist Patrick Yandall is a musician who is fully committed to record production. Under one or two releases a year it does not go. His newest project is Chasing The Light (2021) and will certainly not the last one.

Like many other musicians these days, he is a multi-instrumentalist and has all the production in his own hands. He also wrote all the music himself. This development was undoubtedly furthered by the pandemic, because for months the musicians could not perform life. The title of the album describes the state of the musicians, who after the long period of stagnation finally want to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Whats Cookin is the curious question that fellow musicians also ask to find out what’s new. Patrick offers a new treat from his kitchen, where everything is not only coherent but also sounds perfect.

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Patrick Yandall – Rouge River

Guitarist Patrick Yandall is without a doubt one of the most productive musicians under America’s sun. This year alone he has released three albums, Jazz On The Vine, Nylon Expression and now Rouge River.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Yandall now routinely records, produces and releases the entire album himself. Each album has a certain direction and purpose. Rouge River is Patrick’s homage to his roots and the beautiful state of Michigan.

Also on this album Patrick lives out his artistic freedom to record what is close to his heart. And so it starts with Zug Island, a piece Patrick has created in the energetic style of the group Tower Of Powers. Hammond B3 organ and a strong horn arrangement support his guitar performance. Instead of sterile drum programming he conveys the use of an advanced live drum kit.

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Patrick Yandall – Jazz On The Vine

It is the independent musicians with small budgets that keep the fire of the smooth jazz genre burning. Among them it’s guitarist Patrick Yandall who distinguishes himself by special activity. He begins the New Year with his album Jazz On The Vine (2020), dedicated to the Napa Valley wine region.

Patrick is a welcome guest at the events in this wine region, which brings its products closer to the consumer with numerous smooth jazz activities. Patrick’s main passion is creating new music every day. Playing many instruments with a convincing perfection is his ability and especially advantage when recording a new album. Playing with other musicians is really joyful but studio time is not cheap and that’s the reason why most musicians are working today’s in their own home studio.

Patrick has written and produced all songs of the new project. Patrick admits that this is already the fifth album without the help of other musicians. The title song commemorates the festival that is held annually at The Osthoff Resort. While the intro sounds somewhat spacey with its wave sound, the guitar driven main theme is almost jazzy despite the use of a lot of reverb.

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Patrick Yandall – When Its Hip

To classify Patrick Yandall as a smooth jazz guitarist would not do justice to his stylistic spectrum. Smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, blues, rock, every genre is a facet of his musical personality. Patrick’s new album When Its Hip has exactly these edges that make up the whole Yandall package.

Patrick performs all instruments on the new album. With the exception of three covers he has written all songs. The album is launched with the title song. While the lead guitar is focused on chords offers the main part variations of trumpet, bass and guitar underlined by synth strings. King James is somewhat harder due to the use of distortion effects. Even a short piano solo is included.

B Boy is called a break-dancer, who follows the athletic path of street dancing. Piano and guitar alternate in the presentation of the main motif. Most friends of smooth jazz will know Who’s That Lady through guitarist Peter White, who helped the 1973 Isley Bothers song to new fame. Unlike Peter White, Patrick lets the wildness of the guitar shine in its untamed form.

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Patrick Yandall – 10 South Riverside

Guitarist Patrick Yandall releases new albums with the precision of a Swiss movement. His newest project is entitled 10 South Riverside and produced on his label Zangi Records. On his previous records he collaborated with artists like Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt, Ada Rovatti, Scott Wilkie, Andre Mayeux, and Nathan Brown.

Todays Patrick feels comfortable performing and producing his albums himself. So did he on A Journey HomeEthos and on his new album. Patrick has written all songs on his new album except Breezin’, which was composed by Bobby Womack.

Patrick sets a musical monument to the well-known English actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson with Mr. Bean, a gracefully played theme, driving and elegant at the same time. The Samba tune Kona Boy has a certain Mezzoforte flair.

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Patrick Yandall – A Journey Home

He is at home in many genres. He lives his love of music in blues, rock, smooth jazz, contemporary jazz and more. You never know in advance what direction his next album goes. A Journey Home (2017) is Patrick Yandall‘s return to his roots.

Patrick has written and produced all songs of the new project. The uplifting A Journey Home has the flavor of a sunny summer day. A hip melody with various instruments involved from guitar, horns to vintage organ. You never get a Second Chance for a first impression, but a musician always get the chance by writing new music. This song offers soul music with a retro savor.

Route 56, also known as Kuhio Highway, is the main highway on the north and east shore of Kauai island. Cruising Kuhio Hwy is the aptly hymn for your next drive on this beautiful island. Intimate Request holds your attention for longer with alluring sounds. My Ride has a subtle blues infusion with the ideal connection of horns and guitar.

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Patrick Yandall – Ethos

EthosGuitarist Patrick Yandall serves with an amazing constancy and regularity the smooth jazz community with new releases. This year his new album is entitled Ethos. Ethos is the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. The Greeks believed the power of music could alter ones emotions, behaviors and even morals!

On his new album Patrick is performing all instruments and has written all tracks. He also recorded and mastered the complete album at MoBop Studios San Diego. Good music doesn’t need a special place and when Patrick calls the starter Peytons Place, then just to give the film in your head some nutrition. The tune is obviously influenced by Weather Report’s Birdland.

Based on a flowing rhythm Patrick creates a guitar whirlwind on Ethos caring for much atmosphere. Biggah Mo Bettah provides funky guitar voicing and textures in the style of Brothers Johnson. Carlos Santana’s Europa meets Wham’s Careless Whisper to Say Goodbye. Pure emotion.

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Patrick Yandall – Ethos

EthosSmooth jazz with contemporary elements featuring the guitar of international recording artist Patrick Yandall. R&B, blues, Latin, soul, gospel, all pepper this fantastic project. Produced, written, arranged and all instruments performed by Patrick Yandall. Even the graphic design by him! Rhapsody calls him “a middle of the road guitar god”! And it shows on this collection of 15 original compositions! Award winning prolific guitarist (19 releases worldwide) with music in feature film “Fruitvale Station” “War, Inc.” and more. TV shows like “New Girl” “Girls’ Industrial Channel and many more shows. TV radio such as Music Choice, and heard worldwide on,, Sonic Smooth Jazz on Dish, The Weather Channel.

Has performed live or in studio with top world class musicians such as Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt, who appear on Patrick’s CD “From the Ashes”. Michael Paulo, Greg Vail, Kevin Flournoy, Nathan Brown, and many more! Endorsed by worldwide guitar companies such as Seymour Duncan, Elixir Strings, Levy’s Leathers Ltd., Custom Tones Inc., and more. Headliner for jazz festivals and concert venues. Featured in Jazz Times, Jazziz, Smooth Jazz Magazine, San Diego Reader, Bay City Times, 92131 and many online features. Jazz, rock, blues, Latin, gospel, with smooth and fusion flavors! Nominated Jazz artist of the year by Lifeswork Entertainment.

Ethos is his new album now on sale at CDBaby.

Patrick Yandall – My Christmas Prayer

My Christmas PrayerPatrick Yandall just released My Christmas Prayer. Jazz, Soul, Gospel, R&B, and Blues flavors spice up this new release of originals and classics!

All instruments performed by award winning national recording international artist jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall. Five original compositions by Patrick capturing the flavor and feeling of the holiday season like “Winter Is Here”! Covering classics like R&B favorite “This Christmas”, a funky version of “Little Drummer Boy” with an AWB vibe, and a gospel blues version of “Amazing Grace”. Finishing off with an solo acoustic masterpiece “My Christmas Prayer” the title track. “The First Noel” and “Winter Wonderland” are covered with a beautiful arrangement of musical colors!

All of these tracks pay reverence to the season and the subject matter. With 17 CD’s released on various labels over the years, this veteran guitarist shows his versatility and melodic sense. Endorsed by many major musical brand names he brings his virtuosity, arranging, and engineering talents together for this wonderful collection of tracks for this festive Christmas Season! Get it now at CDBaby.