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Jim Carr – The Acoustic Legacy Sessions

The Acoustic Legacy Sessions is a collection of laid back, guitar-oriented instrumentals in the new age and smooth jazz genres. Jim Carr is an instrumental recording artist who resides in Auburn, Alabama. He records guitar-oriented new age, smooth jazz, and newgrass music. Foremost Jim is known by his performance with Jam-Lab. This is a jam-based, jazz-fusion electric trio out of southwest Michigan. The band features John Austin (6-string electric bass), Jim Carr (electric guitar), and Mike Curtis (drums and percussion).

This album reveals Jim’s acoustic legacy and is presented at CDBaby.

Tyndra – Not Too Late

An album that lovers of good music derived from jazz will love certainly. Soft, romantic and poetic. High quality composition for songs composed by Italian guitarist Francesco La Barbera and performed by the Tyndra trio, a CD not to be missed. The CD is soft, dreamy and ethereal, with streaks jazz and, in some places, even a little rock.

Tyndra is an Italian group specialized on Jazz Fusion, Funk and Jazz. Nevertheless the melody is the most important feature of the group. For more information about the band visit their websiteNot Too Late is now available at CDBaby.

Tim Hillwood – Venture Out

After playing with various bands from rock to jazz and other types of music, Tim Hillwood left the domain of other song-writers and instrumental composers to write the music that seemed to flow to him naturally. Though always experimenting with original material, it became his main focus after an accident caused serious injury to his left hand, threatening his ability to play guitar again. These selections stem from the joy of a gift regained, with intention to uplift and inspire the listener.

With the exception of “The Wonder of It All” which includes vocals by Tim, Venture Out is a work of instrumental guitar crafting that goes beyond the norm. The melodic content is sometimes both complex and simple in expression. Complex in the counterpoint and finger-style, almost classical approach at times, yet simple in delivery of melody which may be written, and in other cases spontaneously improvised. The moods evoked can sometimes come from a feel that comes from a melodic jazz, and touches at times to what could almost be described as earthy and new-age.

It’s unique, and whatever you call it, may your soul smile and your day become lighter and brighter for the experience, because this music has a way of becoming friends with the listener. For the more electric side of Tim Hillwood’s original guitar music, visit These unique and original acoustic guitar based selections are intended to lighten your day and inspire you. Some are solo-guitar compositions. Others include bass, keyboard, drums and more to create an uplifting melodic “space” that enhances your spirit now at CDBaby.

The Fonkmasters – Confunkshunal Chill Out

With this new project entitled Confunkshunal Chill Out, the Fonkmasters takes on a new brand called “smooth electronica” to help bolster their addictive arsenal of ambient/chillout soundscapes and funky smooth jazz laced grooves. Confunkshunal Chill Out is getting rave reviews from the preliminary feedback of industry insiders. This new brand of music can also be heard on the soundtrack of the highly anticipated film, ‘Cain and Abel’ of Mercury Rising Films, distributed by Maverick Entertainment.

Taste the new sound of Confunkshunal Chill Out at CDBaby.

Yukiko Matsuyama – Crème Brulée

Yukiko Matsuyama’s new release, Crème Brulée, is a joyful blend of Smooth Jazz and World music that will excite & delight! Japanese Koto with traditional western instruments, the Koto Yuki Band beautifully executes 10 original compositions by Matsuyama. Greg Vail’s soulful sax blends joyously with Yukiko’s Koto. Note: this is not your traditional “relaxation / meditation” Koto CD. You’ll find yourself taking this with you in the car, on bike rides, and wherever you want to feel the positive vibrations of happy music.

The band features Diana Dentino – piano & keyboards, Greg Vail – sax & flute, Vince VanTrigt – bass, Mike Bennett – drums & percussion, with help from Daniel Mulliken – cello, David Brock – violin & viola, Chris Darrow – guitar, Dave Wood – guitar, & Michael Kotzen – cajon. Crème Brulée is now on sale at CDBaby.

Chieli Minucci and Special EFX – Without You

Guitarist, composer, and arranger Chieli Minucci is the leader of the Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion group Special EFX, which he co-founded with the late George Jinda in 1984. A major force on the jazz and world music scene for 25 years, Special EFX’s newest release, Without You is a diverse collection of jazz-fusion, world rhythms, and the effortlessly flowing guitar artistry that Chieli (key-eh-lee) is known for. A true sound-tapestry, blending layers of sound and harmonic texture, Without You is an instant classic.

This brilliant double CD collection of tracks features the original Special EFX lineup of favorites – drummer Lionel Cordew, bassist Jerry Brooks, keyboardist Jay Rowe, and vocalist/percussionist Philip Hamilton – plus many brilliant guest artists, including keyboardist Jeff Lorber, violinist Karen Briggs, keyboardist Lao Tizer, vocalist Will Brock, bassist Dave Anderson, and violinist Alan Grubner.

Special EFX is one of the most prominent world fusion groups of the era. During the course of the band’s phenomenal rise to the top of the jazz charts, they released 25 CDs, including Chieli’s 8 solo releases and a live concert DVD. Seminal songs like “Daybreak”, “Cruise Control”, “Bella” and “Seduction” were among their chart-topping hits. This extraordinary super group takes their vibrant and exciting sound to the next level on its new Without You release, which encompasses diverse and eclectic sounds ranging from jazz fusion to world beat, pop vocals and rock-tinged arrangements.

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Slowdown – Retrospectives

Slowdown is a project of the German musicians Constantin Gillies and Martin Suttrop. While Constantin performs piano, violin, keyboards, bass and acoustic guitar, Martin plays drums, keyboards and has also developed his technical skills during his studies of media engineering.

In the beginnings they started as a recording team and as a small music production business. Their first songs were more in the acid jazz genre, but with Bossa Nova: Music & Reminiscences, which was aired on ARTE-TV in 1994, they stepped into the territory of smoother sounds. Their song Dreamaway was released some years ago on the wave music compilation Volume 4.

Now they have released their debut album Retrospectives on nuGroove Records (2009). The album combines elements of Lounge, Smooth Jazz with Bossa Nova styles to a lively conglomerate of groove.

Starter of the album is Motif d’Azur, a swinging and swaying Bossa Nova with a great horn arrangement and intelligent sound experiments. No, your CD-player didn’t crash.

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The Whispers Orchestra – T.W.O.

The debut of T.W.O. featuring guest artists The Whispers, Phil Perry, Russell Thompkins JR., Alyson Williams and Tracy Hazzard. 1 + 7 = T. W. O??? But to The Whispers they are so much more than eight individuals that play in our band. They have, quite literally, become extensions of us. To call them just friends somehow seems so inadequate and a gross understatement. They are eight extraordinarily gifted musicians, whom over the years, The Whispers have been blessed to share the recording studio, the stage, our hopes, dreams, blessing and sins with. It’s impossible to imagine performing or life without them.

To those of you that listen to music with not only your ears, but also your hearts you are in for a sonic feast, an exquisite musical diet of love, peace and happiness, laced with enough ear candy to last you a life time. So with no further ado, let The Whispers introduce to you, the musical debut of T.W.O., a CD much too long overdue. Get the album at CDBaby.

Richard Leach – Collections

Richard Leach has put together a Collection of his original compositions from his many recordings. Traditional jazz style guitar with blues, Latin and classical influences are presented here in the compositions. Acoustic jazz with his nylon string guitar and blues guitar with his solid tracks section throughout the tunes. Bossa Novas to Sambas to some finger snapping blues- open guitar tunings presented on that warm sounding guitar.

Richard Leach is a Southern California based guitarist/ published composer and published poet. He has been a part of the LA music scene since the mid 60’s. From early surf groups as the Bel Airs- Eddie and the Showman to become a top Los Angeles sideman and session player with Ray Charles and Gene Harris and many others. Get your Collections now at CDBaby.

Kyle Turner – Wrapped Tight

Kyle Turner’s musical journey has taken him all over the world. In 1990, he moved to Austin, Texas where he released his first CD It’s Time (1992). His second CD Sincerely Yours, was released in 1995. Shortly after the release of KT3 Kyle moved to Los Angeles where he quickly established himself as one of the hardest working saxophonist in Southern California. Deciding to get back to his Texas roots, Kyle relocated back to his hometown of Houston, Texas and released his third CD KT3 in 2002.

Since his move Kyle has reinvented himself to take his music and creativity to new heights. In 2007 he released Collection, which is a Best of Kyle Turner CD with four new releases which includes a steamy rendition of The Shadow of Your Smile. Kyle is also extremely active in promoting jazz and creating opportunities for jazz musicians in Houston and beyond.

Constantly searching for new outlets to get music to new audiences, he has embarked on another project. He is the host of a weekly television show, “Red Cat Live”. Red Cat Live is a 30 minute look into the activities of Houston’s top music venue The Red Cat Jazz Café. This show features performances and interviews of local, regional and national performers. For more information about the artist visit his website.

His fifth album is entitled Wrapped Tight (2009) and on sale at CDBaby.