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Chelsea Nichole – Love Letters

lovelettersFor many years, African-American Chelsea Nichole, who is a self-taught producer, phenomenal singer, songwriter, podcaster and author, has been writing songs with jazz veteran Jeff Lorber.

After being a guest on an album of his in 1998, she continued to work as a session singer and songwriter. In addition, she performed for a fan base in both LA and New York.

Besides independently releasing her two records, ‘Through a Woman’s Eyes’ and ‘Spiritual Man’, she has and continues to collaborate with many well-known producers and wrote songs for many prolific artists including Jeff Lorber, Tabiha Faire, Martine Mai, Wah Wah Watson, Andre Delano, Fanatic, Chris Camozzi, Dave Koz, Victor Fields and gospel artist Kenny Smith.

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Pierre L. Chambers – Shining Moments

pierrelchambersshiningmomentsAlthough the African-American singer and poet Pierre L. Chambers started performing about 40 years ago, he has never recorded a solo album.

Meeting Cathy Segal Garcia on stage was the impetus he needed. This debut album is a collection of modern jazz classics in different styles.

In between are some of his poems, recited with improvised music in the background. Whether he sings a ballad or bebop or swing, or recites his poems, his warm voice always resonates.

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Pure Desmond – Plays James Bond Songs

playjbsongsThe German jazz quartet Pure Desmond was formed in 2002 with the aim of bringing the original sound of 1960s cool jazz (as exemplified by the legendary Paul Desmond) into the modern era through their own instrumental compositions and adaptations of well-known classics.

With a “less is more” ethos that leads them to focus on song melodies, the interaction between the musicians is natural and casual, resulting in an imaginative dynamic inherent in all three of their albums released to date.

This quartet consists of Lorenz Hargassner (alto sax), Johann Weiß (guitar), Christian Flohr (bass) and Sebastian Deufel (drums). The band has toured Europe, Russia and Asia.

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Mr. Chair – Better Days

betterdaysMr. Chair, based in Madison and winner of the 2021 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award for Best Jazz Artist, Chair brings a truly unique performance to every stage they play on. Mr. Chair looks like a jazz combo, enchants like a string quartet and electrifies like a rock band, delighting listeners with their fresh and authentic sound.

As classically trained musicians well versed in jazz, electronica, prog rock, world music and beyond, Mr. Chair a contemporary fusion ensemble for music lovers of all backgrounds. Their sound palette is diverse and is used to tell stories in cinematic, surreal, romantic, funky and whimsical styles.

Their projects are as diverse as their sound. They have twice been commissioned by UW Geoscientist Dr. Stephen Meyers to write music inspired by scientific concepts and perform it in his undergraduate college, Geoscience 101. They are teaming up with former UW First-Wave Scholar, activist and singer Dequadray James White to write an orchestral hip-hop album.

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Hakan Nyqvist Horncraft – Inside Looking Out

insideThe Swedish jazz group Horncraft consists of Håkan Nyqvist & Eva-Tea Lundberg (French horn), Erik Palmberg (trumpet & braces), Örjan Hultén (tenor & soprano sax), Sven Berggrén (trombone), Torbjörn Gulz (piano), Filip Augustson (bass ) and Henrik Jäderberg (drums).

I received their latest album through Håkan Nyqvist. He used to play with various ensembles such as The Swedish Radio Jazz Group, but also recorded with jazz artists such as Lars Gullin, Monica Zetterlund and Nils Lindberg.

He recorded several albums with Grammy Award winner Bernt Rosengren, but also played with Swedish jazz pianist Per Henrik Wallin. He met his idol, Kenny Wheeler, on tour with James Last.

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Mark Ortwein – It Was Time

itwastimeMulti-instrumentalist Mark Ortwein grew up in Las Vegas and attended Loyola University in New Orleans, where he majored in bassoon and jazz saxophone. He then attended Boston University where he received his Bachelor of Music degree on bassoon.

After playing with the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra for a season, he then joined the United States Air Force Band on sax. He eventually moved to Cincinnati to continue studying bassoon at the Cincinnati Conservatory, earning his master’s degree. The famous film composer John Williams then asked him to become a soloist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

But for years he had dreamed of recording a CD himself, and that has finally happened. On ‘It Was Time’ he shows his talents as a composer, arranger and plays various wind instruments. These are tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones, bassoon and electric bassoon, clarinet and bass clarinet and flute.

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Marina Pacowski – Inner Urge

innerurgeFrench singer, pianist and arranger Marina Pacowski, who was born in Biarritz, always dreamed of going to the USA because of her fascination for the American music scene and her predilection for jazz.

After all, father played clarinet and sax, and her brother guitar. Both were part of a New Orleans jazz band. Mother, on the other hand, focused more on American musicals and jazz standards. In 2017 it was time. Marina settled in LA and became part of the local jazz scene there.

Now her debut album has arrived here. Marina chose to limit herself to singing. She opens with the title track, on which she actually starts scatting. This is how she shows her vocal improvisation talent. She then opted for a cover of Clare Fisher’s Latin jazz song ‘Pensativa’ for the sounds of the ocean.

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John Daversa & Tal Cohen – The Art Of Duo

theartofduovol1Three-time Grammy Award winner, trumpeter and EVI player John Daversa joins internationally acclaimed jazz pianist Tal Cohen on this new CD.

When they met in Miami in 2013, they didn’t know what this would lead to. But after several performances and the reaction of the audience, it became clear. However, the Corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works, but John & Tal explored their musical relationship together.

They formed a duo and made spontaneous music, driving each other to give the best of themselves. This CD therefore shows their versatility, and it has become a musical journey, where you can ask yourself whether this is still jazz.

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Melvin Johnson – Little Red Wagon

Little-Red-Wagon-cover-art-1024x1024On February 17, 2023, Houston, TX pianist/composer Melvin Johnson will be offering a gift to the world of his debut album, Little Red Wagon, overflowing with musical parables on the family love and the life lessons they can provide. Johnson, who once thought of himself as only a live performer, found a unique hunger for recording and production during the COVID lockdown.

Reflecting about his album he has created here, Melvin Johnson concludes, “These first fully arranged instrumentals do not belong in any genre box, be it Jazz, Classical, Choral, Gospel, etc. If anything, what I hear in my heart and spirit is music for film – for mature musical audiences. Little Red Wagon is a road map to the next six collections of original music I’m recording in the future.”

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Jim Self – My America 2 Destinations

myamerica2destinationsTwenty years ago, tuba player Jim Self teamed up with arranger Kim Scharnberg to pay tribute to what happened to 9/11 through My America. But now America seems even more divided, due to the contrasts in ideology between red and blue.

The new album “My America 2: Destinations” is another collaboration between the two and features some of Southern California’s top jazz and studio musicians.

It is at the same time an homage to the places where Jim Self has lived and worked. In fact, Jim has played on the soundtracks of more than 1,500 films and hundreds of TV shows and records since 1974, through composer John Williams.

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