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Fredrick E. Wilson, Jr. – Midnight Worship, Vol. 1

Pastor Fredrick E. Wilson, Jr. (FEW II) is an accomplished musician and songwriter. He has shared the stage with such artists as Barbara Streisand, Arturo Sandoval, Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson) just to name a few. His choir, The Chicago Christian Choir, has performed at The White House. Pastor FEW II is a worshipper at heart and uses his jazz, gospel and classical training to play music that will touch the heart of worshippers and lead them to the presence of God!

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Tiktaalik – Tiktaalik

Playful, down-to-earth, unpretentious: Tiktaalik tears down the boundaries of traditional genres and develops a mutual understanding for the strengths of each musician during their collective creative process. Tiktaalik embarks on a spirited journey outlined by highly energetic and intriguing melodies and rhythms as well as soft-spoken, delicate passages. Their elaborate compositional work leaves room for a common effort in arranging their pieces and combining uneven rhythms with complex harmonious structures in order to highlight the sound language of the quartet. This combination of varied musical stylistics and improvisational freedom defines Tiktaalik.

The band is composed of Oliver Marec playing the saxophone, Clemens Rofner on double bass, drummer Simon Springer and pianist Luca Zambito. Every member of Tiktaalik finds his place in the multi-layered identity of the band as they create a play that ties a knot with the name of the band. Tiktaalik is the Inuit word for freshwater fish. The Tiktaalik played a big role in evolution, as it represented the transition of the animal from the water on to land. In 2015 the saxophone player Oliver Marec founded Tiktaalik with the goal to combine traditional and modern elements of Jazz. Inspired by the onomatopoetic sound of the name, the band also represents the basic idea of the evolution – one cannot come to a standstill while seeking new melodic and rhythmic ideas.

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Jowee Omicil – Let’s BasH!

Honorably mentioned by Talking Smooth Jazz as one of their top ten albums of the year 2017 Let’s BasH! by Jowee Omicil is one of the most creative and unique albums of smooth jazz or contemporary instrumental of this year. Born in Montreal to Haitian parents, Jowee was once summoned to honor his heritage at a Haitian Flag Day observation at the Obama White House, further strengthening his resolve that his music has a higher purpose. His father Joseph Sr., a minister and college professor, who raised Jowee alone after the premature passing of his mother, deeply infused that spiritual pursuit.

Multi instrumentalist-composer-educator-producer Jowee (pron. “Joey”) Omicil brings a novel and distinctly Afro-Haitian perspective to his music. He’s part of a growing cadre of Caribbean-descended artists bringing new flavors to the creative music spectrum. Jowee possesses a distinctive, soulful and spiritual sound on saxophones and flutes that extends to his clarinet and harmonica ventures.

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Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam – The PGS Experience

Robert Miller’s original lineup of Project Grand Slam in the late 2000s scored hit singles and an appearance on TV’s “Lipstick Jungle.” Now, reforming his popular ensemble with an “international cartel” of top musicians, the veteran NYC bassist, bandleader and composer finds the perfect way to showcase the band’s fast and furious (and sometimes tropical) funk, infectious melodies and spirited jams on The PGS Experience. Refashioning the band as a jazz-rock fusion outfit, Miller boldly mixes five studio tracks… including two powerhouse originals featuring sax star, Mindi Abair and PGS-style covers of classics by Cream and Phish, with four live performances that capture the raw energy, dynamic musicianship and of the band onstage. Live and in the studio, The PGS Experience takes both genres to exciting new levels!

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Jesse Cook – Beyond Borders

“There are many borders in our lives. Some are built by others, some we create for ourselves. Whenever I have ventured beyond the borders in my life, I have been the better for it. Beauty, humanity, artistry, joy, wisdom, and of course love…these things don’t stop at some line on a page. If music is the universal language, maybe there is something it can teach us?”…Jesse Cook

Following on the heels of One World’s critical and commercial success, Jesse Cook is ready to launch his new album Beyond Borders. This is the most sonically diverse and distinctive disc in Jesse Cook’s vast and varied catalog. This catalog has earned Jesse 11 Juno nominations and one Juno win for 2000’s Free Fall. Beyond Borders is an in-depth musical journey exploring the exotic boundaries of World Music.

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Lawson Rollins – Airwaves: The Greatest Hits

As acoustic guitarist Lawson Rollins has a special affinity for Latin jazz. He has already acted this passion on his solo albums Infinita (2008), Espirito (2010), Elevation (2011) and his fourth album Full Circle (2013). With Airwaves: The Greatest Hits (2018) he gives lovers of Latin Jazz the opportunity to discover his music.

Airwaves: The Greatest Hits – featuring all of Lawson Rollins’ radio chart hits taken from his seven solo albums, including the Billboard Top 30 contemporary jazz radio charting songs Island Time, Moonlight Samba, Infinita, Flight, and Daybreak. Two brand new bonus tracks were recorded exclusively for this album: the contemporary jazz track World of Wonder (featuring the Billboard #1 group 3rd Force) and the classically-inspired, world-music composition Prado (featuring 2-time Grammy Award winning violinist Mads Tolling). Other guests include iconic Brazilian singer Flora Purim. 11 of the 18 tracks are never-before-released radio edit versions that feature different performances and guests artists not heard on the album versions, like In Motion (radio edit) which features an exclusive appearance by Billboard #1 soprano saxophonist Praful, not heard on the original album version.

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Andrei Gaiderov – Collection

Hailing from Rylsk, Russian Federation, composer, arranger, keyboardist and guitarist Andrei Gaiderov enjoys the audience with smooth melodies.

His new album Collection is now on sale on CDBaby.