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Kool&Klean – Best of so Far

Lovers of the music of Paul Hardcastle’s The Jazzmasters and Kim Waters’ Streetwize series will be captured by the magic of Kool&Klean. Creator of these popular series is saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni, who lives since several years in Germany, where his activity rises to unimagined heights.

As a result of many years of successful producing of Kool&Klean series this album is a compilation of the best tracks so far from 6 previous albums.

Best of so Far is now on sale at CDBaby.


Kool&Klean – Volume VII

Lovers of the music of Paul Hardcastle’s The Jazzmasters and Kim Waters’ Streetwize series will be captured by the magic of Kool&Klean. Creator of these popular series is saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni, who lives since several years in Germany, where his activity rises to unimagined heights.

Among the plethora of his serial productions Kool&Klean is the one with the most frequent following albums. The preoccupation of music enthusiasts is already assuming biblical proportions. Volume VII was just released in September 2017. Almost taken for granted now: Konstantin has written, performed and produced all tracks.

The album starts with Beyond The Horizon, in which all the elements that made Klashtorni’s music great have been genuinely reunited. A wonderful flow, excellent music instrumentation, and all ingredients necessary for the ultimate attraction.

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Kool&Klean – Volume V

Listening to the albums of Konstantin Klashtorni the question arises, after traveling so many countries and performing with a plethora of artists, what was the reason to stop these activities and to start a solo career as a multi-instrumentalist without any connection to other artists.

Konstantin explains꞉ “I took from every place where I played and lived something, which helped me to enrich my understanding of music. I enjoyed living in Venezuela, Salsa and Meringue gave me that great loose feel, which is a very rare thing for a common European musician. In The Netherlands I played a lot of Pop and Jazz at high level with many US musicians, living there, it was also a great experience without living in US. But each country has its own egregor and brings a man to a certain state of mind. I’m talking about Germany – it has something very sophisticated and cool, which made me start producing Kool&Klean series, etc. Or I just took at that time (talking about 2010) a different direction in producing and creating.

At this stage I don’t really miss any of good musicians, because I like my music to sound exactly this way, each solo and each sound must tell myself a lot, – something is not happening when you hire even a very good player. I’m VERY jealous as to my tracks, or just haven’t met a REAL good partner yet.″

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Kool&Klean – Volume IV

Music and art go hand in hand. Cover art is important to rise the attention of a potential consumer. With an attractive woman on the cover a CD has often a better chance. The covers of Konstantin Klashtorni’s serials always portray a good-looking woman.

Konstantin comments: “I select the pictures myself, just because I like a gorgeous, classy woman to be on the cover of my album. It characterizes my music too, classy, clean and beautiful (at least I strive to make it this way). I design all my covers myself, it’s literally one man production process. My wife advises me sometimes, she has a great feel for music and art in general. She helps me to make a final decision concerning tracks order on CD and cover art.˝

Starter of Kool&Klean Volume IV is the song I Can Only Imagine. Klashtorni pushes with his aural guitar the term romantic to the next level. Dream Weaver revels in acoustic wellbeing of fine sounds. It’s Time has a certain Peter White appeal with a strong synth sound support.

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Kool&Klean – Volume III

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is living in a little town in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. In his small studio he works with a very simple and decent setup. He uses DAW Cubase, one of the best recording software in the world, using Yamaha Studio monitors, Neumann micros and Universal Audio plug-ins for mixing and mastering – all this run on an i5 machine with Windows. His acoustic instruments consist of some guitars, saxes, flute, and a midi keyboard as controller.

Most important are his ears. Konstantin comments: “My ears, that’s something I’m deeply thankful to my loved GOD for, they are responsible for making sound my simple equipment great.˝

A strong desire is sailing for the distance, just across the sea into the wide world. Sail is the ultimate anthem for that longing. On It Will Rain makes Konstantin extensive use of his UAD collection. On his album one finds melodic pearls such as Twilight, a harmonic interplay of acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds.

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Kool&Klean – Volume II

Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is not that public person like other artists, so he has no list “played with, collaborated with”. He is not touring either, far from the type of person besides lack of interest. In this stage of his life he likes producing more than anything else. And that he makes in an expressively productive way.

In my today’s review I write about his album Kool&Klean Volume II, he has released in 2011 on his very own label KvK music. It is idle to constantly highlight the parallels to the music of Paul Hardcastle. But Far Away has substantially that typical groove. Although an epigone he drives the song to perfection.

Look At Me Now melts flute, keys and sax to a lava flow that even liquefies a glacier. Now Or Never is Konstantin’s motto bringing acoustic guitar in duet with soprano sax and keyboard sounds. I have to explore his musical equipment with which he spell bounds the audience. Dream excites with voluminous listening levels. In Lost one can remark essences of Art of Noise, which he wounds dexterously in his music.

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Kool&Klean – Volume I

Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni has gone through many musical styles. With Peter Pashkov’s “Vuyko Band” he was exploring styles such as hard bop and cool jazz. With his own band he performed in the jazz rock genre. In Venezuela he inhaled Latin-American music styles and played with the Biella Da Costa band contemporary jazz.

Nowadays he is an icon of modern smooth jazz and is known especially by his popular series. He built the fundament in 2010 with Kool&Klean Volume 1. Although his willingness to collaborate with other musicians exists, he nearly creates all albums alone without diminishing the value of his music.

The maestro introduces into his magic music with My World. Flute and sax are the carriers of sympathy. The term Vanilla Twilight eludes interpretation. However, the music is graceful and reveals a lot about the great diversity of his electronic equipment.

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