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Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev – Just the Facts

Pianist, composer, arranger and performer on electronic keyboard instruments Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. In 1998 he graduated from the Moscow regional College of arts with a degree in “pianist and conductor of jazz orchestra”. Successfully performs in various creative teams, works as a pianist in popular restaurants and clubs in Moscow. Since 2013 he has been composing tracks in the style: Smooth Jazz-Funk-Fusion-Chill Out-Downtempo-Lounge-Blues. Alexey always liked these directions, and he tries to make each composition arouse a keen interest in the listener.

Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev offers with Just the Facts instrumental music for easy listening, in the style of – Smooth Jazz and Lounge. This album is well suited for background music. Melody, improvisation, variety of modern and analog sounds will pleasantly surprise you. This music is for recreation.

You get the album as download on CDBaby.

Eddie Bullen – Kaleidoscope

Caribbean-born jazz pianist, composer, arranger and producer Eddie Bullen has always been able to incorporate the Caribbean influences of his home island Grenada into smooth jazz. He started his musical solo career with the debut album Nocturnal Affair (1996), followed by Make It Real (2000), Desert Rain (2004), Spice Island (2015) and Havana Nights, a collaborative album with Cuban/Canadian percussionist Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (2009). Kaleidoscope (2020) is his newest project.

Eddie performs on the new album piano. He is joined by Larnell Lewis, Otis Williams (drums), Rob Christian (alto saxophone/flute), Etric Lyons, Sam Williams, Andrew Stewart (bass guitar), Elmer Ferrrer, Jeremy Hector, Lucian Gray, Quincy Bullen (electric guitar), and Michelle White (vocals).

The album opens with Sunset Marquee. A fresh supreme sounding piano play exquisitely decorated by Rob Christian’s flute. Esplanado flatters with South American flair. Couldn’t it be a piano in an elegant hotel on Copacabana beach? With Avant-Garde Eddie firmly enters the jazz fusion ground and leaves his acoustic scent behind.

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Vibes Alive – Vibrasonic

Utilizing vibraphone and guitar as lead instrumental voices isn’t just an unusual pairing on the contemporary jazz scene, but together they form an organically warm and earthy sound. Cast in settings etched from impassioned fusion expeditions and soul-powered funk grooves, Vibes Alive’s third album, “Vibrasonic,” is a refreshing listen. Dropping March 6 from Swingding Records, the 10-tracker written and produced by vibraphonist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman is preceded by the invigorating title track, which has already been added to the SiriusXM Watercolors playlist and earned Most Added status on the Billboard singles chart.

Making albums with the frequency of a total eclipse, each Vibes Alive outing is equally rare and special. If there was a third member of the duo, it would be Jeff Lorber, the GRAMMY-winning keyboardist and fusion pioneer who has joined Richter and Crissman for all three Vibes Alive albums. Lorber plays keys, synthesizers, piano and synth bass on “Vibrasonic” and mixed a few of the tracks. Legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta anchors the rhythm section with Jimmy Johnson on bass and Luis Conte on percussion.

“Vibes Alive is a creative endeavor based on the friendship that I’ve had with Randall since we met when we were in college. Randall and I always got off on the way the Hammond organ, pianos and guitars sounded. Then getting into mallet percussion, specifically the vibraphone, because of the frequencies that are created – the overtones – the possibilities for harmonic enhancement, that kind of takes you to the next level. We wanted the music to be alive, to be spontaneous and creative and we want that creativity to lean into the idea of a good universe, of love for the planet and of love for your neighbor. Vibes Alive is that connection between what you love and what you feel most in love with and how to be creative in the midst,” said Richter about the duo’s inception and purpose. Continue reading

New Latitude – Wood, Steel, And Grace

New Latitude is a project of guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr. Dave is known by The Dave Erickson Project and the albums Pinnacle (2013) and City Nights (2015). Jim has released three instrumental acoustic guitar CDs, The Space Below (2012), The Green Room (2002), and Acoustic Legacy Sessions (1999).

Their collective debut album is called Convergence (2014). Their sophomore project is Vantage Point (2017) Their newest project Wood, Steel, And Grace (2020) is now available.

You can buy this album on iTunes.

Spencer Sherrod – Listen with Your Heart

Saxophonist Spencer Sherrod has already played with his trio as opener for artists Joyce Cooling, Jonathan Butler, Rob Mullins, Everette Harp, and Rick Braun.

CDBaby is currently offering his album Listen with Your Heart as download. You can also buy his music as album on

Ronny Smith – Raise The Roof

Baltimore based jazz guitarist Ronny Smith has chosen the 20th century as his field of activity. His discography includes the albums Long Time Comin (2001), Laid Back (2002), Got Groove (2006), Simply Stated (2007), Just Groovin (2009), Can’t Stop Now (2013), and Shake It Up (2017). His new album Raise The Roof is scheduled for release on January 27, 2020. The releasing label is Skytown Records.

Ronny has written, arranged, mixed and produced all songs. Two songs are covers. Ronny performs on this album guitar, keys, bass and programming. On track 5 he is supported by Vincent James (drums) and on track 7 by Scott Martin (sax).  In the past Ronny assimilated the music of his idols George Benson, Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass. Now he creates his own style. He opens with Breaded Funk Well Done. Ronny presents the finest ingredients of funk like the ducky rhythm guitar, vintage organ chords and his shining guitar.

A Brighter Day is a title that is often used in the smooth jazz world. Ronny’s composition showcases his virtuosity with a lot of guitar running the scales up and down. On Me Time Ronny sketches unerringly with precise chords the appealing theme. At this point it should be noted that Ronny is a proven expert of drum programming, who brings the rhythm authentically across.

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Eddie Bullen – Kaleidoscope

Pianist, composer, arranger and producer Eddie Bullen is in every way, a standout among his generation of multi-talented artists. Eddie’s lengthy career has yielded an abundance of awards and recognition for his outstanding talents. From his first album, ‘Nocturnal Affair’ to his most recent ‘Spice Island’, Eddie gives his audience a taste of contemporary jazz, flavored with Caribbean rhythms. Since his move to Toronto in 1980 from Grenada, Eddie has worked with Caribbean, Canadian and American artists like Melba Moore, Anslem Douglas, Byron Lee, Maestro, David Rudder, Liberty Silver, Deborah Cox and Dee Dee Bridgewater. He is also a composer and arranger for TV, Radio and Films. His work has been heard on City TV, YTV, Love & Hip Hop (American Television Series) and Wine TV Australia.

To date Eddie Bullen has produced over 150 albums and is currently working on several new ventures through his record company Thunder Dome Sounds and publishing company QDB music. Eddie is always on the lookout for cutting edge new innovative artists. Through his production company Thunder Dome Sounds, Eddie is fulfilling his passion for nurturing youth talent through a high school co-op program he launched in 1986. Challenges like this keep Eddie Bullen growing artistically and personally.

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Quintin Gerard W. – Cleared For Takeoff

Cleared+For+Takeoff_Cover_HiRez+SquareQuintin Gerard W. grew up in Norco, Louisiana and attended Destrehan High School where he was a consistent member of the District VI Honor Jazz and Concert Bands of New Orleans where he performed with, the now local legend, Harry Connick Jr. Quintin Gerard W. was also a member of the Louisiana All-State Band in 1983. Quintin Gerard W. was awarded a scholarship in music from Loyola University in New Orleans where he majored in Jazz studies and was astounded at the opportunity to study under noted Jazz master – Ellis Marsalis. Quintin Gerard W.  entire life has been dedicated to music and playing the saxophone. In 1989 Quintin Gerard W. moved to Los Angeles, California where he met and played with many of the top names in “Smooth Jazz.” “I just always wanted to be around and among the best musicians possible so that I could really learn how to play this music.”

With his debut CD entitled “Fnkysax,” Quintin Gerard W. was finding out very quickly that his trademarked “Fonk™” style of playing has a very strong appeal to Jazz, Urban, and R&B listeners who have been seeking out this style of music without being able to find it. Now he returns with his new album Cleared For Takeoff, scheduled for release February 17, 2020 in all stores.

Quintin Gerard W.’s “Cleared for Takeoff” cruises down the runway, takes flight with vibrant melodies and vocals, soars with high altitude solos, and enters orbit around our hearts. A terrific thematic production that brings the worlds of aviation and music together seamlessly (Kabir Segal).

Daniel Chia – Smooth Saxophone Covers III

Singapore based saxophonist Daniel Chia is boarding the smooth jazz scene with a stroke of genius. He has hired the best crew that can be found for the production of his first work In The Moment (2017). Years later he offers his series Smooth Saxophone Covers.

His newest album is Smooth Saxophone Covers III, which is available as download on

Lou Guldemond – That’s It!

Dutch jazz guitarist Lou Guldemond already performed with various groups such as Pasadena Dreamband, Top Secret, Batida, Big Black & Beautiful, and Sister Sledge. He also produced the debut album It’s Happening by jazz guitarist Martijn van Itserson. Currently he plays with the jazz big band Licks & Brains.

On his album That’s It! (2020) he is joined by Karel Boehlee (piano), Arjen Mooijer (keyboards), Michel van Schie, Boudewijn Lucas, Paddy van Rijswijk, Lene teVoortwis  (bass), Danny Sahupala (drums), Martin Verdonk, Sandra Sahupala (percussion), Tom Beek (sax), Ruud Breuls (trumpet), Peter Tiedhuis (guitar) Gregor Hamilton (keyboards), Tollak Ollestad (harmonica), Lo van Gorp and Diana Rosendal (vocals).

The album opens with Boom!, the affirmative expression of a loud, deep and resonant sound. Lou on the other hand takes it nice and easy in a wonderful flow. Son Carrio starts with an outburst of Samba and this rhythmic form is lived out to the full in this piece. The rest is pure ecstasy in virtuoso musicality.

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