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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Radio Gold

Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s relationship to popularity is reciprocally correlated to his skills as a musician. For having an extraordinary talent in composition and performance, he is relatively undiscovered.

He has released meanwhile thirteen albums displaying the key qualities of contemporary jazz, smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz. His new album Radio Gold (2019) is like a best of his previous works encompassing nineteen tracks including nine Billboard hits.

Gabriel plays on his album trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, Valve ‘bone. Featured artists are Miles Black, Greg Manning, Lew Laing, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber (keys and key bass), Warren Hill, Rock Hendricks, Walle Larson (sax), Ronny Jordan, Paul Brown, Rob Tardik, Adam Rohrlick (guitar), Dee and Brittani Cole (vocals).

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Reza Khan – Next Train Home

Bangladesh born guitarist Reza Khan does not view himself or calls himself a citizen of the world, he lives the citizen of the world. He worked for the UN from Asia to Angola, performed music and started a family in South Africa, before he finally settled in New York.

His solo projects include Painted Diaries (2008), A Simple Plan (2011), The Dreamwalker (2013) and Wind Dance (2016). Next Train Home is his fifth album.

Of course his new album is embellished with a selected group of top musicians like guitarist Nils, saxophonists Jeff Kashiwa, Andy Snitzer, David Mann, pianist Matt King, Marimba player Philippe Saisse, bassist Mark Egan and many more whose mention would overflow this page.

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John Novello – Good To Go

Organist, keyboardist, pianist, master of all keys John Novello started his solo career with the album Too Cool (1990), followed by Always & Forever (2004), Threshold (2004), Organik (2005) B3 Soul (2008) and Ivory Soul (2016). His newest project is Good To Go (2019).

The album was produced and engineered by John Novello and Andy Goldmark. Most of the tracks are written by John Novello, some by Andy Goldmark in parts with other writers. The album also offers two covers. John Novello plays on this album acoustic piano, electric piano, B3 Organ, Korg synthesizers and on selected tracks bass. He is joined by Eric Marienthal, Jeff Nathanson, Jazmin Ghent, Jeff Ryan (sax), Adam Hawley, Chris Standring (guitar), Eric Valentine, Rayford Griffin (drums), Andy Goldmark (drum programming), and Alberto (percussion).

Friends of the music of The Rippingtons will love the uplifting and dynamic sound of Good To Go which is stylistically very similar to the music of this group. The renewed collaboration with saxophonist Eric Marienthal has a beneficial effect on the quality of the title song.

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Luca Di Luzio – Globetrotter

Jazz guitarist Luca Di Luzio has concentrated his musical activities so far on his native Italy. This changes fundamentally with his new project Globetrotter (2019).

The title is program and the list of musicians involved is more than illustrious. Beside Jimmy Haslip, as producer and bass player, are performing Dave Weckl on drums, George Whitty on keyboards and Max Ionata on tenor saxophone.

The album contains six originals and two traditional standards. The album has biographical traits, as all six pieces written by Luca refer to periods of his life that have left their mark on him.

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The Allen Carman Project – Carmanology

South Jersey born bassist Allen Carman started his professional music life with the band Renegade, but then put music on hold to become a lawyer. After more than twenty years law practice he returned to his musical roots.

With his new founded band The Allen Carman Project featuring Phillippe Saisse on keyboards, Gumbi Ortiz on percussion, Andy Snitzer on sax and Luis Alicea on drums he is ready to storm the charts.

The debut album is entitled Carmanology, and includes eight original songs and one cover. The group comes up with an incredible star cast of guest musicians as there are guitarists Nile Rogers, Marc Antoine, trumpet players Rick Braun, Don Harris, saxophonists Andy Snitzer, Bill Harris, trombonist Michael Davis and violinist Evan Garr.

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Oytun Ersan – Fusiolicious

Nicosia based Turkish-Cypriot Oytun Ersan has made a name as internationally acclaimed bassist, composer, recording artist and a member of the Recording Academy.

Ersan is also since more than 20 years member of the International Nicosia Municipality Orchestra first as saxophonist and later as bassist. He started his solo career with the album East Meets West (2015). Fusiolicious (2018) is his sophomore album in the jazz fusion genre.

Oytun Ersan assembled a great team of professional musicians to create a high-class jazz fusion album of international standing. Beside Oytun Ersan (composer, bass) are performing Dave Weckl (drums), Eric Marienthal (saxophone), Gary Husband and Gerry Etkins (keys), Dean Brown, Mike Miller, Brett Garsed and Okan Ersan (guitars), Karen Briggs (violin), Gökay Gökşen (trombone), Utku Akyol (trumpet), Aytunç Akdoğu and Simge Akdoğu (vocals).

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Marcus Mitchell – In My Own Lane

Marcus H. Mitchell founded in young years the label 24th Music, a division of MHM Entertainment Group. In 2005 he released on this label his debut album Jumpin’. His second album R&R – Rest & Relaxation followed in 2007. His album All About You (2015) was his fifteenth. His new album is titled In My Own Lane (2019).

It is a phenomenon of the times that many musicians write all songs themselves and record them as multi-instrumentalists. Marcus goes a few steps further. He produces and mixes the songs and markets them on his own label. He even has made under his own name some of the musical instruments he plays on.

But let us turn our attention to the present album. In My Own Lane Talk is, so to speak, the greeting from the kitchen, a sound painting as a small prelude followed by the Intro itself. Starting with a hard beat Marcus develops a captivating melody on sax accompanied by two minimalistic chords. That way the focus stays on the theme.

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