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Paul Brown – The Funky Joint

Prolific smooth jazz composer, guitarist and music producer, Paul Brown, has brought the “funky” back into his music with his newly released album, The Funky Joint, a debut on Woodward Avenue Records.

A double Grammy® winner, Brown and his Gibson L-5 journeyed back to R&B basics to deliver a double entendre of that funky feeling and a real place, The Funky Joint. “I want my music to make you feel, move and groove, with deep pocketed rhythms your body can easily feel a part of,” smiled Brown during an interview about the March 6 release.

His dreamlike, funky musical intent translates into uplifting reality, with tracks destined to make the hips sway, the toes tap, and the eyes softly half-close. On the funky flipside, the album was recorded at Brown’s personal studio, referred to for years as… you guessed it, The Funky Joint.

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