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Sebastien Zunino – Ultimate Backing Track Collection SZBT

a2261548924_16Sebastien Zunino is a French guitarist who lives in Valencia, Spain. He works foremost as teacher for upcoming guitarists. Ultimate Backing Track Collection SZBT is a collection of wonderful tracks to inspire you and carry you away through an adventure in improvising.

Every track has a length of more than ten minutes and has a mesmerizing groove. We found this jewel at bandcamp.

Various Artists – NuLeaf

a3902712984_16As the rift between academic jazz, new age, and pop narrowed in the 1980s, DI.Y. practitioners of metronome driven riffs found new growth in a burgeoning managerial middle class, a commercial audience held captive in dentist offices and waiting rooms across America. Session players took to midi-banks stocked with every instrument imaginable and delivered on a road rage-induced demand to stay cool, relaxed, and focused all at once. The extra-wide cuts packaged here will be mint for years to come. Go ahead, break the seal on a fresh pack of Nuleafs. There’s only one sensation this smooth.

This is a smooth jazz collection by various artists like Michael Hayes, Larry Bright, George Shaw, Plunky, Calvin Keys, Frank Potenza, Tony Palkovic and James Dallas.

Available in vinyl and as digital copies at bandcamp.

Lynn Cannon – Let’s Go

176244148_3706284119470608_8410334547960874176_nLynn Cannon was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1958, and has been playing the Piano since age 12. Lynn’s musical roots come from Gospel, which is where he was first introduced to both acoustic Piano and Hammond B-3 organ. Lynn’s Mother has always been a major musical influence through her involvement with Gospel music and Church Choirs.

Following College, Lynn joined an R&B/Pop music band in the early 1980s, which served as his first exposure live performing. Following years of playing shows in local clubs and special events, Lynn started recording original contemporary Jazz music during the fall of 1998, which has evolved into his debut CD, Smooth Sailing, followed by Walk In The Park in ‘2001.

Lynn’s musical style has been influenced by such jazz musical greats like Jeff Lorber, Fattburger, and Greg Karukas. His three jazz releases cover a spectrum of different grooves and moods for a variety of Jazz listeners, whether on a long relaxing drive, enjoying a picnic in a park, or just special occasions with friends or your special someone.

He is a father of three, and has a wonderful wife. He is an aspiring musician, and plans to release more music projects in the near future, as well as seek out prime opportunities to perform live at music venues catering to jazz music fans.

His newest album is simply entitled Let’s Go (2021). The album can be streamed on all major platforms.

Be’Ne Music – Midnight Masala

81kgM-vazhL._SS500_Washington D.C native Benny Kyler developed his love of music back in elementary school. His passion for music has allowed him to explore many instruments however, he settled on woodwinds and Bass Guitar. Although music was his passion, it was placed on hold as he spent time in the military as an Army Medic and Practical Nurse. As he served his country, he never lost his love for music and was producing with his home studio while living in the Barracks.

Fast forward, as life and career has a tendency to redirect your musical path, Benny has found his way back to his first love; writing and producing Music. His time in the military and healthcare has exposed him to people and cultures from across the globe and shaped his taste in music, thus starting Be’Ne music. Be’Ne Music is a unique blend of musical genres which was the influence of his debut album entitled “ Midnight Masala.”

The album features talented collaboratives form across the country and across the globe. It is available at

Shakatak – Live In Lockdown

178011807_10161154682159012_5002368578132032228_nOn Sept 20th 2020 the band Shakatak performed a virtual gig from the Hideaway in Streatham. A venue they’ve played many times with so many good memories. It was the first time they have seen each other for 6 months so that alone was great but it was such a treat to be able to play together again albeit with no audience which was a strange vibe.

As it turned out the house engineer Cliff Scott recorded the show and was kind enough to send to Bill Sharpe the audio files and from that they have created a live album from that night. The CD is called “Live in Lockdown” and accompanying this recording are 8 reworked versions of Shakatak songs that Jill and Bill have done over the last year and featured on Facebook.

It will be released on Secret Records June 25th as a CD and also on all digital platforms.

Steve Cole – Smoke And Mirrors

12_8On ‘Smoke and Mirrors‘, American smooth jazz saxophonist Steve Cole offers up an intimately personal reflection of his own true self, free of trickery or sleight of hand. Created entirely in pandemic-necessitated isolation, it brings together an all-star band with Cole’s longtime producer, co-writer and multi-instrumentalist David Mann.

The far-flung ensemble includes guitarist Bernd Schoenhart (Cher, Marc Anthony); trumpet and flugelhorn player Trevor Neumann (The Eagles, Jeff Lorber); organist Ricky Peterson (David Sanborn, Prince); bassists Mel Brown (Stevie Wonder, The Temptations) and Mark Egan (Pat Metheny Group, Sting); drummers Brian Dunne (Hall and Oates, Ariana Grande) and Todd Sucherman (Styx, Brian Wilson).

While there were certainly challenges to corralling this stellar roster of musicians remotely from home recordings or socially distanced studio settings, quarantine did prove an equaliser in another sense. “Everybody’s stuck at home,” Cole points out with a laugh. “There are a lot of musicians that I would love to work with, but it’s impossible because they’re always on the road. So there was a little silver lining in the fact that I could call old friends like Todd Sucherman and Brian Dunne, or amazing artists like Mark Egan, and they’re actually available.”

The new album Smoke & Mirrors will be available on June 18th, 2021 on all platforms.

Various Artists – Trippin ‘n Rhythm Smooth Jazz 2021

174427446_10159249674281163_4772494960189149185_nTrippin ‘n Rhythm Smooth Jazz 2021 is the new compilation which is now available on all major digital platforms for streaming and download. The album presents tunes of artists like Roberto Restuccia, Kayla Waters, Lin Rountree, Nick Colionne, Oli Silk, LeBron, Special EFX, Skinny Hightower, Julian Vaughn, Cindy Bradley, Nicholas Cole and Catie Waters.

Twelve titles and 50 minutes runtime for your pleasure.

Adel Jouini – Chasing the light

ChasingTheLightAdel Jouini was born in Tunisia in 1963 as son of the legendary singer-composer-lute player Hédi Jouini Adel. He is also a guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, who has been brought up on a various genres, rhythm & blues, pop, soul, jazz, funk era of the 70’s. Later incorporating elements of Jazz and Latin music in his style.

Chasing the light is his smooth jazz album, which is available on

Jun Tomoda – Daybreak

DaybreakJapanese jazz fusion keyboardist Jun Tomoda was born in November 10, 1994, in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture. He started playing the piano at the age of 3 and the electone at the age of 5. In addition to Japanese Pop and rock, he has been familiar with jazz and fusion since he was a child under the influence of his father. He studied piano under Makoto Kuriya while attending a music vocational school. He received the Naruyoshi Kikuchi Award at the 2nd Makoto Kuriya Ad-lib Contest in 2014.

In 2014, a new generation fusion band Dezolve was formed. In February 2018, he made a major debut on King Records with the 3rd album “Portray” released by the same group . So far, a total of 5 albums have been released. In March 2021, he released his first solo album “Daybreak”  on Steelpan Records.

The album is available on all Japanese stores.

Threestyle – Perfect Combination

perfectcombinationMunich based formation Threestyle is one of the admirable formations that have improved from one album to the next, ultimately reaching world level. Perfect Combination is the absolutely fitting title for their latest work, which will be released at the end of April 2021.

Saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova, guitarist Robert Fertl and drummer Gabriela Chovancova are Threestyle and invite brilliant singer Damon Dae, the amazing singer Latonya Black, the wonderful vocal trio DW3 and the great singer Tim Owens, who we already had the pleasure to  present in connection to many albums of guitarist U-Nam.

The album opens with Steppin’ Up with which our protagonists Magdalena and Robert rise to true greatness. A song always lives from the timbre of its performer. On Keep It Simple vocalist Damon Dae showcases his impressive voice in a beautiful setting.

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