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David W. Donner – Timeless

a4198856529_16David W Donner is a guitarist and multi-instrumental composer of New Age style music. He was shaped by all styles of music, bringing a unique blend of influences to his compositions. His arrangements usually center around guitar parts, layered with synth and percussive elements, but sometimes feature other instruments, such as piano or strings. David’s studies included classical, acoustic (modern fingerstyle) and electric guitar, as well as piano. Before focusing on composition as a solo artist, he played with a number of indie-rock bands.

David’s newest release Timeless brings together a collection of acoustic/electric guitar and piano tracks with contemporary instrumentals bringing the listener an enjoyable world and chill flair that is unique to David W. Donner. Music has helped David to heal after dealing with a lot of hard times. His hope is that others will find peace and healing through the music which he creates.

Timeless is available at bandcamp.

Chieli Minucci – Someone’s Singing

Someones-Singing-Cover-600-1My personal Chieli Minucci collection started with his albums Jewels (1995), Renaissance (1996), and It’s Gonna Be Good (1998), continued with Sweet On You (2000), Night Grooves (2003), and Got It Goin’ On (2005). In addition, there were numerous Special EFX albums to collect.

I did not follow his New Age period. I was all the more pleased about his new release Someone’s Singing (2022). This album is not a throwback to Chieli’s earlier creative days, but something new in his solo career. Above all, it is an album where the performance on the acoustic guitar is in the foreground.

Complementary support for Chieli has come from Jerry Brooks (bass on New Faith), George Jinda (percussion on Free Again), Steve Skinner (strings on Free Again) and Fernando Saunders (fretless bass on Your Spirit). Chieli performs on his album these guitars: Scharpach flattop 6-string, Sunbird semi-hollow nylon string electrix, Vienna Opus archtop, Orozco classical, Gibson 175T, 1984 Pensa-Suhr custom electric.

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Sergio Pereira – Finesse

FinesseBorn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sergio Pereira started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 8 years old. Motivated by his older brother, who played the guitar and helped him with his first chords, Sergio was later influenced by the music of bossa-nova giants at the time such as Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, Joao Donato, Marcos Valle, and many others.

Sergio is currently releasing his third album, Finesse. The album will be released by the Spanish record label Sedajazz Records. His previous albums include Swingando (released independently) and Nu Brasil, released in 2018 by the New York Latin label Zoho Music. These albums reflect all the emotions, energy, and dynamics of growing up in Rio, living around the globe, and being in touch with his culture throughout his life.

His latest album, Finesse, has been co-produced by drummer/producer Mauricio Zottarelli and was recorded remotely during the Pandemic 2019/20. It includes twenty-one top world musicians bringing magic, happiness, and positivity to the world during these crazy times.

The album is scheduled for release February 8, 2022 on all platforms.

Jesse Cook – Libre

jesseCook_LIBRE-600x602.jpgParis-born, Toronto-raised guitarist Jesse Cook is known for his special mixture of flamenco and jazz flavored with special world music. This musician takes the term world music literally.

For his previous album The Rumba Foundation (2009) he flew down to Colombia and worked with a group called Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto. Another album One World (2015) is focused on Constantinople, the ancient name of the modern Turkish city Istanbul.

His newest project is entitled Libre (2021). Written and recorded during the pandemic, Libre comes from that feeling of yearning for freedom. Jesse Cook used music and songwriting as an escape from the uncertain outside world.  When he was in Grade 10, Jesse rented a Roland TR808 drum machine for a basement recording session and quickly became captivated by the other-worldly quality of the sounds. Years later, the 808 has come to define many of forms of music – from hip hop, to rap, pop, reggaetón, and trap. Now, pulling inspiration from these styles and sounds, Jesse has been able to incorporate it into his own music. It may seem like a drastic shift for Jesse to record an album dominated by 808 beats, but as he says, “it feels like I’m coming full circle… it’s a bit like coming home.”

Buy the album here.

Mark Baldwin – Restoration

Mark Baldwin is an in-demand studio musician and producer, solidly established in the ever-changing Nashville music scene. Mark has composed, recorded, and produced several instrumental and vocal projects on Unison, Word, Brentwood, and Benson, including ‘New Every Morning’ (Benson), ‘Mark Baldwin-The Calling’ (Word), Three Brentwood Jazz Quartet recordings ‘Love Knows,’ ‘Secret Signature,’ and ‘Living in the Here and Now’ (Brentwood Music), and ‘A Passion Remembered,’ ‘Midnight Mood,’ ‘Breakfast In Bed,’ ‘Christmas Blues,’ ‘Between the Lines,’ ‘Hip No Sis,’ and ‘Guitar Winterlude’ (all unison, a division of Word Entertainment). He has also produced several projects for Discovery House Music.

For many years, Mark has played guitar, along with 15 other high-caliber studio players, in Nashville’s premier high-energy R & B / Funk band, “The Smoking Section,” playing the songs of Earth, Wind, & Fire; Tower of Power; Rufus & Chaka Khan; Al Jarreau; and all the funky greats.

Restoration is a project of original guitar and orchestral instrumentals that have the theme of reclaiming, through music, the peace we’ve lost through the fear and chaos of recent events. My wish is that this album will fill your soul and leave you restored!

Get the album on Bandcamp.

New Latitude – Wood, Steel, And Grace

The group New Latitude consists of guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr. Their collective debut album is entitled Convergence (2014). Their sophomore project Vantage Point (2017) is now followed by their third album Wood, Steel, And Grace (2020).

Both guitarists are joined on the new album by Deon Kuhl (drums & percussion) and Robert Strickland (upright bass). New Latitude is comparing themselves with the music of Acoustic Alchemy, California Guitar Trio and Dominic Miller.

The guitar duo has a certain affinity for the European alps because two of their songs are named by the Central European mountain range. The beginner is Alpine Bliss, a song with the appeal of an awe inspiring sunrise. The well-rehearsed team manages to achieve an incredible harmony. The high recording quality is also remarkable, with many nuances being audibly displayed.

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Peter White – Music For Starlux Airlines

Guitar hero Peter White is the uncrowned king of smooth jazz. He enriches a myriad of events every year and can already look back on a veritable number of solo albums. He is breaking new ground with his new album Music For STARLUX AIRLINES (2019).

STARLUX AIRLINES is a luxury airline based in Taiwan which will start operation in January 2020. Peter was commissioned by this aviation company to produce his own music for the future board program. This album contains six tunes all over seven minutes long for a runtime of 44 minutes.

Peter performs on this album guitar, keyboards, harmonica, accordion, programming, D.C. additional programming, Peter’s daughter Charlotte viola on Homeward Bound. Peter has written, produced and mixed all songs.

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Martin Taylor – Love Songs

GRAMMY nominated musician Dr. Martin Taylor, MBE, is a virtuoso guitarist, composer, educator and musical innovator whom Acoustic Guitar magazine calls ‘THE Acoustic Guitarist of his Generation’. Widely considered to be the world’s foremost exponent of solo jazz and finger-style guitar playing, Martin possesses an inimitable style that has earned him global acclaim from fellow musicians, fans and critics alike. He dazzles audiences with a signature style that artfully combines his virtuosity, emotion and humor with a strong, engaging stage presence.

Taylor has enjoyed a remarkable musical career spanning across five decades, with more than 100 recordings to his credit. Completely self-taught beginning at the early age of 4, he has invented and developed a unique way of playing the guitar that is greatly admired, and often emulated, by guitarists all over the world. In addition to his solo concerts and recordings, he has also collaborated with musicians from many different musical genres, including: Jeff Beck, Tommy Emmanuel, Bill Wyman, Chet Atkins, Stephane Grappelli, David Grisman, George Harrison, Jamie Cullum, Bryn Terfel, Dianne Schuur and Gary Burton.

Taylor brings a rich and varied musical heritage to his play, to the extent that Tommy Emmanuel remarked that [Taylor] is “a portal into all that came before.” Over his stellar career, Taylor has amassed a record 14 British Jazz Awards as a guitarist. Several of his albums have been in the Top 10 in the USA and Europe.

Love Songs is an solo acoustic guitar album to buy on

Fabio Mignola – Encantado

Suisse based guitarist Fabio Mignola has released a lot of albums with diverse styles in his solo career. Chitarra Ticinese (1999), Flor de Luna (2000), Flyin’ Away (2003), Luna Rossa (2005), Take Me Higher (2008) are to mention. His new one, Encantado was released in September, 2018.

Fabio has composed all songs and performs guitars, keyboards, accordion, programming and vocals. Additional vocalists are Sofia Vassere and Laura Pura. Ezio Della Torre plays flute on selected tracks.

First warm up of the album is the uplifting Cheer Up. To put it bluntly, Fabio brings it directly to the point of happiness. Tucano is the Italian name of a bird family. Fabio transforms it into a lively festival of joy.

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Jamie Bonk – Who Said It Was Easy?

Canadian guitarist and songwriter Jamie Bonk has set up a home studio in Vancouver with a lot of love. The identical love he gives to his albums. All started with his same-named debut album in 1997. Further projects are A Perfect Tomorrow (2000), My World (2004), 5 (2007), St. Joseph Street (2009), Side B (2010) and Necessity (2012).

He left himself some time for his new album Who Said It Was Easy? (2018). He started to write some songs for his new album, when he still lived in Toronto. But properly his album took shape in his home studio in Vancouver, BC. He played in all instruments, that means guitars and keyboards and all the midi-programming. He also engineered and mastered the album. He also did the cover photography, artwork and layout and even made a promo video.

Originally he intended to write lyrics for his songs, he also wrote them, but then recorded the songs purely instrumentally. This definitely had an effect on the way he finally recorded the songs. Jamie: “I was “thinking/playing” the lyrics as I recorded the tunes. Made me truly focus on the meaning/intent of each song.” Since the development process turned out to be difficult and complex, it was obvious for him to name his album Who Said It Was Easy?.

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