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Al Reid Jr – Lost Time

This album promises to deliver a smooth experience into the musical world of up and coming saxophonist Al Reid Jr. From Jazz, to Smooth Jazz, to Fusion, etc, there is something for everyone to connect to. This album was done as a self promise to push forward, cultivate, and make the most out of the God given talent that has been bestowed upon him. “Don’t lose time waiting for it to come to you”

Lost Time is enjoyable smooth music for people of all genres and ages and you can buy it at CDBaby.

Frank Piombo – Keep It Movin’

Born and raised in Libya, Tripoli, to Italians parents guitarist Frank Piombo reached with eight the American shores. Meanwhile he has performed with bands such as Sidewalk Symphony, The Fantasy Band, Stepping Out, The New Prince Band, US & Co., and the original Infernos.

Frank counts to his influences jazz guitarists Larry Carlton, former member of Fourplay and guitarist legend George Benson. Smooth Reminiscence (2010), Sleepwalk (2011) are his first albums. His album The Night Speaks – A Smooth Jazz Journey was already awarded as the best jazz/ambient album for Jan, 2016 by The Akademia Music Awards.

His new album Keep It Movin’(2017) is a collection of smooth jazz, funk, and easy listening songs. A very uplifting and fast moving album. It features guitar, saxophone, and trumpet. A must hear! This album features some of the best musicians and vocalists in the country: Tony Exum Jr, Sam Hankins, Joe Arminio, Michael Mahadeen, Joaquin Diaz, Pablo Claudio, Donnie Harrell, Tom Jabobsen, Terry Tuck, Darryl Clark, Angelo Uccello, Michael Cardinale, Doreen Brusca Arminio, and Rod Williams. It’s now available at CDBaby.

Freeze Frame – Endless Summer

Lincoln Park – The Best Of Freeze Frame should be a crowning end to his life’s work. A carefully selected compilation of the defining pieces of his varied albums as a statement and key to discover his opuses.

The cat cannot stop chasing mice and the musician cannot stop creating new music. Ray Bach comments: “While one might remember that I have announced that I have to stop future releases that create a massive effort I have to admit that I can’t help myself here.”

That said Ray Bach aka Freeze Frame presents his newest project Endless Summer (2017) with the title “the last album”. Ray has written, performed and produced all tracks. Further musicians on selected tracks are Tom Farmer (sax), Jan Hiltman (guitar), Stefan Gade (bass) and LIZA (vocals).

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Drew Davidsen – Good Life

Hailing from Towson, Maryland Drew Davidsen has showcased his guitar skills on more than 30 projects. He started his solo career with the album This Journey in 2007. A project dedicated to smooth jazz and his idols George Benson, Larry Carlton and Les Sabler.

His newest project Good Life is filled with songs and stories from his life. It’s the record that his stepbrother encourage him to make during the final years of his life. So he is dedicating this record to Nick Tischler! For Drew it also represents growth as an artist/songwriter. For all his smooth/contemporary jazz fans. Track 8 “Pulling Me Closer” was written specifically for you guys. Think a smooth Lee Ritenour meets Michael Franks.

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Ard Sherrod Jr. – Back 2 Business

Saxophonist Art Sherrod Jr. is influenced by David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Kim Waters and other professional sax men of the smooth jazz genre. This includes admiration for their virtuosic art and their spiritual behavior.

His debut project All 4 Love was released in 2005. After signing to Pacific Coast Jazz followed his second project Seasons in 2009. With Intervention (2016) he released after two smooth jazz albums his first Gospel project. Back 2 Business (2017) is his fourth release and a return to the smooth jazz genre.

Art is joined by a crew of top professional musicians such as Chris “Big Dog” Davis (keyboards, programming), Rohn Lawrence, Robert “WaWa” LeGrand (guitars), Asa Livingston and Corey Baker (bass), Salena Dunbar Gibbs, Anthony Buffy Burnett, Dawn Tallman, Lamone Andrews, Tiffany Tzelle (background vocals).

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Stephen Richard – After Hours

Gifted Saxophonist Stephen Richard is emerging as one of today’s up and coming Jazz musicians. Stephen’s clean, soulful styling punctuated with dazzling solo flourishes are the result of his unique interpretation of many forms of music encountered throughout his life.

After Hours is his second project he is releasing in May 2017 now on sale at all stores.

Motown Moe – Cool Life Style

Motown Moe is a Detroit area producer and keyboard player with six CD’s to his credit. Moe’s playing style ranges from Herbie Hancock to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Motown Moe has worked with the likes of fellow producer and keyboardist Nate Harasim, guitarists Daniel Domenge, DF Michael, James Davis, and Mike James, along with sax players Randy Sherwood, and Martin Sharpe. His previous albums range from chill, r&b, to smooth jazz. Motown Moe describes his sound as very relaxing and soothing to the soul and spirit, classy music to warm your heart and mind. Moe’s influences include Greg Karukas, Marcus Johnson, Kevin Toney, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber, and Nate Harasim.

Cool Life Style is a collection of 15 songs that will place you into a cool groove mood. Taking you to Detroit, Japan, New Orleans, Minn-St.Paul and parts in between. No Doubt you will enjoy what you hear as these tracks take you smooth and chill to the next level. You will find songs here for all occasions. Get it right now at CDBaby.