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Urban Jazz Coalition – XXII

The Columbus, Ohio based formation Urban Jazz Coalition was founded by bassist Phil Raney. Further members are percussionist Hector Maldonado, keyboardist Brendon Howard, saxophonist Richard Randolph, drummer Rich “Rico” Adams and guitarist Duane Tribune. Keyboardist Brian Skeel joins the group on the new recordings.

This album is entitled XXII (2018), what means no more or less than the group has already played together since 22 years. Their website has little information about their earlier works. We already reviewed their albums Contempo (2002), Into The Night (2003), and Long Street (2004). Further albums are Down To Get Up (2006), A New Day (2008), Gravitate (2010) and One Step Closer (2013).

One of the special features of this engaged group is that they perform since over more than two decades about hundred gigs a year, and at the same time they are proud of the attribute given to them by Michael Schivo (The Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival): “Urban Jazz Coalition is the best kept secret in smooth jazz.”

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Lindsey Webster – Love Inside

Lindsey Webster is the first vocalist to score 4 #1 Smooth Jazz radio hits in a row and was recently named the #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs Artist for 2017. She’s been on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart for an amazing 60 weeks. Her swift rise has been nothing short of spectacular! Love Inside promises to be Lindsey Webster’s breakout album. The album’s first single, “Love Inside,” is quickly following the suit and making it’s way up the chart!. Other highlights such as the sensuous “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (featuring Rick Braun) and the soulful “Free To Be Me” (featuring Norman Brown) help make Love Inside a must have release for Lindsey’s growing legion of dedicated fans!

Love Inside (A Shanachie Entertainment release) can be pre-ordered on

Dirk K – Blue Sky

German-born and L.A. resident guitarist Dirk K has already released fourteen albums as a recording artist and eight albums in band projects, furthermore, he worked on over thirty albums of other musicians. His newest album Blue Sky (2018) is available on his website.

With the exception of one cover, Dirk has written all tracks. The album is featuring C.C. Thomas Jr., Darryl Williams, Al Turner and Hussein Jiffrey on bass, Bill Zappia on keys, Andre D’Angelo on drums and Kurt Rasmussen on percussion. The title song was already released as single in 2015 and the song Change is Gonna Come as single in 2016.

Can’t Let Go is the first strike on the new album. Dirk’s performance is elegant and stylish, very self-assured and absolutely confident in the mastery of his instrument. A miraculous Blue Sky will transfer you in a good mood. It’s exactly this positive atmosphere that Dirk brings with the song.

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Rob Zinn – Walk The Walk

In 2016, veteran trumpeter and flugelhornist Rob Zinn launched an exciting new phase of his distinguished, multi-faceted career, emerging as a nationally recognized independent smooth jazz artist with his critically acclaimed debut album Yesterday Again.

His new album Walk The Walk features saxman Andrew Neu, prolific guitarist/composer/producer Paul Brown, bassist Roberto Vally, saxman Michael Paulo, keyboardists Jeff Carruthers and Lew Laing. His new album will be available April 6th, 2018, but Rob is accepting pre-orders.

You can also buy the album at

Scott Allman – Elevated

Chicago-based keyboardist Scott Allman comes out of the gate with his third contemporary jazz project, Elevated. Scott’s upbeat melodies and synth-backed themes are captured in nine brand new songs prepared to raise you to new heights! Plus, a special treat is Scott’s adaptation of the well-known pop-song “Sweet Freedom” made popular in 1986 by Michael McDonald. Working with celebrated producer Darren Rahn, (who also appears on the record) Scott brings a host of featured guests to the table including sax man Jeff Kashiwa, guitar virtuoso Allen Hinds, Grammy-winning bassist Mel Brown, and the inspired vocals of Christie Gerwinat. For fans of sophisticated contemporary jazz with a piano flair, Elevated is sure to please.

“Fresh, exciting and a sonic treat to listen to, Scott’s new single Radio Waves is a welcome sound in today’s smooth jazz radio format. Radio Waves takes you somewhere new, while also maintaining a commercial appeal that’ll keep listeners groovin’ all day long! Scott shines brightly on this one.” -Darren Rahn, Producer, featured Artist

Elevated is now available on CDBaby.

Thumper & Generation One – The Valentine’s Collection

Thumper, Omaha Nebraskas one, and only 1 man band has been on the music scene for several years and has a very high following. He has developed his own website, where you can see and hear more of him, an Independent record label Thumpin’ Hard Records, Inc. 2 recording studios, and United 4 Love Entertainment, his own entertainment company. This monster musical genius blends Rock, Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and many other styles together and adds a little spice of his own to produce his sound the O-ZONE sound.

The Valentine’s Collection is a Smooth Jazz Collection of original and cover ballads that stretch through time to bring love and happiness to lovers young and old. Buy that musical flower bouquet on CDBaby.

Andrea Joi – Undefined

Andrea Joi debuts her crossover album, Undefined, which is an eclectic project that pushes the boundaries of the flute in commercial music to new heights. Andrea Joi (AJ) performs an array of original compositions and re-vamped arrangements with her sultry flute sound that many describe as “the Sound of the Ocean.” The album takes listeners on a sonic journey around the world and collides musical traditions and currencies in an unorthodox fashion. Andrea Joi’s music will make you dance, cry, and smile from ear to ear.

Andrea Joi (AJ) is a powerful woman who is multi-ethnic, not only in her heritage but in her music as well, which allows her to touch the souls of audiences of all demographic backgrounds. Elements of African Dance, Jazz, Classical, EDM, Gospel, Native American, Latin, and Pop Music are all represented throughout this project in a way that is truly “Undefined”!

Undefined is on CDBaby.