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Greg Adams and East Bay Soul – Conversation

Trumpet legend Greg Adams was the bedrock of the formation Tower of Powers. As a founding member of the group he has recorded fourteen albums and composed many of their hits. Nowadays his focus is  on the band East Bay Soul.

The band currently consists of Greg Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn, and background vocals), Darryl Walker (lead vocals, tenor sax), Lee Thornburg (trumpet, flugelhorn, and background vocals), Johnnie Bamont (alto, tenor and baritone saxes, flute, and background vocals), Greg Vail (alto, tenor sax, flute and background vocals), Nick Milo (keys and background vocals), Kay-Ta Matsuno (guitar), Dwayne “Smitty” Smith (bass), Herman Matthews (drums, and background vocals), and Johnny Sandoval (Latin percussion and background vocals).

The formation started in 2009 with the same named debut album. Soon followed East Bay Soul 2.0 (2012), That’s Life (2015) and this year Conversation. The album takes an overwhelming start with Look Book. The track shines with a sophisticated horn arrangement where the listener can discover many details. Dwayne’s bass plays a dominant role however.

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Nick Colionne – Just Being Me

Chicago’s best dressed jazz guitarist Nick Colionne released his first albums It’s My Turn (1994), Arrival (1996) and The Seduction (1999) on the Lake Shore Jazz label followed by Just Come On In (2003), Keepin’ It Cool (2006), and No Limits (2008). Feel The Heat (2011), Influences (2014) and The Journey (2016) are released on Trippin & Rhythm. Now he is back with Just Being Me on the same label.

Guest musicians are producer and keyboardist Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis and keyboard wizard James Lloyd, who are also producing and writing some of the new tracks. The album offers ten new tracks, almost originals with the exception of a cover of Marvin Gaye’s hit How Sweet It Is.

The album is scheduled for release April 27, 2018 and can be pre-ordered on

Michael Alan – Distant Worlds

As a saxophone student at Berklee College of Music, Michael Alan was exposed to all types of jazz and fusion by various teachers and fellow musicians. His interest in using computers to create music inspired him to get involved in using synthesizers, MIDI, and hard disk recording when the technology was still very new.

Allan comments: “Knowing that I still have a healthy obsession with music technology sheds some light on my debut album. Distant Worlds features plenty of synthesizers, loops, keyboards and drum samples. It also contains a smattering of real guitars played by me, Michael Vince and Tony DePaolo and, of course, lots of saxophones, flute and EWI.

I had a good idea of what I wanted Distant Worlds to sound like before I began recording. My intent was to incorporate some of my favorite genres with melodic compositions, pop style arrangements reminiscent of the ’70s and early ’80s smooth and progressive jazz and combine it all with modern production. I’m happy that it turned out the way I envisioned it and I hope you enjoy it.”

Distant Worlds is to find on

Zolbert – Live

Hungarian saxophonist Zolbert has entered the smooth jazz stage with his debut album One in 2015. His sophomore album Inside Out (2017) can directly be applied to the Californian smooth jazz style. Zolbert is embracing the music and impact that this genre has to sound today and he plays his key roll in keeping the spirit of the music alive and well..

With his newest album Live he showcases 17 tracks containing his most popular and successful songs from the previous 2 studio albums that were re-arranged exclusively. “While this record represents the end of an important era in my life, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter. The magical experience of playing music live to a great audience at a breathtakingly beautiful and historically important site, is a feeling that is unlike any other and it was the catalyst that turned the idea of performing songs from my first two albums with a 10 piece band, into reality. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this special project, you all helped make a dream come true for me.” – says Zolbert

Live is on sale at CDBaby.

Motown Moe – Anniversary Project

Motown Moe is a Detroit area producer and keyboard player with six CD’s to his credit. Motown Moe has worked with the likes of fellow producer and keyboardist Nate Harasim, guitarists Daniel Domenge, DF Michael, James Davis, and Mike James, along with sax players Randy Sherwood, and Martin Sharpe. His previous albums range from chill, r&b, to smooth jazz. Motown Moe describes his sound as very relaxing and soothing to the soul and spirit, classy music to warm your heart and mind.

Anniversary Project is his newest album  containing old and new releases from Motown Moe’s sound catalog of instrumental music with the purpose of celebrating 10 years of Smooth Jazz and Chill & Lounge music. You get in as download on CDBaby.

Vandell Andrew – 30

Hailing from the “Birthplace of Jazz” New Orleans, Vandell Andrew is a part of the new generation of the jazz genre. Years Later… (2011) was his debut album followed by Turn It Up (2014). Since the release of Turn It Up Vandell has been afforded the opportunity to play venues and festivals around the world, such as the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival and the Legendary Ronnie Scott’s in London,UK. In 2016 he released with All For Love an amazing textural piece of sax in the lead.

“The new album is called 30 and it reflects the thoughts that go into reaching that age milestone,” Vandell says. “I’ve always felt like turning 30 is when you become a true adult and your career and life goals become clearer. Musically, I’ve reached a place where I’m confident in what I write, play and perform. My true sound has become evident and the music is much more mature. Don’t get me wrong, I still play a lot of funk live – I’ve just got other things on my mind. This album is so emotional that you can feel me on a whole different level.”

His new album 30 is an all-star cast of musicians/vocalists like De’Marcus Walker, LeTempest Barnes, Britt Frappier, Landa Morgan, Marcus Anderson, Julian C. Vaughn, Matt Godina, Lew Laing Jr, Dirk Pate, Kerry Marshall, Andre Frappier, Phil Martin & Andrew Freeman. With 10 original tracks it is available on CDBaby.

Michiyo – Kool

Japanese saxophonist Michiyo Kitagawa performed in several bands like Dad Mam God and Rocket Punch. Her debut album was Theater`M in 1998. After her return to Tokyo she released her second album Tete in 2015. This album features Roberto Vally on bass. Her third album is KOOL (2018).

Michiyo performs on this album soprano and tenor sax. She is joined by Roberto Vally (bass), Jeff Carruthers (guitar), Masayuki Numai and T-wai (keyboards), Fumio “Hank” Nishiyama (guitar), Kenichiro Shinzawa and Ric Mandell (piano).

Rainy Tokyo is Michiyo’s tribute to the artistic springs of her creativity. While Michiyo’s plays her saxophone soulfully, the discoid beat stands in a certain divergence and gives the piece a modernist look. It’s probably the contrasts that make Tokyo appealing. On KOOL Roberto’s bass reminds of groups like Kool and the Gang. The main melody has that special something for listeners and radio djs.

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