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Paul Hardcastle – X (The Eclipse)

hardcastlexIt is not easy to keep an overview of Paul Hardcastle‘s complete works. His high profile came from such tracks as King Tut19Just For Money or Rainforest. But also popular are his series like Kiss the Sky, The Jazzmasters, The Chill Lounge and Paul Hardcastle. The latter now undergoes an update with the 10th album that bears the appropriate name X (The Eclipse).

As with his previous productions, the multi-instrumentalist relies on his own admittedly considerable skills. Two saxophonists assisted him on his recordings, Rock Hendricks, who has already played on many of his albums, and his son, Paul Hardcastle Jr. who has been featured on Paul’s The Jazzmasters series.

To put it in a nutshell, Paul Hardcastle remains true to his thoroughly familiar style on his new album. Why should he change it? The album’s opener Wavelength was released as the album’s appetizer back in January and was gratefully received by critics. Paul rummages through his ample fleet of keyboard sounds and samples, with a beautifully played trumpet standing out as the solo instrument.

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Paul Hardcastle – Hardcastle IX

Many have remembered Paul Hardcastle through his huge hits King Tut19Just For Money or Rainforest. However, he was never able to build on these really great successes again.  But the smooth jazz community knows him all the better through his numerous series like Kiss the Sky (with Jaki Graham) and The Jazzmasters, as well as under his real name Paul Hardcastle.

The latest The Jazzmasters album was VII in 2014, Hardcastle VIII was released in 2018, The Chill Lounge Vol. 3 in 2015 and The Chill Lounge Vol. 4 in April, 2020. If you want to get an overview of his complete works, I recommend this website.

Paul Hardcastle is one of those musicians who deny themselves live performances. This is probably mainly due to the fact that he creates most of his albums as a multi-instrumentalist. Also on his latest album he crafts his music on this solo way. Flugelhorn player Gary Winters, saxophonist Rock Hendricks, and vocalist Maxine Hardcastle, his daughter, are as well on this recordings.

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Paul Hardcastle – IX

Paul Hardcastle will be known to most slightly older listeners for his megahits Rain Forest and 19, which have sold millions of copies. His series The Jazzmasters was a considerable success in the field of smooth jazz, which he also continues with The Chill Lounge for the chill out genre.

With his Hardcastle series he presents dance floor suitable smooth jazz. His previous album Hardcastle 8 was released in 2018. Now he will release his new album IX keeping his style in flow. The album is scheduled for July 24, 2020.

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Paul Hardcastle – VIII

Paul Hardcastle will be known to most slightly older listeners for his megahits Rain Forest and 19, which have sold millions of copies. His series The Jazzmasters was a considerable success in the field of smooth jazz, which he also continues with The Chill Lounge for the chill out genre.

The new album Hardcastle 8 (2018) has already announced itself through a number of video releases. Insiders will have heard the new melodies several times. Afterwards the impression is confirmed that his songs mostly settle in a dance floor suitable smooth jazz. On most of the songs the old companion Rock Hendricks plays the saxophone, as far as Paul’s son doesn’t reach for the saxophone himself.

Amber Skies, in earlier publications Amber Sky, starts the album with the Hardcastle own interweaving of different melody fragments to an atmospheric unison. Turn Down the Heat is Hardcastle’s apodictic appeal against the climate catastrophe, which gives the heat-damaged listeners some cooling alternative.

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Various Artists – The Ultimate Smooth Jazz Number 1’s Vol 3

610p12HUqnL._SY355_Following the huge success of previous Volumes 1 and 2, Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm presents another collection of its most recents chart topping hits with The Ultimate Smooth Jazz Number 1’s Vol 3. Vol 3 starts with the most prolific artist in the Smooth Jazz format known as Paul Hardcastle. Not only did Paul reach #1 on the US Billboard chart with “Soft Rain”, the album which the single was taken Jazzmasters VII hit #1 on the contemporary smooth jazz album billboard chart and also #1 on the album Jazz chart simultaneously.

Next up on the collection is one of the hottest female artists in the format Cindy Bradley, her latest US Billboard hit single Riverside Jive is taken from the new release Bliss. This young lady has taken our format by storm in recent years, her list of accolades extend yearly including the win of the Brass player of the year beating the formidable Chris Botti in the running for the award. We follow with guitarist Nick Colionne with “Got To Keep It Movin”, a single which was top of the Billboard charts for 3 weeks running, this guy knows how to keep he’s audience grooving. Since the passing of the one and only bass guitarist Wayman Tisdale, Bass guitarist Julian Vaughn seems to have what it takes the follow in the steps of the late great Wayman, once again Julian Vaughn comes with this Billboard hit single “Ju Ju’s Groove”. His live funky performances set the stage alight and is not one to be missed.

No collection would be complete without the one in only guitarist Tim Bowman, this smash hit Billboard single “Let It Shine” reached #1 and stayed there for 6 weeks. The list goes on with great artists and hit singles by Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm, Vol 3 is as smooth and funky as it gets and is a perfect follow on from the previous two Volumes. So whether you have followed the lot or just dipping in, we can assure you will be entertained with the best selection of hits from any label around. Here at Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm we try to set the trend in keeping things fresh and funky, and the Smooth Jazz #1 s is the best place to start. Get it now at

Paul Hardcastle – The Jazzmasters VII

Paul Hardcastle is the living prove that a studio musician can reach the # 1 on the US Billboard Contemporary album ”sales” chart without any live concert. Not that it would be a problem, to implement the recording one to one into live music.

Paul also hasn’t changed his style in all the years of his success. After the first few bars one immediately recognizes that is a Paul Hardcastle. Especially his Jazzmasters Series shows a distinctive elegance.

The Jazzmasters VII (2014) is no exception. According to the liner notes the album is purely instrumental just with some vocal drops here and there. Paul Hardcastle Jr. (sax), Maxine Hardcastle (vocals) and Rock Hendricks (sax) added their natural input, where it was required.

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Paul Hardcastle – Moovin And Groovin

Moovin & GroovinCutting his musical teeth beginning in the 70’s when disco, bell bottoms and Soul Train were king, super producer of sexy and syncopated sides Paul Hardcastle comes out of the woodshed with back to back new projects, the latest in the Jazzmasters series VII and this a dance down memory lane with a 21st century twist.

Moovin And Groovin is a collection of disco infused pieces that recall an era where music was all about getting your ‘move on’ with Barry White, Donna Summer and Saturday Night Fever casting their respective spells on the masses. You’ll feel instantly transported back in time with this highly infectious romp that brings to bear all of the feeling moods and vibes that made the 70’s and 80’s what they were, yet all spun with musical yarns of today.

Disco has made a bit of a resurgence since 2013 with disco styled songs released by Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, and now from a name that has been synonymous with disco infused beats.

This is Hardcastle at his absolute best, highly syncopated infectious grooves done in his own inimitable style, one that has earned him a place in musical royalty. For you lovers of his multi genre classic ‘Rainforest’, M and G is an extension of that classic sound and will be sure to energize his already rabid base and cause a seismic shift in this new century with this nod to the past but his eye solidly on the future. As the title suggests, this set will get you doing just that. Come and get your groove on.

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Paul Hardcastle – The Jazzmasters VII

TheJazzmasters7aWell into his third decade crafting signature songs of our time churning out chart topping mega-hits with ease, Paul Hardcastle adds another branch to his musical tree, one that is again bearing delicious fruit.

VII, while it carries all of the hallmarks that have come to define his unique style and sound, takes a decidedly different approach, with the focus on serving up compelling sonic
instrumental soundscapes and less about vocals. This is Hardcastle’s wheelhouse and nobody does it better. For those who use music as an escape from the day to day, these sides are the perfect transporting device, rich soulful atmospherics that lift you through space and time and carry you away to destinations of your choosing.

Urban substructures layered with sexy yet subtle grooves, punctuated with perfectly placed notes and vibrations create the perfect flow of ambience as you depart on this soothing musical journey, a one way ticket to pure pleasure. This is pure ear candy that will provide that rush of sweetness yet is high in nutritional content, satisfying and full flavored.

The lead radio single ‘Unlimited Love’ a tip of the hat to one of Paul’s biggest influences Barry White adds another first and features label mate and one of the genres brightest rising stars trumpeter Cindy Bradley. Daughter Maxine and son Paul Hardcastle Jr again make appearances on the record providing just the right accents in all the right places.

Pull up under the Hardcastle tree, pick a side and savor the fruits of this fabulous labor. Grab this album at

Paul Hardcastle – The Chill Lounge

June 19th is the date for the latest release from Paul Hardcastle, titled The Chill Lounge, its a great mix of chill / melodic tracks.  First single of this album will be East To West presenting some Asian elements. Tagged as jazz one can await some cool smooth jazz.

Paul Hardcastle started his breathtaking career with the dance hit Rainforest reaching #1 on the 12″ sales chart in the USA in 1984. His tremendous success was the song 19 in 1985, in many countries a further #1 hit. In 1991 Hardcastle began his Jazzmasters project fostering a smooth jazz community worldwide. The first album of this serial was released in Japan and The Japanese radio stations spread the word. Soon the sound arrived in USA and many listeners had to struggle for their album ’til it was finally released in USA in 1992.

This hybrid of dance music and smooth jazz quickly climbed the charts and received high acclaims by many fans finally crowned with Billboard Magazine’s 2008 Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year.


Paul Hardcastle – Paul Hardcastle VI

To present Paul Hardcastle‘s biography or discography would be like carrying coals to New Castle. Everybody knows this famous musician and his music.

One of his tremendous hits is Rainforest, reaching #1 on the 12″ sales chart in the USA in 1984. A first highlight of his terrific sense for melody and rhythm.  Decades later Hardcastle revisits this classic theme with Rainforest/What’s Going On on his new album Paul Hardcastle VI (2011). The ingenious combining of Rainforest with Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, a critical song about the ghetto youth, gives this song a new direction, an anti-war declaration.

With Night Time Hustle Hardcastle salutes to the music of Down To The Bone. The tune features Paul Hardcastle on sax in an outstanding role. Inspired by the island world of the Maldives Hardcastle composed 1000 Miles From Nowhere featuring sultry singer Becki Biggins. Becki has won the 2009 American Billboard Best Smooth Jazz Artist Award with Paul Hardcastle for the album Hardcastle V and is also the featured singer on his album Jazzmasters VI.

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