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Groove55 – Voyage

VoyageGroove 55‘s third album, Voyage, is loaded with grooves, funk, great melodies and awesome rhythm tracks.

Voyage features Smooth Jazz Chart-topping trumpeter Rick Braun and internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist Mino Cinelu on percussion (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Sting). We think this album is a landmark on the smooth jazz scene. It is energetic with full sounding arrangements and captivating percussion grooves. No band other than Groove55 can swing the funk as well as this.

Give this album a listen at CDBaby.

Leon Foster Thomas – Brand New Mischief

The typical jazz lover doesn’t want to hear “relaxing” as a modifier for his favorite music. The word implies a certain snooze factor, and jazz isn’t about that. Still, there’s something soothing, tranquil and – yes – relaxing about the sound of the steel pans when played with skill.

Leon Foster Thomas is such a person, drawing inevitable comparisons to Andy Narell. Thomas entertains with Brand New Mischief (Leon Foster Thomas Music, 2012), a set of seven original songs. With Thomas are pianist Allen C. Paul, acoustic bassist Kurt Kengstebeck and drummer Ludwig Alfonso.

The title might be a hint at the origins of the steel pan. It was in Trinidad and Tobago where young men, who out of suspicion of mischief were forbidden to use drums to communicate, turned to other items. Among them were modified oil drums.

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Nexlevel – Midnight Blue

Midnight BlueNexLevel‘s music is intoxicating; this group of guys knows how to share their creativity as artists and their passion is made known through their music. This album shows their diversity with jazz along with portraying their creativity. “Midnight Blue” represents the late night hours & experiences they have encountered along with the laid back/mellow side that represents This album shows their diversity with jazz along with portraying their creativity. Midnight Blue represents the late night hours & experiences they have encountered along with the laid back/mellow side that represents their approach to various situations.

While gifted and talented they believe in being “down to earth” and treating people how they would like to be treated. These gentlemen are professional, creative, laid back, and committed with sharing their God given talent with the listeners regardless of race, gender, creed, or religion because they believe in what they do. So sit back and enjoy these gentlemen as they take your listening experience to the, “NexLevel”.

Midnight Blue is now at CDBaby.

Walt Pitts – Keepin’ It Real in Lo-Fi

Keepin' It Real in Lo-FiWalt Pitts is a musical chameleon. He may not change color to match his surroundings, but he has the impeccable ability to musically adapt to the environment of practically any live performance space. It’s this versatility that has kept Walt steadily booked at private clubs, resorts, weddings, and corporate events in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, area for many years.

Walt has a ready catalog of nearly 300 songs to choose from. Walt can play his instruments acoustically or amplified, as well as stationary on a stage or strolling table to table through the room. While he can comfortably play unaccompanied, he also has a solid collection of backing tracks he produced himself to create the sound of a full band.

A Phoenix native, Walt spent a year in California in the 1980s to attend the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. There he studied with icons such as Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Robben Ford, and Ron Eschete. After returning to Phoenix, he attended Arizona State University where he studied and taught jazz guitar under Chuck Marohnic.

“I love living in the Southwest United States, with its blend of cultures and musical styles,” Walt says. “I’m sure that has colored my interest in playing a variety of musical styles. If you like an eclectic, jazzy, melodic mix of musical styles, then you’ll love what I have to offer. From Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana and Jimmy Buffet to The Beatles, Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins … I perform a wide variety of music.”

Keepin’ It Real in Lo-Fi is his offer at CDBaby.

Travis Bridges – Horn Of Plenty (Harvest Harmony)

Horn Of PlentyThis new CD, is designed to inspire listeners. Each title of every song, original and cover, has a special meaning that lends itself to my recent life experiences. It particularly targets those who need inspiration in their “love life” or “life with loved ones”. From one who is happily married, single and looking, hurting from a past relationship, missing someone who’s crossed over or to those who may need to feel closer to God Himself.

Of the total 14 songs- 7 originals & 7 covers, there is a song that nurtures each experience with an uplifting, happy vibe.
Titles include; The title cut-Horn of Plenty, Share my life, Draw me close to you, When somebody loves you back, Fix Everything and Love on top to name a few.

There is even an original song that’s a tribute to a popular street in my NC home town. Although we all may need something different and not everyone is inspired the same, this project is sure to fulfill the deepest desire for inspiration and motivation so thanks to you in advance for considering this project in your “special” section as many will be moved, blessed and inspired by it.

Horn Of Plenty (Harvest Harmony) is now arrived at CDBaby.

Natalie Cressman and Secret Garden – Unfolding

Women generally are under-appreciated in jazz. And many who are recognized are vocalists. The group, Natalie Cressman and Secret Garden, is fronted by a young woman who not only sings but also composes and plays trombone. She exhibits all three skills on her recording debut, Unfolding (self-produced, 2012).

Secret Garden consists of 20-year-old Cressman, trumpeter Ivan Rosenberg, tenor saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown (except for “That Kind”), pianist Pascal LeBoeuf, acoustic bassist Ruben Samama and drummer/percussionist Jake Goldbas. Guests are Zach Gould, who claps along with the rhythm section, and Peter Apfelbaum, takes over tenor sax duties on “That Kind.”

“Flip” opens the set in dynamic fashion. Cressman and the other horns carry the melody, complemented by strong performances from the rhythm section. After the initial rush, the pace slows briefly, to set up Cressman’s throaty trombone interlude. It’s nearly all stop for LeBoeuf, who is accompanied only by Samama and Goldbas. Cressman joins in with a haunting, wordless vocal chant. The rest of the band gets back into gear, reverting to the melody.

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T.L. Robinson – Revealed – Unspoken Revelations

Revealed is about breaking the mold and unboxing God and HIS creativity. The Revealed Series is a collection of revelations given to T.L. directly from God. God’s mandate and purpose for T.L.’s life? God said, “unbox me!” The Gospel Music community has trapped God into tradition. If the music doesn’t sound a certain way, then it can’t be considered “Christian”…can’t be considered “Holy.”

Forget the author of the music. Forget the message behind the music. It is the sound that judges the validity. God is the Master creator. So why are Christian’s so far behind in innovation and creativity? Why does Christian music sound the same? Revealed is setting the bar in sound and imagination. The author of Revealed is Jesus Christ. And the message is divine! T.L. humbly delivers this message.

Revealed – Unspoken Revelations is now arrived at CDBaby.

Andre Ward – Caution

CautionSmooth jazz saxophonist André Ward was born and raised in Chicago. His first instrument, which he took up at age eight, was the snare drum. He later moved to trumpet and tenor saxophone before settling on alto saxophone and becoming sufficiently proficient to earn a music-performing scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Based in Boston, he played internationally and did session work for such artists as Freddie Jackson.

He was signed to Orpheus Music and released his debut solo album, Feelin’ You, in October 2001. It reached number four on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart and also appeared on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. His second album, Steppin’ Up, released in March 2004, was similarly successful.

Now he is back with Caution, available at CDBaby.

Pamela Williams – Christmas With the Saxtress

Christmas With the SaxtressPamela Williams music and saxophone style has enchanted many listeners for years. Since she debuted her first CD in 1996, she has had Billboard-charting success with several of her nine CDs. Pamela Williams is undoubtedly, one of the most popular performers on today’s smooth jazz scene. And now she has recorded a long-awaited Christmas CD. She adds her distinct sound and jazzy flavor to some of the most popular Christmas songs ever recorded.

Pamela Williams is not only an incredible saxophonist, she plays flute, piano, as is a very well-respected producer, which definitely contributes to her unique style. Her fans have requested a CD like this from her for years and it is finally here! Christmas With The Saxtress is a must have in your music collection.

This is the first Christmas CD ever recorded by the Saxtress, Pamela Williams. Her smooth style will surely fill your home with the holiday spirit. It features some of the the best Christmas classics and is sure to be a holiday favorite for years to come. Christmas With The Saxtress is on sale at CDBaby.

Kat Parra – Las Aventuras de Pasion!

Kat Parra is one vocalist who doesn’t limit her repertoire to the standards known as the American Songbook. In fact, she reaches beyond normal boundaries with interesting arrangements of the songs she does cover.

Las Aventuras de Pasion! (JazzMa Records, 2012) features Parra with a variable assembly of players, including pianist Murray Low and trombonist/arranger Wayne Wallace.

A Puerto Rican bomba groove sets the tone for the delightful take on “Iko Iko,” with lyrics by Zap Mama. The horn trio adds some nice fills, but this is mainly about the lively arrangement matched with Parra’s voice. John Worley’s trumpet solo gives it an extra kick.

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