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Reggie Stokes – When People Talk

When People TalkRegiie Strokes: about his album”My music is Universal. Muisc that touch the Mind,Soul and Spirit. It’s very relaxing for whatever mood. My music let you feel what you want to feel with a nice tempo rhythm beat that keeps you in the groove slow or fast. Gives you freedom.”

More about his album When People Talk at CDBaby.

Jeremy Benoit – Moods of Smooth

Moods of SmoothThis album shows the true color and character of Jeremy Benoit “JB Saax” as an artist. It contains both the traditional and smooth elements of jazz and gives listeners the full gammet of instrumental saxophone at its finest. In this day and age, there is less of an appreciation for it as an art form. JB Saax seeks to create music that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but that also commands the respect and attention of the listener all while being entertaining.

Moods of Smooth is that album and one doesn’t have to listen long to see that it will both captivate and inspire many in the years to come. Buy this album at CDBaby.

Joonas Kreen – My Luvly Hammock

My Luvly HammockOn his debut album, Joonas mixes jazz, instrumental hip hop, as well as elements of downtempo and dance music. While having a few upbeat and slightly more groove-based songs, My Luvly Hammock consists mainly of relaxed and delightful instrumentals. Often drawing their life from simple jazz-based melodies, those songs combine acoustic guitar and saxophone playing with smooth hip hop beats and electronic sounds. It is emotional, yet minimal – a mellow album of positive vibes.

My Luvly Hammock can also be described as a meditative or a reflective album, which is a characteristic common to most Joonas’s music. The simple melodies often work like rites, which may take the mind on a symbolic journey. Perhaps this is also the reason why some listeners have claimed this music to be well suitable companion for car rides, or for ‘being on the way’. Such virtue surfaces also in the quiet lullaby “Smalu”, that captures the soul of drifting along while leaving all effort behind. The natural sound of sea waves and the echoing guitar in the background set a unique and soothing atmosphere. The repetitive and abstract lyrics strengthen the somewhat shamanistic quality of the song furthermore.

While the balance between pure instrumental and vocal-based songs on My Luvly Hammock veers towards instrumentals, 6 of the songs feature singing or spoken text as well. This offers a breath of fresh air to those instrumental hip hop ‘aficionado’-s, who are happy to hear some vocals as well.

Another aspect of this record is its stylistic duality: some tracks veer more towards jazz, while others rely more heavily on electronic music influences. “My Luvly Hammock”, “Takeoff”, and “Invitation” are three of the tracks with graceful mood and dense instrumentation, common to the genres of downtempo or trip hop. On the other hand, songs like “Moon or The Other”, “Heavenly Phone Booth”, and “Split Waters” carry a stronger sense of smooth jazz with their distinct melodies and simple instrumental solos.

All in all, My Luvly Hammock is an inspiring, joyous, and delightful album, with a cheerful and effortless atmosphere. We found this little gem at CDBaby.

Daniel Domenge – Lost in My Thoughts

Lost in My ThoughtsSmooth Jazz is a universal language around the world. Take guitarist Daniel Domenge as an example, who resides in Languedoc-Roussillon… the large vineyard region is one of the 26 regions that make up France. The world-class guitarist has played professionally for some 20 years… his passion for Smooth Jazz finally drove him to record his second album.

This flawless recording features a tantalizing return to retro influences, yet the beats and rhythms are cutting edge contemporary. Daniel’s guitar work is buoyed by Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3 accents as he funkifies the audio environment . Three years after his first album Patchwork , Lost in My Thoughts features exceptional performances from all contributing musicians and polished off by engineer Reynald Evrard. All of the songs are stunning…This album is smooth jazz at its best !

This French guitarist speaks fluent Smooth Jazz! Lost in My Thoughts is now on sale at CDBaby.

Uncle Los Music – Say Something

Say SomethingEnergetic, organic and passionate – this highly anticipated debut release from keyboardist/lyricist/songwriter Uncle Los bridges the gap between smooth jazz and soul music. Strong musicianship & vocals, good writing & arranging, and excellent production. While Uncle Los is definitely contemporary, it reminds of a time when the music itself was more important than fitting into a category or genre.

The album Say Something from Uncle Los Music is also one of those rare projects that one can  enjoy song after song.

You can obtain it at CDBaby.

Walter Beasley – Live in the Club

walterbeasley4Walter Beasley and his band perform live at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, Massachusetts. This album commemorates a dear friend and fallen soldier, Webster Roach.

Song Titles:
1. Message to Mark/Free Your Mind
2. Let Go
3. Groove In You
4. Brother (The Band Feature)
5. Her Presence (Tribute to Webster Roach)
6. Rhea’s Song featuring Connor Jenks
7. Mister Magic (Go-go Style)

Meet The Band:
Walter Beasley – sax/vocals
Chad Selph – keys
Wayne Jones – guitar
Christopher “Biscuit” Bynum – drums
David Dyson (performs courtesy of Lohandfunk Records) – bass

Road Manager: Chris Lewis

Associate Producer: Amy Cuadra
Executive Producer: Walter Beasley

This special album is now on sale at CDBaby.

Paula Atherton – Enjoy The Ride

Female saxophone players are nothing unusual in the world of smooth jazz. Candy Dulfer, Jazzy J, Mindi Abair, Pamela Williams are probably the most known. Paula Atherton is another one, who deserves a broader attention.

Like many others, she counts jazz saxophonists such as Charlie “Bird” Parker, Lee Konitz, Cannonball Adderley, Phil Woods, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn and Bob Mintzer to her strongest influences.

However Paula preferred the smooth jazz style on her solo projects Let Me Inside Your Love (2001), Groove with Me (2009) and last year Enjoy The Ride. Especially the single Sassy Strut featuring guitarist Nick Colionne is currently on heavy rotation on many American radio stations.

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Sean O’Bryan Smith – Tapestry

Bassist Sean O’Bryan Smith injects a little soul, a little jazz, a little blues and a lot of passion with Tapestry (2012).

An accomplished composer, musician and clinician, Smith has worked alongside many in the world of contemporary or smooth jazz. Among them are Larry Carlton, Esperanza Spalding, Chuck Loeb and Gerald Albright.

“El Corazon” is a hard-charging piece with a Spanish vibe. Smith opens with an ethereal bass solo before the rest of the band comes in. Whether in lead or providing the backing rhythm, Smith firmly establishes the groove and holds it together.

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Kwame Prince Kese – Moving Forward

Moving ForwardKwame about his album : “This is my debut album featuring Smooth Jazz. Being a professional musician for the last 25 years, I am hoping this album will showcase my artistic versatility.”

Moving Forward is available at CDBaby.


Drivetime – Ignition

IgnitionPhiladelphia has given us some brilliant music over the decades and this tight, contemporary jazz ensemble holds up to Philly’s solid reputation with their highly anticipated new release, Ignition! The album revs up with what the group
calls Urban Organic Jazz… that is funky grooves and jazz-soaked, melodic originals, and delivers exciting new music, ranging from smooth to Latin to fusion to Tower of Power-like grooves, and even a splash of chillout!

Ignition sparks from cool collaborations including special guest appearances by saxophonist Andrew Neu vocalists Phyllis Chapell, Justin Guarini & guitarist Vinnie Zummo. Drivetime has been honing their craft and evolving into an important new voice in the Global Smooth Jazz community with three previous recordings and two top-selling singles featuring Bob Baldwin and Justin Guarini.

Leader Bernie Capodici and band shift into high gear for live performances where they marry old school cool with modern, musical ideas… buckle up!

Ignition is available at CDBaby.