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Rob Tardik – Diversity

Guitarist Rob Tardik has released his 7th album called Diversity on Friday, February 7, 2020. As individuals, we are unique. Recognizing our individual differences, skills and talents is what makes the world so fascinating and diverse. Music moves all people and brings us closer together. Diversity is an exciting 4-volume eclectic compilation of is various musical styles and features re-mastered songs from the last six album recordings and some brand-new tracks.

A new volume will be released during each season in 2020: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall. His first Winter volume is here and is titled “Smooth and Chill” to relax and unwind during those long, cold winter days and nights. The first single Infinity is available now everywhere you listen to music.

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Rob Tardik – Synergy

SynergyToronto based guitar virtuoso Rob Tardik is a regular contributor to the smooth jazz world. Without Words (2006), followed by The Right Time (2009), Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love (B.E.L.L) in 2011, Limitless (2013), and Moments (2015) are landmarks in music history. The new album Synergy (2017) exploits Tardik’s full potential, who focuses this time on teamwork and diversity.

Synergy starts with Rob’s powerful and funky guitar chords in remarkable mastery and conviction. Carson Freeman adds his colorful signature tenor sax sound. Vincent Ingala does not appear as a well-known saxophonist but shows his talents as bassist, pianist and drum programmer.

Once in a Lifetime turns the pointer on soft rock music featuring Mark Masri as lead vocalist in the style of Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen. The uplifting Hope is an entertaining mood-setter with the flair of Rocco Granata’s huge hit Marina.

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Rob Tardik – SYNERGY

Following the successful Billboard charting success of his last five albums, with tours and festivals all across North America, multi-award-winning guitarist, Rob Tardik, returns with his sixth release titled SYNERGY. Like his previous recordings, this new album will put a groove into your step and a smile on your face as Rob and his trademark “eclectic guitar〃 style, will be serving up a fresh mix of smooth, funky, poignant, edgy and infectious Contemporary instrumental grooves and a couple of pop vocal tracks.

The debut single features Rob working again with the longtime friend and top Billboard charting saxophonist, Vincent Ingala. In a new role, this time Vincent takes the producers chair and together they have created a musical SYNERGY that is a fusion of their artistic strengths. In scope, palette, composition, SYNERGY is Rob’s most mature, melodic, fun and progressive release to date and promises great things to come for this established artist for 2017 and beyond! The album will be soon available in all stores.

Rob Tardik – Moments

When success can be measured with the amount of album releases, Toronto based guitarist Rob Tardik certainly belongs to the winners. He started his solo career with the self-produced album Without Words (2006), followed by The Right Time (2009), Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love (B.E.L.L) in 2011 and Limitless (2013). Now he returns with Moments.

On his new album he is supported by established artists like Nate Harasim, Will Donato, Steve Oliver, Mark Hasselbach, Davor Jordanovski, Walle Larson, Robert Vally, Gary Stanionis, Will Donato, Curtis Freeman, Carson Freeman, and more. A good mixture of his band-mates and professional musicians of the smooth jazz scene.

The album starts with the Latin tinged song Sip and Salsa, up-tempo Spanish guitar with great Mediterranean flavor. This guitar style gains more and more followers in the smooth jazz community. The lush Rite Of Passage showcases more of Rob’s guitar prowess backed by a horn selection with a short sax solo by Will Donato.

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Rob Tardik – Moments

MomentsEquipped with an optimistic outlook and an attitude of gratitude, award-winning guitarist Rob Tardik was contemplating the pivotal moments in his life when he sat down to compose the material for Moments, his fifth album that will be released November 13 by Guitardik Music. The Toronto-based artist whose mission is to use music to spread positive energy will launch the collection of jazz, Latin, R&B, funk, rock and pop originals that he wrote and produced with Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach with a concert performance that same evening at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, Calif. The first single from “Moments” already garnering radio spins is the flamenco-infused “Sip and Salsa,” a high-energy dancer powered by frenzied fretwork recognizing the enjoyable moments in life.

“Reflecting on the key moments that define us, you’ve got to be in the moment in order to catch those moments of unexpected happiness. Life moves so fast and its hectic thus we get caught up and lost in it. These days, so many people are distracted by modern technology that we miss what’s happening right in front of us,” said Tardik. “I want my music to uplift people’s spirits. There’s a lot of negativity out there on a daily basis; my intention is only to bring positivity to people’s lives.”

Tardik opens “Moments” with “Sip and Salsa,” a fun recollection about learning to salsa dance with his fiancée. Using his electric guitar lyrically, “Rite Of Passage” celebrates the monumental moments that serve as measuring sticks to growth and achievement. “Moments In Time” ponders the meaning behind the key moments in life with a ballad soulfully crooned by Aiden Castillo highlighted by some nylon guitar gymnastics from Tardik. Passion is represented on the sultry “Eros,” which riffs on love, sex and intimacy. Tardik’s electric guitar symbolically lets loose on the good-time “Hang Time.” Sometimes things come together in surprising ways with unexpected twists. That often seems to happen to Tardik when he’s writing songs, which is what “Serendipity” is about, a track featuring saxophonist Will Donato and Tardik noodling gleefully on an electric jazz guitar. “Stop!,” spotlighting Canadian saxman Walle Larsson, commands taking action to breathe, appreciate and enjoy the fast-fleeting moments with a funk-tastic party jam illumined by fiery nylon guitar and a vocal hook emoted by Tardik. A gentle beauty, “Reflections” slows the tempo for a pensive moment to recall good times, hopefully with peace, tranquility and a smile. Utilizing Latin nuances and bursting with joy, “A New Life” revisits the “intense, overwhelming emotion” Tardik experienced when becoming a father, which is mirrored by the invigorating song’s grand chorus. The locomotive rhythm on “Voyageur” represents Tardik’s extensive travels as a musician. The album closer takes listeners on a wide-eyed, wonder-filled nylon guitar journey of melody, technique, precision and joyous appreciation. Continue reading

Rob Tardik – Limitless

LimitlessIn a career spanning over two decades, Rob Tardik has established himself as an award winning guitarist and contemporary jazz/world instrumental music artist, having performed at venues all across North America. Limitless offers non-stop melodies, rhythms, grooves and vibes so rich and lush that choosing your favorite tracks is pointless. (Wave FM) We all have Limitless potential to open one of the many doors of opportunity that our lives present to us. We all can accomplish extraordinary things wherever our passion, dedication, perseverance and hard work take us.

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Rob Tardik – Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.)

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Rob Tardik has established himself as an award winning guitarist and a rising instrumental music artist! He has performed for 5 consecutive years, and running, at the coveted Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, held annually in Mississauga’s Living Arts Center. Rob has shared the stage with the likes of legendary producer Phil Ramone, Tower of Power founding member Greg Adams, two Grammy winner Paul Brown, guitarist Peter White, and 4-time Grammy award winning saxophonist David Sanborn. Rob has also opened for legendary guitarist/singer Jose Feliciano.

An industry veteran, and highly respected guitarist, Rob’s work can be heard on his prior successful debut CD Without Words and 2nd release The Right Time which have both been met with great enthusiasm and radio play world wide from the U.S and Canada to the U.|K and many other European countries.

With diverse musical influences such as Larry Carlton, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Carlos Jobim, Sting to Eddie Van Halen, Rob’s highly anticipated 3rd CD Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.) are an amalgamation of these inspirations which have helped shape his musical voice on the guitar and are moving him forward as an artist! Rob’s new Contemporary Jazz CD is now pre-released!

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