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Jerry Knight – Smooth Jams

Smooth JamsJerry Knight about his music: “You can explore my music by keying in Guitarist Jerry knight, I am a left-hand guitarist,play upside down with no pick.

My site will lead you to the list of all left hand guitar players as well as my music. my fans call me the human jute box. LOL
I compose arrange and play all the instruments you hear on my tracks, sometimes I play or collaborate with other musicians and singers. I have several reviews and newspaper write-ups since I started my indie music career.
My music has been played on television and used in indie films. I love playing and composing music for my listening
audience, and usually try to take my music to the next level to stay fresh and current. When you buy my music, you will be buying a music experience.”

You have the opportunity to buy his music at CDBaby.

Jeff Carver & Rahjta Ren – The Merry Christmas Sessions

The Merry Christmas Sessions is a collection of Holiday Season favorites, performed by the Minneapolis-based duo of flugelhorn/trumpet player, Jeff Carver and keyboardist Rahjta Ren. The record was recorded “live” in studio over three beautiful, Minnesota Fall afternoons. There was no rehearsal, just a loose conversation of what might be..well, fun..and “Christmasy”! A few songs were captured on the “first take”, as the energy and enthusiasm of sound could not be replicated in additional run-throughs. As with their live show performances, the duo puts spontaneity and creativity high on the list.”Sessions” is meant for quiet moments alone, wrapping presents and sending Christmas cards. Or, one might enjoy this music at Holiday get-togethers with friends and family.

One listen and you will be magically transported into the perfect Christmas mood! From the first easy swingin’ bass lines and flugelhorn of “Let It Snow” to the playful “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, this CD will be a perfect fit for any collection. Ren provides a cascade of styles as he moves easily between feels and grooves, darting effortlessly from song to song. Carver, who plays mostly flugelhorn, (and some trumpet) on the record, provides dark, rich tones and an emotional feel to each song. His bends, twists and personality almost speak the words of each song he plays. Together, Carver and Ren provide quite a collection of music…over 50 minutes and 12 songs, to be exact. Try it with the lights low, a special beverage and a special someone. You won’t be disappointed!

Jeff Carver is a former award-winning High School Band Director, who has been playing trumpet professionally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for years. Jeff was lead trumpet with the MN Vikings Show Band, “Power Players’ NorthStars Hockey Band, and has performed the National Anthem at MN Twins games several times. Jeff regularly performs, solos and records with national artists such as Ricky Peterson, Jason Peterson DeLaire, Shaun Johnson (Tonic Sol Fa), Jimi Beringer, Willie West and Jeff Dayton, to name a few. Jeff is currently a member of the club band, High & Mighty, and plays jazz with various musicians in clubs throughout the Midwest. He is a Jupiter Trumpet Artist and is in-demand for school clinics, guest appearances, recording projects and private teaching.

Rahjta Ren is an extremely accomplished keyboardist. Rahjta, originally from the East Coast, was awarded a Gold Record for his work on saxophonist/flutist Najee’s Capitol/EMI/Manhattan recording, Najee’s Theme. Among his many other accomplishments, Rahjta released two RCA/Novus recordings, Signs of Life and Balance to extremely favorable reviews. Rahjta later was the house pianist at Caneel Bay Luxury Resort in St. John, USVI, and kept busy with other freelance projects. Besides his keyboard skills, Rahjta is a teacher of meditation and yoga, as well as music. Jeff & Rahjta have performed together for about 1½ years, playing their versions of jazz, smooth jazz, contemporary jazz and swing. They currently have a house gig every Wednesday night at School II Bistro & Wine Bar in Chanhassen. They can be seen at other clubs, as well, and play several private parties during the year.

The Merry Christmas Sessions is their first record together and you can get it at CDBaby.

Smooth Operation – Ah Yeah

Ah YeahSmooth Operation is a band comprised of Steve Banks on drums, Brett Cimbalik on guitar, Patrick Nakamura on keys, Raphael Banks on bass, Bernard Jackson on vocals, and Herb McGowan on guitar. The group has shown their skills on events in Flint and Detroit over the past 5 years.

During this time the realization grew to become popular beyond the local area. What is more obvious than this, to use the medium of CD to reach this ambitious goal.

After the first notes of the introducing track Z is the impression that this band are followers of the Funk style, we all know from the S.O.S. Band or the Brothers Johnson.

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Bobby Sanabria Big Band – Multiverse

MultiverseIt’s not my style to make broad generalizations. But there is one I believe. If you listen to Latin jazz and don’t come away with something to smile about, something’s wrong with you. This thought came to mind while playing the joyful jam, “Cachita,” from the Bobby Sanabria Big Band’s Multiverse (Jazzheads, 2012).

The song has a bit of everything you expect. A lively rhythm. Rich percussion. A dynamic horn section. Playful vocals. And brilliant saxophone solos by John Beaty on alto and Jeff Lederer on tenor. And after a stunning, get on your feet and dance passage, the track calms down with an engaging electric bass solo by Leo Traversa, accompanied only by percussionists and an eventual vocal chant. The horns come back in for the riveting finale.

Sanabria is musical director and plays drum set with timbalitos, xylophone, maracas, organ and a variety of other instruments. He grew up in the South Bronx of New York, where he experienced a variety of musical styles, a confluence of sounds that led to the naming of this project. “Multiverse” jazz is rooted in music that migrated from Africa, Cuba, New Orleans, St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago and founts its way to New York.

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Carl Ratcliffe – The Experience

Welcome to cRatcliffe music. Just like fine wine or a new food, it’s usually given in small portions to allow the individual to fully taste and digest all the new flavors and seasonings. And the same is with The Experience, giving you 6 songs to listen to intently to get to know Carl’s music. Guarantee you will be craving for more with the full Album release (Spring 2013).

Get the Experience at CDBaby.

Philippe Saisse – Dorian’s First Christmas

No other Christmas celebration will ever have as big an impact on our family as Christmas 2004. Its particular significance was due to the fact that it was the first that our son Dorian really became aware of Santa Claus, making the list, checking it twice, mailing it.

The look on his face come Christmas morning was out of this world: his expression of total disbelief at the sight of all the gifts he had on his list was truly something that no other Holiday Season will ever inspire. We will never see that look of utter bewilderment. That moment was so moving that I strolled down to my studio (which in those days was in the basement of our house) and started playing the piano, tunes inspired by the feeling of Christmas as seen through our son’s eyes.

That year Dorian’s present to us was made as a school project: a picture cd complete with cover art with a picture cd that each child had done in class. After opening the package I gasped when I saw Dorian’s most perfect album cover. That was the miracle that jumpstarted the whole process: the album you hold in your hands includes the original artwork of Dorian’s school project from 2004 in its new design by Yayoi Otani.

Unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle of reality settling in right after the Holidays. Every attempt to eventualize the project and making it into a real album to be released was met with one obstacle after another. Timing was never right (“you do not want your Xmas record to compete with your Trio record!”) or else, the contents were never right (“Who EVER made a Christmas record with ORIGINAL tunes!”).

Forward to 8 years later and a move to California, we are now celebrating Christmas Eve 2012. I was determined not to let another year go by with it not being heard. There you have it: 11 original Carols, 4 new arrangements of old favorites, all inspired by the beautiful face of my son staring at the presents filled tree on that morning of December 25, 2004. Hopefully, this record will be a reminder of times spent with loved ones, celebrating a child’s innocence, joy and wonderment.

We celebrate Dorian’s First Christmas at CDBaby.

Nicholas Cole – Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

It’s almost a miracle that Nicholas Cole has produced at the tender age of 17 those songs, that are part of his second album Endless Possibilities (2012). Les Cutmore, founder of the highly regarded Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm label, was so excited about these songs, that he released the album first on his newly founded label Cutmore Records.

It is also noteworthy, that Cole was trained primarily by his work in the worship service. What is even to be expected of him, when he has once completed his planned studies at Berklee? A Journey of One (2010) let sit up, now brings this album certainty.

With graceful elegance Nicholas Cole leads us into his music starting the request Please Don’t Say No. Together with guitarist Tim Bowman he is courting the favor of the public. Rarely guitar and piano blend into such a unit as on this piece.

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