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Gabriel Bello – Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday is a new classic Christmas album you’ll play every winter, a combination of Smooth Jazz, R&B & Soul from #1 Billboard Artist Gabriel Bello, featuring his hit saxophone playing & soulful vocals. This album has everything including the kitchen the sink:” Saxophone, Singing, Flute, Guitar, Vocoder, Talkbox & plenty other surprises! From the hit feature song, “Happy Holiday” to the groovy “Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out”, the Rap Testimony of “Carol of The Bello” and the musical montage of “12 Days of Christmas in Church” you’ll keep jamming to this album all year long!

This is our final Christmas album suggestion this year, now on sale at CDBaby.

Antonio Jackson – Simplicity

Are you ready for your “Date Night”? What about sitting at home with a nice glass of your favorite while the fireplace simmers and the rain trickles down your window pane. No matter if you are alone or with someone, This is the album you want to have playing in your background. Saxophonist Antonio Jackson is not only a remarkable instrumentalist, but also a remarkable producer, composer and arranger. His music plays more like a Soundtrack to a movie rather than just a collection of songs. One in which YOU, the listener becomes the star. Create what ever screenplay you want, because it’s your movie and this album SIMPLICITY (SIM-PLIC-I-TY) is the soundtrack.

The album starts off with “Is Where I Am”, a driving serenade to kick off the pace. Then the album moves to R&B with Tyrone Winn’s vocals displaying a throwback to that “Minneapolis Sound” from the late 80’s and early 90’s on the songs “I Belong to U” and “Dear Momma”. Two songs which are bound to become anthems in many peoples lives. The album then moves and grooves into various soundscapes and moods, taking the listener to places very few instrumentalists are able to do. This is Antonio Jackson’s latest album in five years and marks his Ninth Studio Album Release. This is by far Antonio Jackson’s best album to date! Don’t just take our word for it… just have a listen.

Get the album on CDBaby.

Elan Trotman – Christmas In Rio

Hailing from Barbados now living in Boston saxophonist Elan Trotman is an integral part of the smooth jazz scene today. His work consisting of Memories – The Debut (2001), influenced by Caribbean music, Let’s Have A Good Old Time (2005), a gospel jazz album, A Reggae Christmas (2007), popular Christmas carols in a jammin’ reggae style, This Time Around (2009) and Love and Sax (2011 ) is multifaceted. Further albums are Tropicality (2013), LiveandUncut (2015), Double Take (2016) and Dear Marvin (2019).

His newest album is Christmas In Rio (2019), which you can download here.

Brian Simpson & Steve Oliver – Unified

Two celebrities of the music business are joining forces for a common project. Keyboardist Brian Simpson and guitarist Steve Oliver bundle their talents for Unified, scheduled for release January 17, 2020 on Shanachie Entertainment.

On the new album Brian performs piano and keyboards, Steve Oliver guitars, vocals and sound design. They are supported by Alex Al (bass), Eric Valentine (drums) and Ramon Yslas (percussion). Guest musicians are bassist Larry Antonino and trumpet player Rick Braun on Fired Up, guitarist Darrel Crooks on Celestial Body and Café du Monde.

The album opens with the title song. Our main matadors have brought their sound to absolute perfection. Everything interlocks and flows smoothly. The Road Never Ends presents fresh vibes of both musicians on a high professional base. Finally, the song leads into an excellent call and response exchange between guitar and piano.

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Jonathan C. Sargent – Morning Devotion

Jonathan C. Sargent is a songwriter, producer, and keyboardist from Dallas Texas that comes from a family of talented singers and musicians. He’s written, produced, and self-published over 100 songs and music compositions in his catalog. Jonathan blends his songwriting and music production experience to create a body of work to be used for new recording artists as well as commercial use in TV and film. His musical style is contemporary gospel and smooth/gospel jazz. His life’s scripture is Jeremiah 1:5 and he believes that his life’s potential is only defined by God’s truth.

Morning Devotion
is his new smooth jazz instrumental album available on CDBaby.

Asaxjo – A New Day

As a native of Georgia, Asaxjo (Anthony “Sax” Johnson) grew up in Lincolnton, a small town nestled on the Savannah River, north of Augusta and 60 miles from the University of Georgia. Anthony attended the Lincoln County School system. He began playing Alto saxophone in the 5th grade, later switching to the Tenor saxophone in high school. Dr. John Bradley, Anthony’s high school band director, had a large impact in his life, using music to guide and mentor him into manhood.

During his teen years, Anthony was only into the popular music of the day, R&B and the early stages of hip hop. Dr. Bradley introduced him to other styles of music, including jazz and classical music. Only wanting to play the popular music, neither spiked an interest in Anthony. However, after playing in the Jazz Band, Dr. Bradley introduced him to Grover Washington Jr., “Mister Magic” himself. Anthony was intrigued by this new sound of jazz called “Fusion,” known as “Smooth Jazz” today. Already familiar with gospel, blues and R&B, this new sound sparked his interest in such a way that made him want more. Being introduced to other saxophonists of the eighty’s including David Sanborn, Gerald Albright and Najee, Anthony knew he had found his niche.

A New Day is his new album now on sale at CDBaby.

Doug Jones – Home for Christmas

Saxophonist Doug Jones releases his first smooth jazz Christmas CD. The first single, “Feliz Navidad”, which features Alto Saxophone and Acoustic Guitar in a Latin setting, has been on Billboards most added list for several weeks. The CD contains eight Christmas Classics performed with fresh arrangements in a Smooth / Contemporary Jazz Instrumental setting. The one vocal song,” The Christmas Song”, features vocalist Joel Kibble from the group Take 6.

You can buy this Holiday Jazz album on

Brian Culbertson – Winter Stories

Pianist and composer Brian Culbertson has put himself in a tight spot with the announcement that his new album Winter Stories is the first in a series of four albums related to the four seasons of the year. This announcement comes as a bit of a surprise as he has just pledged his album XX for the next year.

According to the liner notes is Winter Stories not a Christmas album, however is the album blessed by the holiday spirit. Brian performs on the new album piano, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 Organ, percussion and Celeste. He is accompanied by Steve Rodby (acoustic bass), Khan Parker (drums) and Lenny Castro (percussion on two songs). All songs are written, arranged and produced by Brian.

Brian introduces the listener to his album on Sitting By The Fire with cautious long reverberating keystrokes. The title already conveys the coziness of the music. Endless plains, snow-capped mountains and torrential rivers are the main features of the state of Montana, to which Brian Culbertson dedicates his song Montana Skies.

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Pete Belasco – Strong and Able

Jazz/Pop artist Pete Belasco began playing piano at a young age, later turning his concentration to saxophone. Both of his parents played piano as well. In high school, Belasco played in rock bands, but he soon became primarily interested in jazz and studied sax at Rutgers University and the Hartt Conservatory. He was also preparing a demo at the time, but was involved in a severe boating accident that broke both of his hands. For several months, he was unable to play, but in the interim he turned to composing and singing. In retrospect, Belasco has referred to the accident as a watershed experience because it forced him to develop his songwriting and singing skills.

Belasco’s demo made its way to Verve Records, and A&R Executive, Guy Eckstine, who signed him. Upon healing, Belasco moved to New York to record his debut, Get It Together, which was released on Verve Forecast in the fall of 1997. The album was a concoction of influences such as, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, and Curtis Mayfield, along with jazzy pop and lounge music cool. As Pete Belasco created the songs that would become his second album, Deeper, he kept returning to a common theme-intimacy. The grooves were sensual, relaxed, erotic. The lyrics were passionate, tender, generous. In a time of confusion and strife, Belasco wanted to sing about love, about faith, and about supporting one another.

Elsewhere, Belasco plays fastidiously schooled sax instrumentals like a pop-soul fan imagining Sonny Rollins. In both cases, Belasco’s songwriting places a high premium on melody not applied to hit-mongering, diva-making, or campfire singing. Many enterprising neo-soul renovators push slick new collections for contemporary interiors. Only, Belasco steals in, fires the contractors, and whispers to the homeowners: “You need this.” His new album Strong and Able is more smoothness on your ears.

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Saskia Laroo – Trumpets Around The World

Now’s the time that Amsterdam’s own Saskia Laroo unleashes her latest album highlighting her jubilee (40 years on stage, 25 years of Laroo Records and Saskia Laroo Band)–and it’s right on time! Saskia plays all her instruments on this album: trumpet, bass, sax and singing, with funky dance, hip hop, world grooves, and jazzy flavors melded together–all Saskia Laroo compositions and collaborations with vocalists and instrumentalists like keyboardist/vocalist Warren Byrd, trombonist Joseph ‘Mr Defunkt’ Bowie, rappers from Netherlands, US & Burundi and more! Be ready to groove from hip hop to bossa to reggae, from blues to funk with a smooth salsa– with her and all that jazzy trumpet.

Buy your album on Saskia’s website.