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Brian Simpson – Something About You

There are many qualities that make Brian Simpson’s music distinctive but one of the most powerful elements is his ability to compose unbelievably beautiful and striking melodies. This gift has landed him on top of the charts numerous times. “I have figured out that there is no simple way to write a good song,”  he explains “You have to take time crafting every element. I will often write one melody for a song then try to come up with something completely different, then let a day go by before listening again in order to get an objective opinion on which one to use. I often make changes at the last minute, so it’s a process of refinement that isn’t over until it’s over!”

Something About You opens with the jubilant and funky title track which shines a spotlight on Simpson’s effervescent and soaring piano lines juxtaposed to the bouncy and bottom heavy bass lines of Alex Al and rhythmic fancy of  Ramon Yslas. The sweet and dreamy “Morning Samba,” the album’s first single and the mystical “Blue Horizon,” both possess an intoxicating EDM vibe. “I wanted this project to sound modern, which I hoped to accomplish through electronic music elements,” says Simpson. “This should catch your ear upon first listen. What I hoped would be unique is combining those elements with the organically funky bass and guitar that has become a distinction of my music.”

The pervasive feeling on Something About You is one of joy and upliftment. Simpson and company fuel the good times with the percussive “Mojave,” featuring the intense and beautiful interplay between Simpson’s piano and Yarone Levy’s guitar. The seductive and R&B laced “Chemistry,” featuring trumpeter Ron King, is a high point on the CD. “I’m following in the footsteps of those that laid the foundation of contemporary jazz music,” says Simpson. “Fusing jazz and R&B is just what contemporary jazz is all about.” The pop infused songs “At First Sight” and “Irresistible” show the melodic brilliance of Simpson who is unparalled in his ability to compose breathtakingly beautiful melodies that almost sing their way into your subconscious mind and soul. Something About You also features “Gotta Get To You,” a sensuous ballad with a relentless rock-steady groove and the emotive “Speechless,” which will tug on your heartstrings with its wistful melodic lines and Simpson’s longing and tender piano touch. It is fitting that the CD closes with the gorgeous composition “The Rainbow.” And just like the qualities of a rainbow, Simpson creates an an illusion all of his own – an auditory illusion spurred by his majestic touch and ability to conjure deep emotion. He shares, “My hope is always the same, that somehow the melodies, harmonies, and grooves make a connection with people.”
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Ismael Diallo – Gaia Vol.1

A native of France, Ismael Diallo, has established himself as a respectable Pop- and House-Music saxophonist on the European business-event and music circuit. To his credit are work with many soul/funk party-bands, big tours with one of Germany’s most successful singer Howard Carpendale, contrasting this by accompanying House-Music DJs in clubs with the live combo “Phonk”. His warm, energy loaded style and versatility have turned him into a much sought after soloist for groove-oriented music.

Ismael Diallo completes his live-trio with an acoustic/electric guitarist and a percussion player who bring this human and live atmosphere to the electronic sounds of the computer. Take grooving electronic music accompanied by saxophone, acoustic guitar and percussions and you have the sounds of „Circles and Spirals“. Perfect lounge music that is sure to make the sunsets more intensive,

Cocktail music with a special modern character for high class and trend oriented locations. Gaia Vol.1 – Sunlight is the first part of the trilogy, with soft down-tempo music and a pinch of world beat. 12 relaxed tracks to accompany you on sunny days. Get the album at Amazon.

Brian Bromberg – Thicker Than Water

With the top bassist Brian Bromberg you never know exactly in which direction his next work will tend. Whether smooth jazz, rock fusion, Bossa nova or contemporary jazz, one thing is certain in any case: Brian Bromberg stands for outstanding quality. His new album Thicker Than Water (2018) makes it easy to love.

The album features Najee, Everette Harp, Gary Meek, Brandon Fields (tenor sax), George Duke (electric piano), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Paul Jackson Jr. (rhythm guitar), Brian Simpson (keyboards), Marion Meadows (soprano sax), and many more illustrious artists.

The album starts with the provocative title Is That the Best You Can Do? When Brian stretches over the bass strings of his Kiesel B2 4 and B2 5 bass guitars the impression of a virtuoso bass solo album is condensed, but then evaporates due to the strong use of wind instruments performed by Lee Thornburg (trumpet), Doug Webb (saxes) and Nick Lane (trombone). You can be assured Brian engaged the best musicians for the best recordings, no matter the cost answering the initial question with an astounding Yes.

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Junio Karo Karo – That’s the Way of the World

Junio Karo Karo, a native of Indonesia, comes from a heritage deeply rooted in God and music. As a child, he always knew that he had a place in music, but didn’t know exactly where. That all changed when he entered the 3rd grade. Determined to play the guitar, he signed up for classical guitar school. However as he influenced heavily by David Sanborn and George Washington Jr, he had to play a saxophone. After being tired of always getting last chair in band class, he persuaded his dad to purchase a saxophone and actually practice it. This resulted in him getting a first chair and he has been soaring since. At the age of 21, Junio graduated with Jazz Improvisation and Performance at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Soothing and soulful are the words used to describe Junio’s music. Currently, Junio is staying busy by working with HARC agency, Westfield Scentre Group, James Morrison Big Band and working on his second music project. Music has taken him all across the country and even into Indonesia to perform. He has performed and shared the stage with artists such as Indra Lesmana, J. Moss, Emma Pask, Althea Rene, Karen Clark, Ty Tribbett, Ben Tankard, and many others. Junio is also a music educator in the Saxophone Academy School, Chippendale and also travels as a freelance and music clinician. Junio performs a large range of music from smooth jazz, straight ahead jazz, soul, and gospel. His goal is to provide great music that uplifts and inspires the listener. Junio currently resides in Sydney, AR with his wife Cindy. They have two children, Aretha and Reuben.

That’s the Way of the World is his newest project. This album is to celebrate The Love with a soulful saxophone and instrumental. Every songs chosen carefully and has very powerful, moving and charismatic. You will enjoy these musics if you like Motown 80’s. Get the album on CDBaby.

Carol Albert – Fly Away Butterfly

After paving the way with a handful of popular radio singles over the past year, Billboard Artist, Carol Albert brings out a full array of rich jazz and global fusion artistry on her unique concept album Fly Away Butterfly. The versatile Atlanta-based composer, keyboardist and vocalist takes the listener on deeply soulful, exotic journey that artfully blends spirited, jazzy piano melodies, dreamy vocals, punchy percussion textures and hypnotic ambiances featuring the soaring, inspirational twist on Al Jarreau’s classic song “One Way,” a contemporary homage to one of her jazz heroes offering up the powerhouse saxophone of Sam Skelton. Fly Away Butterfly will take your musical imagination to many beautiful destinations!.

Carol’s style on her work has been described as Smooth Jazz, World and New Age rolled into one package. Her album Fly Away Butterfly lived up to that description with smooth vocals and piano, lush arrangements, synthesizers and world class players.

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The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra – Get It How You Live

How diverse the term jazz is interpreted, is only revealed in the confrontation with the music of new artists. The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra gives us with Get It How You Live (2018) a new approach to that elitist style of music that is revitalized by renewal.

The trumpeter Russell Gunn is the spiritus rector of this formation, which has its own identity through the term Orkestra. The Atlanta Georgia based Big Band is not just a onetime project for recording but shows constancy with regular live events. Russell Gunn is producer, conductor, arranger, composer of this debut album.

A great formation deserves a pompous introduction by Dashill Smith on Get It How You Live (Intro)Sybil’s Blues is an integral part of Russell’s repertoire. The piece was originally recorded on his album Ethnomusicology Volume 1 (1999). With the four albums of this series, he showed his highly personal mixture of jazz and hip hop.

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The Allen Carman Project – Carmanology

Allen Carman has been playing bass and keyboards since the age of twelve. He traveled the country for several years as a working musician sharing the stage with several nationally recognized musicians such as Vince Gill, David Muse (Firefall, Marshall Tucker), Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola), Joe Lala (Steven Stills, BeeGees), Bobby Caldwell (Johnny Winter), Jock Bartley (Firefall), Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers) and Chris Piniick (Chicago) during his musical career. In his early thirties, he put music on hold and obtained a law degree. He created and maintained a successful law practice beginning in 1996.

Last year. Allen decided to go back to his musical roots and play music full time again. He has recently played and recorded with Dave Muse from Firefall on his new smooth jazz project. While in town Allen plays with some of the local jazz bands in the Tampa Bay area. He has played all genres of music including country, jazz, and pop. The Allen Carman Project features Phillippe Saisse on keyboards, Gumbi Ortiz on percussion, Andy Snitzer on sax and Luis Alicea on drums. Most of the songs on the latest CD were recorded in part at Avatar Recording Studios in NYC and mixed by the one and only Roy Henrickson.

The album will be released soon. Get a first view on iTunes.