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Elan Trotman – Incomparable

Boston resident saxophonist Elan Trotman brings the sunshine into smooth jazz with his albums Memories – The Debut (2001), Let’s Have A Good Old Time (2005), A Reggae Christmas (2007), This Time Around (2009), Love and Sax (2011) and Tropicality (2013). His newest album Incomparable is released June 22, 2018 on Island Muzik Productions, Elan’s own company.

I Am Africa is Elan’s confession to his origin. Originally hailing from the Caribbean island Barbados Elan’s heart still beats for his mother continent. The African reflection is more in the beat than in the saxophone interpretation. This irresistible Hip Hop beat Elan excellently upgrades to Incomparable.

Carnival Fever is the first single of the new album heavily rotating on smooth jazz radio stations and already promoted by Elan’s video on YouTube. Canon In C has the Caribbean flavor that runs like a thread through the entire album. Elan treats the sax with great verve and humor. The term Canon is not to understand in a classic way, this is simply fascinating.

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