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dee Brown – Remembering You

Time flies by and guitarist dee Brown is still on the top of game honing his skills to absolute perfection. All started with the debut album No Time To Waste in 2006. Soon followed A Little Elbowroom (2009), Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love (2014) and this year Remembering You.

Dee is accompanied on this project by Valdez Brantley, Nate Harasim (piano, keyboards, programming), Kern Brantley, Takashi Lio (bass), Dezie McCullers Jr. (alto, tenor saxophones), Ron Otis (drums), Shaunia Edwards, Shannon Rice, Ester Todd, Winzell Kelly (vocals), Althea René (flute), and Bob Baldwin (piano, keyboards, programming, bass).

Dee Brown introduces into his new project with romance. I Want You Too is designed for the ladies. The influence of George Benson shines through in phrases and notes. Hey Baby joins seamlessly. Dee’s fluent style is perfectly supported by strings and sax.

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