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Carol Albert – Fly Away Butterfly

After paving the way with a handful of popular radio singles over the past year, Billboard Artist, Carol Albert brings out a full array of rich jazz and global fusion artistry on her unique concept album Fly Away Butterfly. The versatile Atlanta-based composer, keyboardist and vocalist takes the listener on deeply soulful, exotic journey that artfully blends spirited, jazzy piano melodies, dreamy vocals, punchy percussion textures and hypnotic ambiances featuring the soaring, inspirational twist on Al Jarreau’s classic song “One Way,” a contemporary homage to one of her jazz heroes offering up the powerhouse saxophone of Sam Skelton. Fly Away Butterfly will take your musical imagination to many beautiful destinations!.

Carol’s style on her work has been described as Smooth Jazz, World and New Age rolled into one package. Her album Fly Away Butterfly lived up to that description with smooth vocals and piano, lush arrangements, synthesizers and world class players.

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