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Sam Rucker – Redemption

Virginia-based former Hip-Hop producer and saxophonist Sam Rucker started his solo career with Heat from the Heavens in 2011, followed by Tell You Something (2014) and now Redemption, which will be released August, 2018.

Sam has written, produced and arranged all songs and performs alto, soprano and tenor sax. He is joined on selected tracks by Lucy Kilpatrick (piano and strings), Carlton Savage, John Callisto (guitar), Steven Kroon (percussions), Donnell Smith (bass), Wanda Jay, Sheila J. Madanat, Joselyn Best. J. Regina Blackwell (vocals). J.P. Lilliston (drums), and Justin Taylor (acoustic guitar).

Down On The Inside introduces into the album with a programmatic launch connecting smooth jazz with a wonderful R&B flavor. The conscious renunciation of professional programmers, the reflection on his own style and the restriction to a small circle of musicians from his personal environment are the three pillars on which Sam’s album is based.

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