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Christoph Spendel – Jazzmatics 4

Jazz professor, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer Christoph Spendel has a great impact on the German jazz scene. With a plethora of released albums he showcases his multifaceted artistry in jazz, Latin jazz, smooth jazz, classic, lounge, chill out and many more genres.

In the chill out section he already released among other albums the series Jazzmatic Vol. 1 (2012), Jazzmatics – Upbeat (2012), Jazzmatics – Chill Out Vol. 1, Jazzmatics – Chill Out Vol. 2 (2012), Jazzmatics – Deep Down Ibiza (2012), Jazzmatics – City At Dark (2012) and this year Jazzmatics New York Sessions Vol.2, Jazzmatics Vol. 3 and Jazzmatics Vol. 4. All songs are composed and performed by Christoph Spendel and available as downloads only.

This volcanic outburst of creative energy demands more intensive consideration. The title of the starting tune Jamiro Jam is derived from the famous British funk and acid jazz band Jamiroquai. The powerful tune grasps playfully various elements of keyboard sounds like Rhodes, Hohner clavinet, synth strings and more in combination with drums and percussion driving the melody to the final summit.

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Papik – Papik Smooth Experience

PapikSmoothExperiencePapik is the project born from an idea by Rome based producer Nerio Poggi, composer and arranger with nu-jazz, soul, pop backgrounds, who’s worked with Mario Biondi on his Handful of soul and I love you more albums. The Papik project is linked to the typical Nu-Jazz sound and has among its collaborators has the voices of Ely Bruna and Alan Scaffardi. Among the musicians involved we’d like to mention Fabrizio Foggia on piano, Pierpaolo Ranieri on bass, Fabio Tullio on sax and Massimo Guerra on trumpet. The first Papik album, about to be released on Irma La Douce, was titled Rhythm of life.

Smooth Jazz keyboardist, producer, arranger Papik has now released the new album Papik Smooth Experience featuring Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Johann Asmundsson from Mezzoforte and others as a compilation of nice grooves. This album is available at

Stephanie Sante – Luminescence

LuminescenceSan Francisco Bay Area native, Stephanie Sante is an electronic composer, producer, and multi instrumentalist. Equally adept on guitar and keyboards her music embodies skillfully blended layers of melodic harmonies that embrace a mix of thematic, uplifting and energetic tracks that contain a glimpse of mystery and romance. Stephanie Sante’s music is often described as cinematic since it paints such a clear landscape of emotional vision and clarity. Her musical projects are often times epic in scope, each track delicately linked in perfect symmetry.

As a multi instrumentalist Ms. Sante is quick to embrace emerging technologies pushing the boundaries of production and musical expression. Adapting to advances in computer technology, with her musical, fine arts and engineering backgrounds she integrates new forms of sound generation with the latest advancements in tactile expression. With years of experience blending acoustic and electronic artistry Stephanie is poised to take her music to the next plateau.

Luminescence, the 9th release from Stephanie Sante was released on May 1st 2016. Luminescence completes the journey that began with Stephanie’s break through release “Prismatic”. Luminescence features the finest elements of NuJazz with stylistic influences covering Smooth Jazz, RnB, Chill and a touch of Funk and Bossa. Once again inspired by the magnificent beauty, energy and romance of the Pacific Northwest, Luminescence covers this lush landscape from the energetic Hawthorne District to the breathtaking Pacific Coastline.

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Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion – Groove Jazz N Chill #3

Releasing so many records I wonder from where Konstantin Klashtorni get all these inspirations for new songs. What is his working receipt? Konstantin comments꞉ “I listen a lot of different music, I like country music, many pop songs (not all) are of great inspiration. Latin music I like a lot, there is a special drive in it, which helps my grooves to sound a bit distinctive. And of course there is a bunch of Smooth Jazz music where i get my inspiration from. I just need a small idea, usually harmonic, some chords progression or sounds.

Further laying down grooves and the rest is more mechanical process, everything after flows by itself. Specially melody, I’ve been through all these years wherever I lived, famous for playing short 8, 16 bars sax solos being able to tell a story, so, for me to create a nice melody is much easier and naturally than for overwhelming amount of mates. I’ve been accumulating for many years ideas and experience, and now is the moment to “write all this in stone” and I like it much more than just playing saxophone.″

Klashtorni opens the album with Have Your Way, a reverie with crystal clear sounds and acoustic guitar in the lead. When the sun rays of the new day are warming up nature, then we are greeting with Good Morning. Konstantin catches the loveliness of the moment with sweet tones.

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Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion – Groove Jazz N Chill #2

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is known to have released two series. Kool&Klean and Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion. I asked him to describe the difference between both series from his personal sight as artist.

Konstantin explains꞉ “Kool&Klean is more groovy, trendy and experimental. I try to open another sound dimension still staying within SJ genre. Chillaxing Jazz Collection is more chill out orientated, with ballad and romantic feel to it. And style wise it’s on edge with New Age, at least I approach it this way. Although it’s about an idea I had before creating both series, some songs can be slightly in the different vein (nobody is perfect).″

Keeping that in mind Happiness outshines the audience mood in the true sense of word with the utmost relaxation and peaceful contemplation. Touch is a physical mode of interaction between two human beings. In a pure mental sphere music can touch in a spiritual moving. This is the intention of the second tune.

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Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion – Groove Jazz N Chill #1

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni has traveled the world and joined many groups in the past. Now he is recording his music as a one man band. Asked why he doesn’t perform with other musicians anymore, he has a simple answer.

“The reason I’m not touring is that the planes and hotels is not exactly my thing, I can’t get used easily to time zone change, to different food, etc. Playing live is not bringing me that joy as it was before, although I still play live and have my chops in place, – on the other side producing DOES. Since some time I stopped looking for legacy in music that many SJ artists are after, instead have chosen for comfortable life style.″

Konstantin serves the aptly melody to the breezy Summer Wind. Gentle guitar sounds are underpinned with supreme keyboard sounds. Colors allures with a soulful bounce and impressive melody. Sigh is an emotional human expression, a sigh of relief, compassion or caressing. All this speaks through Konstantin’s music.

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Kool&Klean – Volume II

Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is not that public person like other artists, so he has no list “played with, collaborated with”. He is not touring either, far from the type of person besides lack of interest. In this stage of his life he likes producing more than anything else. And that he makes in an expressively productive way.

In my today’s review I write about his album Kool&Klean Volume II, he has released in 2011 on his very own label KvK music. It is idle to constantly highlight the parallels to the music of Paul Hardcastle. But Far Away has substantially that typical groove. Although an epigone he drives the song to perfection.

Look At Me Now melts flute, keys and sax to a lava flow that even liquefies a glacier. Now Or Never is Konstantin’s motto bringing acoustic guitar in duet with soprano sax and keyboard sounds. I have to explore his musical equipment with which he spell bounds the audience. Dream excites with voluminous listening levels. In Lost one can remark essences of Art of Noise, which he wounds dexterously in his music.

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