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Brian Bromberg – A Bass Odissey and more

292873282_5159158344139399_4429802570713031394_nRespected bassist-leader Brian Bromberg has been a busy sideman and producer for many years, built up a sizable solo discography, up through his 2021 pandemic-period album A Little Driving Music. His discography expands retroactively with the forthcoming digital reissue of five albums, recorded between 2003 and 2011 for the Japanese King Records label and made widely available only this year.

As a whole, the handful of archival projects — including his ambitious solo bass album Hands, the jazz-revised classical collection A Bass Odyssey and three group sessions under the title The JB Project: Brombo — fills a gap in Bromberg’s recorded legacy and broadens the overall profile of his creative energies and talents.

Bromberg, who has also worked on the business side of recording industry in the past, is taking charge of the reissue project, with freshly remastered tracks which mostly showcase his acoustic bass playing. In part, the effort rises out of a desire to have valuable past work unearthed and made available on the market. “When you do something that you’re proud of and it sits on a shelf and doesn’t get released, it’s very frustrating,” Bromberg says. “So it’s doubly exciting that I can now get this out to the world and people can actually hear it now. Whether they like it or not is entirely up to them, but at least I feel good about the fact that at least it’s out there.”

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Brian Bromberg – A Little Driving Music

A-little-driving-musicWhen a musician chooses a title for his album, it is usually done with an intention. We know bassist Brian Bromberg well enough to recognize that he has earned numerous merits in his career. A Little Driving Music is then less descriptive than a joking kind of understatement.

This album is Brian’s second, made in isolation during the pandemic. We owe it to modern recording technology and the Internet that this album could be created with the participation of numerous musicians. Brian mentions Charlie Bisharat, Lenny Castro, Nick Colionne, Jerry Cortez, Mitch Forman, Everette Harp, Dave Koz, Marion Meadows, Darren Rahn, Elan Trotman and others.

Title of the album and the names of the musicians involved already point in which stylistic direction this album goes. Even though Brian has already released a few jazz albums, this one is in smooth jazz.

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Brian Bromberg – A Little Driving Music

A-little-driving-musicAfter nearly a year of being cooped up within the same four walls, it’s only natural that one’s thoughts might turn to the freedom of the open road. That’s certainly true of virtuoso jazz bassist and world-renowned producer Brian Bromberg, whose third pandemic-era release shrugs off the prevailing mood of COVID-era claustrophobia and political strife for A Little Driving Music, a fun, funky paean to cruising with the top down and leaving your troubles behind.

While countless musicians have spent the quarantine months in a state of limbo, the always-prolific Bromberg quickly figured out a way to continue making music while remaining socially distanced. Due out May 21, 2021 via Artistry Music/Mack Avenue Music Group, A Little Driving Music follows the bassist’s wide-ranging holiday album, Celebrate Me Home, and the remixed and remastered digital release of his stunning tribute album Bromberg Plays Hendrix.

“In one aspect it’s been a weird, heartbreaking time to be a musician who just wants to play music with human beings, for human beings,” Bromberg laments. “On the flip side, I’ve been really fortunate. It’s been a really positive, productive period because I’ve had nothing but time to sit in front of a computer or pluck my strings.” Continue reading

Brian Bromberg – Celebrate Me Home – The Holiday Sessions

With the top bassist Brian Bromberg you never know exactly in which direction his next work will tend. Whether smooth jazz, rock fusion, Bossa nova or contemporary jazz, one thing is certain in any case: Brian Bromberg stands for outstanding quality. His latest album Thicker Than Water (2018) makes it easy to love.

This new project of the extraordinary bassist Brian Bromberg will add wonderfully festive music to the Christmas holidays. Brian Bromberg has put together some of his favorite Christmas songs. With his first Christmas album, Brian Bromberg presents Christmas classics anew.

  • This Christmas feat. Everette Harp
  • Wonderful Christmastime
  • Let’s Go On A Sleigh Ride!
  • Let It Snow feat. Maysa and Chris Walker
  • The Christmas Song
  • Jingle Bells / Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel / St. Thomas feat. Elan Trotman
  • Celebrate Me Home feat. Chris Walker
  • Deck The Halls / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • The Holidays Without You
  • The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  • You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  • Feliz Navidad feat. Najee

This album will be released on Mack Avenue on September 25, 2020 and is available in all stores.

Brian Bromberg – Thicker Than Water

With the top bassist Brian Bromberg you never know exactly in which direction his next work will tend. Whether smooth jazz, rock fusion, Bossa nova or contemporary jazz, one thing is certain in any case: Brian Bromberg stands for outstanding quality. His new album Thicker Than Water (2018) makes it easy to love.

The album features Najee, Everette Harp, Gary Meek, Brandon Fields (tenor sax), George Duke (electric piano), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Paul Jackson Jr. (rhythm guitar), Brian Simpson (keyboards), Marion Meadows (soprano sax), and many more illustrious artists.

The album starts with the provocative title Is That the Best You Can Do? When Brian stretches over the bass strings of his Kiesel B2 4 and B2 5 bass guitars the impression of a virtuoso bass solo album is condensed, but then evaporates due to the strong use of wind instruments performed by Lee Thornburg (trumpet), Doug Webb (saxes) and Nick Lane (trombone). You can be assured Brian engaged the best musicians for the best recordings, no matter the cost answering the initial question with an astounding Yes.

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Brian Bromberg – Thicker Than Water

Brian Bromberg is considered to be one of the world’s most ground breaking and diverse bassists of our time, pushing the barriers of the acoustic and electric bass to their limits. Commonly using as many as 10 or more basses on his recordings, using different tunings, string configurations, acoustic basses, electric basses, piccolo basses etc… Brian has taken the bass and truly turned it into a vehicle for him to make music, write melodies, and be the lead melodic voice as well as the rhythmic foundation of the music. The bass has become an extention of the music inside him, and he has used all of these different basses to let that music sing!

His new album Thicker Than Water is coming out July 13, 2018. It’s funky and smooth jazz and it’s masterfully. You can listen to the first snippets on his website.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2016 (A Retrospective)

The wintery Augsburg was dressed in a robe of hoarfrost, when we reached our destination on Friday after a long journey. It was for the first time that we attended the Smooth Jazz Festival in Augsburg during the New Year period. We had expected adverse weather conditions and were pleasantly surprised by the snow-free weather. Traditionally the festival took place in the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg. A venue of timeless beauty build in the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany. It is the work of famous architect Jean Keller, who constructed the building in 1886.

The festival is due to the promoter Christian Bössner, who, like every year, is passionate about the smooth running, the high-profile artists and the constancy of the festival. To him my highest appreciation and many thanks for this wonderful event.

The backing band consisted, as always, of professional studio musicians, who had been operating their music business for many years. The formation was led by musical director and gifted keyboardist Lutz Deterra, who, with his musical expertise, mastery on his instrument and tireless élan, kept the event in motion.

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Brian Bromberg – Full Circle

bbfullcircleWorld-renowned acoustic and electric bassist Brian Bromberg hasn’t released an album in the U.S. since 2012, a fact that might not have been cause for concern if you know that at one point he released three albums in one year. Every man deserves a break. However, once you realize that this chameleon with over 20 projects in his catalog recently had reason to believe that he might never play music again, you understand the gravity of his latest acoustic jazz project, Full Circle – one he says may well be “the most important record of my career.”

Like all of his work, Bromberg’s latest features a stellar cast that includes trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, saxophonists Bob Sheppard, Kirk Whalum and Doug Webb, pianists Randy Waldman, Mitch Forman and Otmaro Ruiz, and percussionist Alex Acuña. The project also finds ‘the man that refuses to sit still’ mixing styles from New Orleans funk and a legit jazz cover of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop `Til You Get Enough” to Cubop – with a sizzling relentless swing throughout. But the aspects that make this project resonate deeper than anything Bromberg’s done prior boils down to a series of life changing events, career firsts and the magic of today’s technology meeting mediums of old.

A freak accident that Bromberg had at his home a couple years ago resulted in him breaking his back in two places with severe trauma. The fall nearly debilitated him requiring extensive rehabilitation to stand and walk, let alone cradle an upright bass properly or strap an electric bass on his back. Through sheer intestinal fortitude, exhaustive work, and the love and support of the woman in his life, Bromberg made an amazing recovery. When he did, a familial spirit guided him to make an album that returned him to his roots in acoustic jazz. That spirit is that of his father, Howard Bromberg, a once-busy drummer in Tucson, Arizona (where Bromberg was born) who inspired both his sons to play drums as well. Continue reading

I happened To Hear 08/2012

You already know that Brian Bromberg is not like other bassists you’ve heard right? Well as a measure of how different he is, during May-June 2012, he released 3 albums, two of them on the same day!

Let’s get into the first, ‘Compared to That’. If you loved his CD ‘Downright Upright’ (I did) then the opener to this set (the title track) will get you smiling straight off. It’s a big band stomper with Bromberg’s trademark humour and some fabulous acoustic bass soloing. And you recognise that sense of fun in ‘What if Ray brown was a Cowboy?’ – a lovely lazy jazz trio tribute to one of jazz’s greatest. Enjoy the lovely piano on this song. And enjoy Béla Fleck’s flying banjo lines on ‘Hayride’. It’s a joyous country romp and I bet I’m not the only who can picture a team of guys with sleeves rolled up triumphantly lifting the last piece of a barn into place somewhere in Pennsylvania…

In stark contrast, the funky, horn-laden ‘A Little New Old School’ could be a Tower of Power outing minus vocals. The electric bass is laying it down here and Randy Brecker dives in with a scorching trumpet solo. ‘Does Anyone Really Know What Time it Is?’ is a gorgeous swinging big band tune with a sweet lead guitar line, ah but you know Bromberg’s ‘lead guitar’ is actually him on bass don’t you? Gary Meek’s tenor sax plays off the ‘guitar’ lines really nicely and I’m drinking Crown Royal in the best jazz club in town… And if you want to get lost in a nine-minute dream, flip to track 9 for ‘The Eclipse’ and soak up the jazz vibe as Bromberg’s fretless and Brecker’s smoky flugelhorn weave a spell you won’t want to break.

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Brian Bromberg – In The Spirit of Jobim

Brian Bromberg created this year’s hat-trick. After his high-acclaimed Compared To That, a mainstream jazz album, which also respects the desire for smooth jazz elements, he surprised his fans with Bromberg Plays Hendrix, a tribute to the late guitar legend. His third strike is In The Spirit of Jobim, a homage to the Brazilian songwriter, composer and musician Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim.

Bromberg has carefully selected his co-players Airto (percussion, vocals), Alex Acuna (drums, percussion), Otmar Ruiz (piano), Corey Allen (piano melodies and fills), Ramon Stagnaro (guitar), Gary Meek (flute, sax), Mitch Forman (piano), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar), Joel Taylor (drums), Mike Shapiro (drums, percussion) and the string section of The Rising Sun Orchestra.

Bromberg introduces into One Note Samba on acoustic bass giving the marching direction of the percussion group. A purely acoustic treat.

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