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Lindsey Webster – A Woman Like Me

Hardly any other singer has established herself so quickly in the smooth jazz scene as the vocalist Lindsey Webster. After her self-titled debut album (2013), followed You Change (2015), Back To Your Heart (2016) and Love Inside (2018). The latest one was released on Shanachie Entertainment. Just scheduled for release on the same label is A Woman Like Me (2020).

Singer Lindsey is accompanied by her former husband Keith Slattery (keyboards), with whom she still has an intense friendship and artistic common ground. Joining the duo is drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Nathan East and percussionist Luis Conte. Further musicians are guitarists Mike Demicco, Chris Harris, Tommy DePaolo, bassist Fred Doumbe, drummer Isaac Civitello and saxophonist Ken Gioffre.

The album starts with Feels Like Forever, the first single of the album. The song focuses to a nascent love relationship in which one partner chases the dream of prolonging this moment of happiness as if it would last forever. From the timbre, Lindsey approaches Sade again, while the instrumental background is at its best. Keith on keyboards and Mike Demicco loosen up the song with concise solos.

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Lindsey Webster – A Woman Like Me

“I am an artist…period,” declares Lindsey Webster. “I have influences from many musical genres and have been influenced by them from a young age. I believe in the power of music to empower and reach people on multiple levels.” The stunning, charismatic and amiable Lindsey Webster’s roots span the worlds of R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz and beyond. Her flawless range has been compared to Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Minnie Ripperton, while her breezy and poetic songwriting is reminiscent of Sade. Soultracks says, “If Carole King and Sade had a kid, she would be Lindsey Webster” while Popmatters touts Webster’s work as “Classy, consistent, and exceptional.” Webster’s refreshing approach has garnered two Billboard #1’s and seven Top 10’s on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart, making her the first vocalist in the format to garner a #1 since the iconic Sade. Her anticipated new recording, A Woman Like Me, is a dazzling 11-track excursion that further solidifies her allure as both a songwriter and singer. Her goal all along has been simple. “I want to continue to bring realness to the music world. I don’t want to sing about things I don’t feel,” declares the Woodstock native.

Webster’s own experiences and those close to her inspire much of the material on A Woman Like Me. Each composition is like a portrait carefully painted to reveal a myriad of emotions that are easily relatable. It also shines a light on the chemistry and musical fortitude she has built through the years with best friend, pianist and producer Keith Slattery. Although recently divorced, the two continue to flourish. “I could not have done this album with anyone else,” confides Lindsey, who was crowned Billboard’s contemporary ‘Jazz Artist Of The Year’ for two consecutive years. “Keith is an amazing example of understanding and compassion. First and foremost, Keith and I were friends before anything. Then we became musical partners. Then we became romantically involved. We spent all those years creating something amazing together. I can say that with Keith’s guidance and wisdom, I have become a better person.”

A Woman Like Me has all the makings of a career-defining album for Lindsey Webster. It is certainly a declaration of her evolution as both an artist and woman. “I’ve been through a lot of changes in my personal life. I joke and say that I had to finally become an adult when I turned 30,” she shares. A Woman Like Me explores numerous themes including rebirth and renewal explored in the song “Rain,” the experience of a love gone awry featured in the composition “Running Around” and the experience of journeying through uncharted territory as heard in the tune “The Unknown.” For Webster it is all about connecting with people’s emotions, “If a song doesn’t make me smile, think, or cry, I don’t really care to hear it,” states the singer. “I am not interested in hearing about the other night in the club. I want to continue to keep people in touch with the music, emotionally.” Continue reading

Lindsey Webster – Love Inside

The smooth jazz scene experiences a Webster-mania. She appeared like out of nowhere and is now on top of the game. After her self-titled debut album (2013), followed You Change (2015) and Back To Your Heart(2016). Her new album Love Inside is just released on Shanachie Entertainment.

Singer Lindsey Webster is accompanied by husband Keith Slattery (keyboards), Mike DeMicco (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Fred Doumbe (bass), Foluso Mimy ( percussion), Marcus Finnie, Bud Harner, Lance Comer, Dan Hickey (drums), Ken Gioffre (soprano saxophone), Rick Braun (trumpet) and Norman Brown (guitar).

The album starts with the title song, a ballad of remarkable length. What is meant here is the playing time but not the entertainment value. The guitar riff performed by Mike DeMicco reminds me of the music by Jaffa (Elevator). However, the song’s inner value lies in its lyrical qualities. Lindsey pleases her fans on Facebook with the lyrics that are not found in the liner notes on the CD.

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Lindsey Webster – Love Inside

Lindsey Webster is the first vocalist to score 4 #1 Smooth Jazz radio hits in a row and was recently named the #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs Artist for 2017. She’s been on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart for an amazing 60 weeks. Her swift rise has been nothing short of spectacular! Love Inside promises to be Lindsey Webster’s breakout album. The album’s first single, “Love Inside,” is quickly following the suit and making it’s way up the chart!. Other highlights such as the sensuous “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (featuring Rick Braun) and the soulful “Free To Be Me” (featuring Norman Brown) help make Love Inside a must have release for Lindsey’s growing legion of dedicated fans!

Love Inside (A Shanachie Entertainment release) can be pre-ordered on

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2016 (A Retrospective)

The wintery Augsburg was dressed in a robe of hoarfrost, when we reached our destination on Friday after a long journey. It was for the first time that we attended the Smooth Jazz Festival in Augsburg during the New Year period. We had expected adverse weather conditions and were pleasantly surprised by the snow-free weather. Traditionally the festival took place in the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg. A venue of timeless beauty build in the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany. It is the work of famous architect Jean Keller, who constructed the building in 1886.

The festival is due to the promoter Christian Bössner, who, like every year, is passionate about the smooth running, the high-profile artists and the constancy of the festival. To him my highest appreciation and many thanks for this wonderful event.

The backing band consisted, as always, of professional studio musicians, who had been operating their music business for many years. The formation was led by musical director and gifted keyboardist Lutz Deterra, who, with his musical expertise, mastery on his instrument and tireless élan, kept the event in motion.

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Lindsey Webster – Back To Your Heart

Originally a cellist singer/songwriter Lindsey Webster found her musical way to the vocal interpretation in the Soul, Pop and R&B genre. With her self titled debut album (2013) she won “Best Acoustic Song” in the Independent Music Awards. Her second album You Change (2015) aroused the attention of the listeners and increased the degree of awareness. With the third album Back To Your Heart (2016) she is designated to achieve her international breakthrough as an artist of the contemporary jazz genre.

Musicians on this album are beside vocalist Lindsey Webster on selected tracks Keith Slattery (keyboards), Mike DeMicco and Tony DePaolo (guitar), Fred Doumbe (bass), Dan Hickey (drums), Foluso Mimy (percussion), Ken Gioffre and Kirk Whalum (sax) and the additional horn section on Ain’t It Funny with Jay Collins (baritone sax & horn arrangements), Ken Gioffre (tenor sax), Joe Fiedler (trombone) and Chris Pasin (trumpet).

Back To Your Heart is scheduled for release November 4, 2016 on Shanachie Entertainment. All songs are written by Lindsey Webster & Keith Slattery. Lindsey comments euphorically: “Here it is our third album! I am excited to say that this is by far our best work. In terms of the songwriting, the production, and the overall sound, we are thrilled to deliver this labor of love to you. Special care was taken on each song to make it the best it could possibly be, and I think that my evolution as an artist, a songwriter, and a producer are reflected on this album″.

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Lindsey Webster – You Change

“In an age where everyone is trying so hard to be someone, Lindsey Webster just sails along as … herself.” Those words accompany the bio on vocalist Lindsey Webster’s You Change (Maxophone Records, 2015).

The variable lineup of musicians who perform with Webster consists of Keith Slattery, keyboards, grand piano on “Bleed”; Tony DePaolo, guitar; Reggie Earls, background vocals; Dan Hickey, drums; Mike DeMicco, guitar; Jessie Murphy, bass; Manuel Quintano, percussion; Jen Cohn, background vocals; Ryan Joseph, violin and viola; Brandon Morrison, bass; Vito Petroccitto, guitar; Ken Gioffre, sax; and Jeff Jamal, rhythm guitar. Slattery, DePaolo and Hickey appear on most tracks.

The opening track, “Fool Me Once,” is a mellow groove, highlighted by Webster’s soothing voice, a soul-funk bass line Hickey’s steady rim shots. DePaulo’s guitar takes on a haunting, ethereal quality. Webster’s voice is like a wind instrument, perhaps an alto flute, especially during her wordless chant toward the end.

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