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Kim Waters – My Loves

Kim Waters - My Loves2013 release, the 19th album from the saxophonist, band leader, composer, arranger, and producer. After over two decades as a music superstar with 16 Top Ten and 14 #1 singles, four #1 CDs and sales in excess of a million album units, Kim Waters again elevates his already luminous career profile to an even higher pinnacle with My Loves.

Resplendent with all the Kim Waters signature in-the-pocket grooves, seductive melodies, virtuoso improvisations, state-of-the-art production and inspired contributions from his musicians and guest vocalists, My Loves, with an even deeper focus on the distinctly rich Urban Music mother-lode, is a soulful, 11-track hymnal in praise of romance in all its varied shadings, hues, depths, grandeur, yearnings and joyous fulfillments.

My Loves is available at

Streetwize – Feelin’ Sexy

Kim Waters is certainly the most productive saxophonist of the smooth jazz genre. Very popular are his Streetwize albums Streetwize (2002), Streetwize II (2003), Streetwize/Slowjamz (2004), Streetwize Does Dre (2005), Streetwize Sexy Love (2007), Streetwize Does Mary J. Blige (2008), and Streetwize – Put U To Bed (2009).

His latest project in this series is Streetwize – Feelin’ Sexy, which was released October 30, 2012 on Shanachie Entertainment. Kim Waters played all instruments except Bernd Shoenhart (guitar). In his own way interprets Waters R&B hits with market success in recent years.

Crooner Robin Thickes’ Love After War has a high seductive potential, shared by Waters on his faithful rendition. Ledisi’s lead single Pieces Of Me has a critical attitude. Waters perfectly crystallized the melodic part with his tenor sax.

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Kim Waters – This Heart Of Mine

Now we talk about the saxiest man in the smooth jazz world, the creator of Sweet & Saxy (1989), All Because of You (1990), Sax Appeal (1991), Tribute (1992), Peaceful Journey (1993), It’s Time For Love (1994), Home For Christmas (1994), You Are Not Alone (1996), Love’s Melody (1998), One Special Moment (1999), From The Heart (2001), Someone To Love You (2002), In The Name of Love (2004), All For Love (2005), You Are My Lady (2007), I Want You (2008), Love Stories (2010) and This Heart Of Mine (2011), the one and only Kim Waters.

Nothing can stop his productive creativity. So he also served Streetwize (2002), Streetwize II (2003), Streetwize/Slowjamz (2004), Streetwize Does Dre (2005), Streetwize Sexy Love (2007), Streetwize Does Mary J. Blige (2008), Streetwize – Put U To Bed (2009). As member of the Sax Pack he released in addition The Sax Pack (2008) and The Pack Is Back (2009).

I would ask Kim, when do you have time for recreation? “I believe that the world cannot live without new music. I know I can’t!” Following this answer we should direct our attention to his new album This Heart Of Mine. Kim performs on this album most of the instruments only supported by Allen Hinds on guitars.


Kim Waters – This Heart of Mine

Kim Waters is about to drop a new CD called This Heart of Mine on October 25th. Waters is the king of smooth urban jazz and one of the first instrumentalists to really hit big in the quiet storm radio world. As one of the top five best-selling instrumentalists in jazz, Kim Waters has collaborated with everyone from Al Green, Isaac Hayes and Phyllis Hyman to Kenny Lattimore and Teddy Riley and Guy, to name a few.

JazzTimes Magazine says “Waters is simply one of the planet’s best saxophonists” while The Washington Post declares, “Kim Waters is like a romantic pied piper out on a long evening stroll. Kim Waters has had 13 # one singles and over 20 top ten hits during his career.

On This Heart of Mine, Waters plays virtually all the instruments heard on most of the tracks. He is insane in the studio. In addition to winning originals he also does covers of R Kelly’s “Love Letters and J-Z and Alicia Keys’ collaboration “Empire State of Mind.” Waters also does a sublime duet with the Soul Prince, Calvin Richardson. Waters and Richardson will be shooting a video for their duet which Kim wrote called “Am I a Fool.”

Source:  Shanachie Entertainment

Guy “Pop Du” Johnson – Life Is Good

Guy “Pop Du” Johnson was born in Long Island, New York where his parents exposed him to the wide range of performing arts of New York City. This exposure is where he developed his interest in music. Opera did and still does remain to be a part of his listening preference, which in turn helped him develop his unique tone on the curved soprano saxophone. He is the former CEO of Southwind Records of Columbia South Carolina, where he undertook many community projects and educational services. The Jasmine Supper Club, in Myrtle Beach, SC still remains to be one of his greatest achievements, where fine dining and live jazz was presented at it’s best.

Guy and his wife Linda is the only reason Myrtle Beach hosted national acts such as Bob James, Jimmy Smith, Spyro Gyro, Gato Barbieri, Kim Waters, Yellowjackets and many more. Currently Guy has released his national smooth jazz project titled Life Is Good produced by smooth jazz great Kim Waters. His life’s motto is “I would rather go through life with God than without God”. On this album Guy PopDu Johnson respectfully express through the curved soprano saxophone the emotions of Gato Barbieri and the spirit of Groover Washington. Life Is Good at CDBaby.

Kim Waters – Love Stories

Sax player Kim Waters continues his collaboration with Shanachie Entertainement with his new album Love Stories. The album features crooner Kenny Lattimore and is scheduled for release on January 26, 2010.

Waters launched his solo career with a series of R&B recordings on the Warlock label (beginning with 1989’s Sweet and Saxy), and has sold over a million units of both his original material and thematic projects like his sax tribute to The Platters. He  relocated to Sacramento, California from his longtime home in Aberdeen, Maryland but continues his affinity for recording in the home studio setting.

“The coolest part of recording was doing most of it in my new studio and being able to do so much of it myself. Even if it’s got some old school qualities, to me it sounds really fresh…and that’s what making music is all about, whether I’m doing my latest CD or performing live at my own shows or these past few years with The Sax Pack. The most rewarding thing is to be able to contribute something of value to the world which affects people positively and makes them happy. Music has that ability like nothing else in the world.”

The Sax Pack – The Pack Is Back

thepackisbackThe Sax Pack is a class act consisting of three signature sax players; Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters and Steve Cole. Backed by a tight rhythm section, the talented trio combine their life-long love of music and their passion for performance, to make an impact on audiences that love music as much as they do. Committed to sharing the excitement, spontaneity and creative energy that flows between them on stage, The Sax Pack inspires an audience far beyond the duration of a show.

On September 29 they will release their sophomore CD, The Pack Is Back. The 10-song CD features the first single, “Can’t Help Myself,” as well as such original tunes as “Wanna Get Closer” and “This Time Around.” There’s also as a bonus track, a remixed version of “Fallin’ For You” by Davy D.

Kashiwa says he styled the Sax Pack after the camaraderie and fun he saw with the original Rat Pack from the movies and from concerts – Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. “The whole thing started kind of as a chuckle, kind of emulating the Rat Pack. And the reason why everyone loved the Rat Pack so much – I mean, they’re all great singers and all great actors and entertainers and dancers – is because of their camaraderie. We re-created that with the Sax Pack.”


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