Peet Project – Up & Downs

Hungary has a lot to offer, its specialties, its nature, the beautiful capital. However its famous export is music. In the smooth jazz genre a new Hungarian group has established, Peet Project. The group comprised currently of violinist, composer, producer Peter “Peet” Ferencz, saxophonist Attila Závodi, keyboardist Olivér Magán, bassist Martin Gudics, and drummer Marcell Gudics.

Everything started with their debut Pink Spirit, released in 2010. Their sophomore album Turn You On already followed in 2011, then Overseas (2013) and Love (2015). Their next endeavor was The Bad Boys Of Budapest (2017) and offered guest appearances by keyboardist Jonathan Fritzén, saxophonist Dave Koz, bassist, singer Gáspár Laci and singer James Copley from the band Electro Deluxe.

Their newest album Up & Downs will be released February 14, 2020. Discount pre-order will start January 20, 2020 on their website.

Artur Bayramgalin – Green Sapphire

Hailing from Ufa, Russia multi instrumentalist Artur Bayramgalin is still a secret tip in the smooth jazz genre. In view of the large number of new releases, foreign musicians find it difficult to improve their popularity significantly. His debut album Interro Island came out in 2009, his sophomore album Electric Breezz followed in 2010 and his third album Perfect Day in 2014.

In 2018 Artur was involved in a serious traffic accident. After recovery his main desire was starting writing music again. Now he returns with his new album Green Sapphire (2020), which is available on CDBaby.

Artur comments: “I had a dream, standing alone with my father on the bank of a deep stream. He wanted to give me the green crystal and said it was very important and should be protected. I accidentally dropped it in the stream, but managed to grab it and save it. When I woke up, I wrote the song Green Sapphire. And with this track, I finally started working on a new album.”

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Adam Hawley – Escape

Los Angeles based guitarist Adam Hawley has already worked as sideman for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Monica, Kenny Latimore, Rick Braun, Dave Koz, Richard Elliot, Michael McDonald, Brian Culbertson and many more.

More important is his solo career, which he started with his aptly titled album Just The Beginning in 2016. His friend and band mate Greg Manning helped him to get a contract with the label Kalimba music. Adam returned on the same label with his second album Double Vision in 2018. His newest album is entitled Escape (2020).

You can already pre-order a signed copy at Adam’s website.

Darius Owens – Love & Life

In his home town of Texarkana, Texas a love for music was kindled at the early age of 5, as Darius Owens sat with his church pianist on Sunday mornings to stay out of trouble. With grandparents who sang, parents who played instruments, older siblings and cousins who did both, Darius was surrounded by music. Growing up in a family of vocalists and musicians, it was only a matter of time before a young Darius would claim his place in the musical world.  True to this sentiment, 3 years later, the kindled flame for music ignited to a roaring fire as Darius finally got to touch a piano for the first time.  Thus began his journey to develop in the musical world. From elementary through high school he worked to master his craft on several instruments, which eventually led him through college (where he decided to pursue his career professionally) and on to his current voyage as a professional musician.

Since moving to Houston in 2006, where he still resides, Darius graduated from Prairie View A&M University majoring in Music with an emphasis in Trombone and a minor in classical piano.  He has accomplished many endeavors and still works as a private instructor, public school music teacher, vocal coach and director.  He specializes in production, piano, trombone, percussion, and voice. His debut album Love & Life is inspired by a lifetime of experience.

Get this album as download on CDBaby.

Ronny Smith – Raise The Roof

Baltimore based jazz guitarist Ronny Smith is certainly one of the most underrated guitarist in music history. Often compared with George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass he has since long time developed his own significant style.

That this unique style appeals the audience, shows the huge amount of releases like Long Time Comin (2001), Laid Back (2002), Got Groove (2006), Simply Stated (2007), Just Groovin (2009) and Can’t Stop Now (2013). Shake It Up (2017) is his essential return with a special twist.

Ronny is now on the Skytown Records label and his first album is Raise The Roof. You can pre-order this album on

Chris Standring – Real Life

Jazz guitarist Chris Standring is one of the rare guitarists, which have been blessed with significant success. Toughly earned, this success rests on numerous pillars. Chris knows the music business and runs his own record label. He seeks collaboration with other artists. And remains on everyone’s lips through numerous appearances and record releases. In the end, however, it is his style with high recognition value that distinguishes him from other musicians.

His new album Real Life (2020) fits seamlessly into this chain of success. Chris performs on his new project guitars, keyboards and programming. He is accompanied on selected tracks by Andre Barry (bass), Chris Coleman, David Karasony (drums), Mitchel Forman (acoustic piano), Ronnie Gutierrez (percussion), Kevin Axt (upright bass), Hans Zermulen, Matt Rhode (Fender Rhodes), Iris Almario (handclaps), Vanessa Haynes (vocals), and Lauren Christy (background vocals).

Is There A Doctor In The House? With this provocative question, which today even implies political meaning, Chris titles his introductory song. What sounds like the harmonic intro chorus of Take 6 is based on a finely programmed vocal sample. In earlier time we called Chris’ guitar style acid jazz, meanwhile it’s the sonic highlight of every event.

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Chase Huna – Life Of The Party

Chase Huna always had a love for jazz and a love for the saxophone.  He began playing at age 10 and by age 14 was already on stage at Spaghettini Seal Beach. From La Quinta, CA and recently out of high school,  his newest single is co-written and produced by Grammy winning guitarist/producer Paul Brown. His first CD “On the Chase” with 10 upbeat and moving songs co-written and produced by music great and hit maker Steve Oliver, has quickly made its way up the charts.  After turning 19 in June, Chase is ready and looking forward to a career in composing, recording and touring.  Along with the many jazz festivals lined up for this year, he can still be found making special appearance performances in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area.

His new album Life Of The Party is coming January 17, 2020.