Maxine Hardcastle – The Collection

Smooth jazz/soul vocalist Maxine Hardcastle,  daughter of Paul Hardcastle, has released her first album The Collection feat. Paul Hardcastle, Nate Harrasim, Daren Rahn, Dewey Bunnell and Ryan Farish.

From a very young age Maxine was influenced by her father, Paul Hardcastle, an iconic 80’s pop star & music producer. A collaboration between the two hit no.1 on the American billboard charts, and Maxine went on to produce and sing on releases with labels including Universal, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Hed Kandi, Deeperfect, Nurvous, King street records, regularly hitting top spots across the Beatport charts.

The Collection presents Maxine’s vocal contributions to hit albums like Nate Harasim’s Different Kind Of Love from his album Rush, Darren Rahn’s Speechless from the same titled album, Paul Hardcastle’s A Horse With No Name from his album Hardcastle 8 and many more.

The album is on sale at iTunes.


Dirk K – Selfie Nation

Dirk K, guitarist with German heritage, has a strong affinity for Latin jazz and smooth jazz. More than 16 solo albums, eight CDs with band projects and over 30 albums for other performers are a vivid testimony to his productivity. His newest project Selfie Nation (2019) is however a departure to new shores.

Dirk himself settles his new music on in the area of electronic dance music, jazz and world music and uses the adjective incongruous, ambient, peculiar. So let us prepare ourselves for the special. The length of the pieces, which are not at all adapted to the radio format, is already unusual. A rebellion?

Dirk K plays on the new album all instruments and is joined by David Inamine (bass) and Michael Joy (Wurlitzer, Rhodes and Mini Moog on Nothing Personal). Special guest is King Ibu on Selfie Nation (vocals and talking drum). Dirk has written Selfie Nation, all other songs are covers.

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Gary Metz – Open Skies

Saxophonist Gary Metz began his career pursuing a degree in performance and composition. While attending school he soon found work performing, arranging and recording . Although his training and background was in classical music he felt drawn more to the rhythm and nuances of jazz and R&B. Now, after countless gigs and hundreds of sessions as a side man, he is showcasing his new songs with the help of well known Producer Michael Parlett. From the stage to studio he finds himself in the spotlight once again. In addition to performing, writing and producing he has worked in television and movie production, and even appeared on the Today Show. He works with some of the best musicians in the business, and as an artist he gives all the credit to having good people involved in any and everything.

Here is the A-list of players on the Cd. Grammy award winner Jimmy Haslip(bass), Greg Manning,(keyboards),Adam Hawley (guitar), Daryl Williams (bass), Tony Moore,(drums), Lee Thornburg (brass,arranging),Patrick Bolton (keyboards,arranging), Darrell crooks (guitar), Hans Zermuehlen(keyboards,arranging), Mike Parlett (producer), Shante Walker(vocals), Rodney (BR), Millon (guitar), and Tony Saunders (bass).

Collectively, the history and credits of the musicians are far too numerous to list but it safe to say that what they put their musical talents to turns to gold. The production is first rate lead by producer Michael Parlett showing his producing and mixing skills with every track. This project stands out and stands apart from the pack.

Give it a good listen on CDBaby.

Jeremy Benoit – Jeremy Jazz (2019 Remastered Edition )

Saxophonist Jeremy Benoit “JB Saax” is a young, passionate enthusiastic jazz artist from Lafayette, Louisiana. He began playing the saxophone at the age of 9 years old at J.W. Faulk Elementary school. It was the first instrument his band director gave him to try but almost immediately he became hooked. Developing his musical talent became a constant in his life from that point on and was a big part of his academic career. After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Louisiana in the fall of 2008, and being an active part of multiple jazz combos there, he began his agressive pursuit of music.

Inspired by the likes of Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderly, Grover Washington Jr., David Sanborn and Gerald Albright, JB Saax is breaking the cloud of the great sax players of all time. He is a very ardent yet diversified performer, often lighting up the stage with both well versed jazz licks and beautifully toned embellishments. While jazz is his main stay, he also performs a wide variety of music ranging from r&b to country, pop, soft rock and top 40. Gospel music has also played an important role in shaping his artistry as he was heavily involved in music and ministry at his church throughout his adolescence. He has currently produced, recorded and released 8 musical projects, of which Smooth Jazz Grooves, JB Saax Live, Jeremy Jazz, and Moods of Smooth are available for demoing.

Saxophonist Jeremy Benoit launched his band in 2010 and without an official name, his group quickly began being known as “JB Saax” & The BaND. Soon after the expansion of his group, Saxophonist Jeremy Benoit “JB Saax” began broadening the scope of his music by performing smooth jazz encompassing songs from all manner of genres including traditional jazz, gospel jazz, R&B, country, soft rock, pop, latin, africano, dance, and blues.

Jeremy Jazz (2019 Remastered Edition) is the new album on sale at CDBaby.

Unwrapped Vol. 8: The Chicago Sessions

Unwrapped is back with the soundtrack to summer! Hidden Beach Recordings is proud to announce Unwrapped Vol. 8: The Chicago Sessions, which is set to arrive May 24, 2019. Our new LP features jazzy, family-friendly instrumental versions of JAY-Z’s “The Story Of O.J.,” SZA’s “Love Galore,” Travis Scott’s “Pick Up The Phone,” Gucci Mane’s “Miss My Woe,” and Cardi B’s “Best Life,” among others. As you know, Hidden Beach Recordings launched the career of multi-platinum recording artist and award-winning actress Jill Scott and Kindred The Family Soul. The Unwrapped series launched in 2001 and has featured popular reinterpretations of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions,” De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High,” and 2Pac’s “I Get Around,” among dozens of others.

Watch this promotional video.

Pre-order the album here.

Beatifik – The Long Drive Home

Drummer and composer Roger Odell is founder and longtime member of the famous British group Shakatak. Like the other musicians of the group Roger has established his own solo projects. Roger calls it Beatifik.

In late 1999/2000 Roger recorded the first album entitled Blue Window. One can call it a family project, because his son Jamie played on keys, his wife Larraine and Jacqui Hicks were the featured vocalists, his daughter Maxine sang background. On the second album Intrigue (2015) performed beside Roger, Larraine, Jacqui, Jamie and in addition Mornington Lockett on saxes and Keith Winter on guitar.

Now Roger returns with the third solo project The Long Drive Home (2019). The cast is the same as on the second album. Bass guitarist Simon Goulding from the Snake Davis Band joins the formation. Guest appearances by vocalist Liane Carroll, trumpet and flugelhorn player Paul Higgs and percussionist Snowboy round off the whole thing.

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Cal Harris Jr. – Shelter Island

Cal Harris Jr. is a well-respected recording engineer, programmer, and keyboard player, who worked for music giants like Earth Wind and Fire, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce.

But like many other musicians he has the insatiable desire to create his own project to show the world his talent as composer of solid, seductive, and infectious melodies through impeccable production. So he has released his debut album Inside Out (2010). Four years later followed his sophomore album Shelter Island. This album received 20 (!) positive reviews on by enthusiastic buyers.

Shelter Island is still available on