Lou Camporeale – Muy Bueno

Lou Camporeale is a top assurance manager and has fallen in love with music. He prefers the smoothing and soothing side as you can listen on Muy Bueno.

Muy Bueno is available on Amazon.com.


Igor Gerzina – Sax & the City

Igor Gerzina is a Croatian award-winning saxophonist, composer and the Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra producer. He won several Porin awards (Croatian most prestigious discography award), as well as several Status awards for the best instrumentalist of the year, awarded by the Croatian Musicians Union. Last three albums garnered airplay on more than 15 countries on 4 continents, including Billboard and America’s Music Chart.

Sax & the City is is Igor Geržina’s selection from his albums: Metropolis, One Click World and Bucket List. One hour of pure sax pleasure for your chill playlist.

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Anthony Baskey – Aves

Canadian composer Anthony Baskey creates stirring new age / smooth jazz instrumental compositions with an underlying foundation of complex harmonic progressions.

Aves is a continuation of Anthony’s progressive evolving style and includes his popular single release from 2018, “A New Day”.

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Maurizio Grondona Group – Looking at the Sea

The Maurizio Grondona Group moves, since its beginnings, in the musical area of ​​the refined soul jazz language through sounds enriched and personalized by the marked artistic sensibility of the versatile singer, guitarist and composer from Bari Maurizio Grondona. His musical research is the result of inspiration and continuous comparison with the most valid performers on the international scene, and the sound produced by the Pugliese band is capable of combining the lesson of jazz (Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny) with originality and affable naturalness, the suggestions of soul (Al Jarreau, George Benson), with the evolution of black music (Robert Glasper) and the influences of funk and rap (The Roots, J Dilla).

The obvious chiaroscuro fusion of their compositions also reveal the most original, and Italian, figure of the Maurizio Grondona Group style, namely the ability to absorb the typical jazz styles to blend them harmoniously with the most elegant and warm sound atmospheres with a more typically Mediterranean flavor. A nuance this, more passionate and seductive, linked to the birthplace of the project and desired, sought after and obtained since their first debut album (“On my road”, 1987), whose melodic alchemy made use of the sax of the Neapolitan James Senese. The Pugliese musical project constantly looking for sound, expressive, compositional innovations, and wants to be the result of a melting pot in which our musical traditions open up, embrace and push towards beats and sounds more typically American and cosmopolitan.

The Maurizio Grondona Group, with nine recording recordings and important audience experiences such as the recent tour of Los Angeles (the only European musical project invited) to the Thursday Night Vibe: a successful musical event that weekly hosts on its stage artists of the caliber of Al Jarreau, Marcus Miller, Paul Jackson Jr. etc., in addition to the Los Angeles Indie-Music / Film International Summit (LA-IMIS) which represents one of the most important events of the American music system. The Maurizio Grondona Group is now steadily using Paolo Iannattone on Rhodes piano and keyboards, Nicky Belviso on bass and Giuseppe Grondona on drums. Numerous national and international musicians have supported the musical project of Maurizio Grondona, in addition to the well-known saxophonist James Senese who collaborated on his debut album and lastly Annabel Williams, vocal coach of Amy Winehouse, and Andrew Mckinney, bassist of James Taylor Quartet, who participated in his latest album (“In my hands”, 2010).

Looking at the Sea is the latest soulful album three years after All In Me, featuring Dave Browning on keys and piccolo bass. The Maurizio Grondona Group: Maurizio Grondona guitars, Nicky Belviso bass, Giuseppe Grondona drums. Get the album at CDBaby.

Nicholas Cole – The Weekend

Keyboardist Nicholas Cole has since longtime developed from a phase of discovery into an established artist. A Journey of One (2010), Endless Possibilities (2012) and Night Sessions (2015) are milestones of his splendid solo career. His newest album The Weekend will arrive September 13, 2019.

The singles Sugar and Soulmates, which are already released from the new album, have reached top positions in the charts. Nicholas Cole opens with Recall a great sound panorama combining keyboard and percussive sounds in a innovative way.

If you love the television series Stranger Things on Netflix, this tune will spread its addictive magic too. Nicholas mingles soundscapes and harmonies in a dynamic mode that exerts an unusual charm. Turning It Up accesses the palette of the funk with the use of the Vocoder, fat bass and percussion gimmicks to build some party noise.

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Charlie Duran – City of Angels Pistas Originales (Deluxe Edition Re-Mastered)

Born on January 18, 1981.  Born & raised in Los Angeles California. Charlie Duran began his musical journey at a very young age. Picked up the sax and the rest was history. Dynamic and soul are his main focus on the sax. Influenced by the best in the industry, Charlie Duran is becoming a known name in the music industry. His sound and tone is instantly becoming prevalent and known as a very distinctive voice on his sax. With 3 musical projects out on iTunes Charlie has captured the attention from musicians alike and music lovers of the genre.

City of Angels Pistas Originales (Deluxe Edition Re-Mastered) is his newest album. Featuring a stellar line up of world class musicians! Mike X. Zuniga thumping the bass, Matt Godina producer and guitars, Andreas Adriawan killer guitars, Suro Lopez holding it down on the drums, Isaias Gil on the pocket drums, David Valderrama producer and pianos, Nick Cedillo killin it on the brass, Kevin R. fat bass, Josue Pineda and Ambar Duran on vocals. Mixed by Melvin Rebiono at Muzik Room. Mastered by Trakworks.

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The Brand New Heavies – TBNH

Can it really be thirty years since The Brand New Heavies first sashayed their way into the public eye with a romantic’s heart, a hedonist’s spirit and a Superfly sensibility?

Their extraordinary new album TBNH, however, finds the band – and main songwriters funk-soul brothers Andrew Levy (bass) and Simon Bartholomew (guitar) – embarking on an entirely new chapter in their illustrious history.

A heady cocktail of Chic-style funk-pop, sunshine grooves and scorched-soul balladry, TBNH refines, reimagines and ultimately reinvents a winning formula which has won them sixteen top 40 hits and three million album sales. The morello cherry in the glass? A breath-taking cover of Kendrick Lamar’s These Walls, recorded with long-term associate and vocalist N’Dea Davenport produced by Heavies uber-fan Mark Ronson. A return to the classic line-up that had originally brought the funk into the nascent producer’s life having caught their live show in New York in ’91, a meeting that later saw him invite the band to play at his fortieth birthday celebrations. Insistent once more to reconvene the same personnel, he has successfully reunited N’Dea and the Heavies for this recording. As Simon says of their collaboration with the planet’s hottest producer; ” It’s incredible to think that everything he’s done since has been shaped by us. It’s a cool thing.”

At the album’s core, a friendship dating back to the mid-eighties, and their shared experiences growing up in Ealing, West London. “For us it’s always been about a love of funk, and the positive things which go with it, like dancing, hanging out and having a good time,” says Simon of one of pop’s most stylish and enduring partnerships.“We didn’t invent the wheel, but we did reinvent it to a certain extent by going back to the people in America who made the funk in the first place. That love of the music never goes away.”

1. Beautiful with Beverley Knight
2. Stupid Love with Angela Ricci
3. Just Believe In You with Siedah Garrett
4. Getaway with N’Dea Davenport
5. Heat with Honey Larochelle
6. The Funk Is Back with Simon Bartholomew
7. Together with Angie Stone
8. These Walls & N’Dea Davenport
9. It’s My Destiny with Siedah Garrett
10. Wired Up with N’Dea Davenport
11. Dance It Out with Angela Ricci
12. Little Dancer with Jack Knight
13. Dontcha Wanna with Laville
14. Get On The Right Side with Angela Ricci

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