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Jay-Nya Sol – A Jazzical Journey

Hailing from Ohio multi-instrumentalist T. Burns created the project Jay-Nya Sol. Inspired by jazz greats like Jeff Lorber, Chick Corea, Brian Culbertson, he recorded his debut album A Jazzical Journey in 2010.

T. Burns, who plays keyboards, bass, guitar, & vocals, is joined on this album by Marion Meadows (sax), Steve Oliver (guitar & vocals), Will Donato (sax), John Mahon (drums & perc.), Sheldon Reynolds (guitar, keyboards, & vocals), Ricky Lawson (drums), Reinhold Schwarzwald (sax), Teddy Bello (bass), Matt Yeakley (guitar), and Michael Rahmlee Davis (trumpet).

The album starts with Jazzical Journey, a tune featuring the wide keyboard scenery of T. Burns’ equipment with all bits and bytes. Riding Smooth allures with sophisticated nylon guitar loops. Not Enough Sax finds my interest through Will Donato’s sax performance. The drum programmed rhythm with hard beats detracts from my positive impression.


William Edge – OverGroove

The lush and transporting sounds created by the American composer William Edge epitomize the beyond-the-curve outer space sub-genre of ambient music. Not simply technicality or performance, but instead the combining of sounds and music to create an extraordinary and individual experience for the listener, this music is also perfect for TV and movie soundtracks as well as advertising commercials.

 OverGroove is William’s newest album now on sale at CDBaby.

Rodney Jones – The Journey Of Soul

Each doorway that we open has the potential to unveil new pathways within and without ourselves. Each time we step out in search of a greater truth we are transformed by the intention that is awakened within our hearts. You will find many things within these web pages. There is much here about jazz and the art and science of jazz guitar for that is my passion, and one of the ways that I express my heart. Helping guitarists find the doorway to their next musical step is one of my greatest joys. Take your time and explore the site as it continues to develop and evolve. There just may be a key hidden in plain site that will help you.

In the tradition of John Coltrane, I make no separation between the spiritual life and my life as a musician. Having been a lifelong student of the power of music and the ways in which its use and understanding can change lives

The New Age is really a term to coin the age old quest of man to know himself. This self-knowledge is at the heart all art, for arts reflects the memory of the Inner glories experienced by the Soul. I am using jazz as a bridge for self-exploration and as a window into a larger room of spiritual exploration.

To understand about what Rodney is talking, listen to his new album  The Journey Of Soul at CDBaby.

Too long a Fourplay? There’s no such thing! :)

After 20 years of Fourplay, maybe they felt we should move on…”, says Chuck Loeb in a jocular manner later that night, employing the pun on words in the band’s name when introducing one of the songs he contributed to Fourplay’s 12th album “Let’s Touch the Sky”. While the cover art suggests that very endeavor with the band member’s hands reaching up, nearly two hours of stellar live music performances left no doubt among avid music lovers who had flocked to Bayerischer Hof Night Club on this November, 8th 2011 night that Smooth Jazz’s famous supergroup are doing exactly that: They’re not only touching the sky, but weaving a musical skyscape with arrangements and solos that exude virtuosity, verve and vitality in equal parts.

Katharina Ehmki, CEO of Ehmki Music Management, promoter and press relations at the venue, landed the renowned music act as a major highlight of her New York at Bayerischer Hof series, and proved her experienced hand at knowing Jazz fans’ expectations: Fourplay packed the place to the last available seat and had every non-seated area crowded as well! Which might explain why fans had started to line up well before admittance at 8 pm, as Fourplay had sold out many venues prior to coming to Munich. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time and I was curious to see, what Chuck Loeb would sound like in this rarity of a group of musical heavyweights, where each of them is undoubtedly a leader in their own right, yet they appear to have kept ego out of the way and managed to amalgamate four strong musical personalities into a band – and with a formula that’s been going strong for the past two decades with only two changes to the line-up: Prior to Loeb, Larry Carlton held the guitar seat from 1998 through 2010, while Lee Ritenour was a founding member and stayed from 1991 through 1997.


The Wayman Tisdale Story

Rendezvous Music/Mack Avenue released The Wayman Tisdale Story on DVD and CD on November 22, 2011. The documentary celebrates the life of Wayman, a three-time All-American, Gold Medal Olympian, former NBA star and world renowned jazz musician, who lost his battle with cancer on May 15, 2009.

The DVD features interviews with Wayman and his family, Michael Jordan, Toby Keith, Marcus Miller and Dave Koz, among others. The CD includes the previously unreleased track “Slam Dunk”, produced by Jeff Lorber and “Cryin’ For Me”, a song written and performed as a tribute to Wayman by Toby Keith.

An award winning feature-length documentary and accompanying 13 track CD celebrating the life and legacy of Wayman Tisdale, a three-time All-American, Gold Medal Olympian, former NBA star, and world renowned jazz musician. Featuring Wayman Tisdale’s final interviews prior to his passing in 2009 as well as exclusive interviews with Michael Jordan, Dave Koz, Toby Keith, Marcus Miller, A.C. Green, and Jonathan Butler.

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Richard Elliot – In The Zone

Richard Elliot had the great fortune to start his career during a period, when people still estimated music by supporting the artists with their purchase of new albums. After his work as leader of The Jeff Lorber Fusion in the late ‘70s and as member of the group Tower of Power he released his solo debut Trolltown (1986). The smooth jazz format was flourishing and Richard could release a new album nearly every year.

Initial Approach (1987), Power of Suggestion (1988), Take to the Skies (1989), What’s Inside (1990), On the Town (1991), Soul Embrace (1993), After Dark (1994), City Speak (1996), Jumpin’ Off (1997), Chill Factor (1999), The Best of Richard Elliot (2000), Ballads (2001), Crush (2001), Ricochet (2003), Forever, For Always, For Luther (compilation with various artists) (2004), Metro Blue (2005), R n R (with Rick Braun) (2007), Rock Steady (2009) and this year In the Zone followed.

Like many other artists Richard is returning to his past values and pays homage to the time of R&B and jazz he grew up with. Elliot’s associates Nate Phillips (bass), Tony Moore and Lil’ John Roberts (drums), Dwight Sills and Michael Thompson (guitar), and percussionist Lenny Castro are among the artists on the new album. Most songs were written by Richard and Jeff Lorber, who also participated on this album as keyboardist.

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Chris Ho Band – Unity Two

Chris Ho, founder and leader of the band, combines his talents as composer and keyboardist to create original music that includes jazz, classical, rock, gospel, and Latin influences. A prolific composer and virtuoso pianist, his performances display a devotion to beauty, passion, and imagination. Breathtaking improvisations and dynamic interplay are an ever present feature of his work.

After a long hiatus the group is back with the new album Unity Two.  An eclectic funk , rock, jazz, folk and fusion adventure by the gifted friends of CH. Happy, uplifting, grooving, edgy, passionate, romantic and cool experience for both players and listeners!! Enjoy it over and over again! The album is now on sale at CDBaby.

Dave Stephens – Days Like These

In the summer of 2011 after writing and recording two singles with the Band CON MOTO (also available on CD Baby etc) guitarist Dave Stephens set about writing and recording a collection of new tunes with the idea of releasing an album in the autumn/winter. During the summer he released a single called “London Town” as a celebration of the spirit of goodwill for those people of London who got together to re-build the parts of the city, that where so badly damaged by the summer riots.

All of the time composing and arranging, and recording – when he felt he had enough compositions he sat back and listened to what he had, and to see if what he had produced would make a reasonable album. The result was an overwhelming ‘yes’!!!

And now as we go to print, the first promo copies have gone out to radio stations and DJ’s…and the feedback already is amazing!! “It is probably the best solo statement I have ever made!” says Stephens, “I am very proud of the compositions and arrangements – as for the guitar playing, I just play what I play and it is for the listener to decide if he or she, likes the way I play”. I know for a fact that harmonically there are some sophisticated chord changes going on there, which I am very,very pleased with – and I can definitely hear some of my prime influences coming through, such as Lee Ritenour and Pat Metheny, but hopefully I still sound like me!!”

Now you have the opportunity to get Days Like These on your turntable fresh from CDBaby.

Kim Scott – Crossing Over

Classically trained flutist, Kim Scott, is new to the jazz scene. Her debut album, Crossing Over, was recorded on the Lenoah Records label and was produced by Keith “Cashmere” Williams. It has been acclaimed to be one of those albums everyone should have in their library!

Known for her smooth, lyrical and seductive melodies, Kim Scott challenges the smooth and contemporary jazz scene with remakes of “Spain” by Chick Corea, “Rain” by Jaco Pastorius, “Deja Vu” by Beyonce and even introduces the world to her writing style with the title track from her album, Crossing Over.

Backed by a dynamic quartet (bass, keys, guitar and drum set), Ms. Scott has wowed audiences with her live performances, showcasing impeccable technique and captivating musicality. Influenced by urban and cultural music, Kim Scott’s music is appealing to all music lovers!

Available at and other online stores.

Brian Hughes – Fast Train To A Quiet Place

Hailing from Alberta, Canada guitarist Brian Hughes resides after a stay in Toronto now in Los Angeles. His musical life is a prove for diversity. Tagged as jazz guitarist he also performed with world renowned vocalist Loreena McKennitt, Celtic music legends, The Chieftains or Greek recording artists Evanthia Reboutsika, Yannis Kotsiras and Panayotis Kalantzopoulos.

His solo career can be described with his albums Between Dusk and Dreaming (1991), Under One Sky (1992), Straight To You (1996), One 2 One (1998), Shakin’ not Stirred (1999), Along the Way (2003), Live (2007) and Fast Train To A Quiet Place (2011).

On his new album Hughes is joined by Matt Rohde, keyboards, Tal Bergman, drums, Ron Powell, percussion, and Rufus Philpot, bass. All songs were written and composed by Brian himself.

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