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Konstantin Klashtorni – Kool&Klean – Volume IX

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Konstantin Klashtorni is one of the most popular musicians in the field of smooth jazz on CDBaby. Browsing the list of top sellers you will certainly find most of his albums there. He is known by his projects Kool&KleanChillaxing Jazz KollektionLove Suggestions, eJazz Artistry and Smooth Jazz. Furthermore he has released three compilations packed with the best pieces in his opinion: Best Of Chill Jazz I, II and III (2019). An overwhelming creative force.

His newest project is Kool&Klean – Volume IX, which will be released September 4, 2020. You can buy this album on Konstantin’s website.

Mark Peotter – First Love

Mark Peotter is a musician from Mesa, Arizona. He is performing in the greater Phoenix area. He is playing music since more than 40 years and his main instrument is the sax. His newest album is entitled First Love (2020).

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Terry Wollman – Cassini’s Last Dance

After his Latin flavored debut album Bimini (1986) and his further records Say Yes (1998) and Buddha’s Ear (2011) Terry Wollman pleased the audience this time with A Joyful Noise (2012). Next album was Silver Collection (2014).

Cassini’s Last Dance (2020) is Terry Wollman’s newest project. Terry comments: “Time passes quickly, and I’ve learned that we should do what’s in our hearts, and do it well without apologies or excuses. Create music in your own unique way and express your artistry with joy and abandon. Be willing to work without compromise for what you believe in. Be selfish with your discipline and selfless in your performance. And have fun. Remember, it’s called playing.”

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Wilfred Frelix – Time

After the last 25+ years of owing his own recording studio, Wilfred Frelix released his debut album, It Could Happen to critical acclaim in 2000. Turn the page to 2016 and Wilfred is once again primed and ready to release his sophomore album, Is This What Love Is?! From his earliest and humblest of beginnings through present-day life, all while perfecting his craft, God saw fit to let Wilfred become the seasoned recording artist, producer and recording engineer that he is today. His third album In This Life was released in 2017.

His newest album is entitled Time (2020). You can download this album at or get your physical CD at his website.

Robert Harris – Road to Las Cruses

Detroit native, Robert Harris grew up listening to the music of George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oats and the song writers of the seventies. It was there that his musical aspirations began at the early age of 12. At 16, he began playing guitar and within a year was playing throughout the Detroit area. In 1978, Robert made his way to the Seattle area. He spent several years touring the west coast before heading south to Los Angeles. Within a year of being in L.A. Robert signed with West Management & Record Company where they produced Harris’ first CD project “Don’t Wait”. Robert’s first solo smooth jazz CD “Cool Breeze” was released in 2004. Harris’ 2nd release “City Lights” received national recognition with two hits on both the R&R Smooth Jazz charts and the Smooth Jazz Indie Charts. Miami Sun Was his third smooth jazz album in 2010.

Robert is very excited to announce the new CD “Road to Las Cruses” is completed and ready for purchase. Most of you know that this project was put on hold for over three years while he successfully battled cancer. He wants to thank every for the encouragement, prayers and support over the years to complete this projects. He could not be more pleased with the final results. 11 songs, 9 originals and 2 cover tunes.

Road to Las Cruses is now available on Robert’s website.

The Lewis Express – The Lewis Express

Primarily based in Leeds, The Lewis Express is comprised of many of the musicians that have graced previous ATA releases: George Cooper, Piano (Abstract Orchestra) Neil Innes, Bass (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill), Sam Hobbs, Drums (Dread Supreme, Tony Burkill, Matthew Bourne) and Pete Williams, Percussion (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill). Recorded over an intense two-day session by the band of the same name, “The Lewis Express” is a nod to the classic soul jazz recordings of The Young Holt Trio / Young Holt Unlimited and Ramsey Lewis, from who this group take their name. But, delivered with a distinctly European feel. As with many of the classic Ramsey Lewis cuts this album was recorded live, capturing the rich inter-relationship between the players and leaving in some of that chunky room noise, lending the album a sound that’s as thick as a steak and raw as a carrot.

Kicking off the album is Love Can Turn A Man, a slow burner introducing you to the piano of George Cooper as he works over a rock solid backbeat from drummer Sam Hobbs. The addition of a rising brass line conjures up memories of love lost, or indeed love never found. If Love Can’t Turn A Man shows the band in their most introspective of moods then Cancao De Momento sees them at the other end of the spectrum, the swinging end. This is a latin-tinged stormer with a driving piano line and one of the toughest rhythm section workouts on the whole album. Add to this Pete Williams’ punctuating percussion and you are looking at a track squarely aimed at the dancefloor. Brother Move On is probably the most recognizable as being in the soul jazz vein, with nods to such classics as Ramsey Lewis’ The ‘In’ Crowd and Soulful Strut by Young Holt Unlimited, particularly the latter. Moving into Hawkshaw Philly (their nod to session music legend and leader of The Mohawks, Alan Hawkshaw) the band create what sounds like a rare library cut and something diggers would give their back teeth for. Pinned to the floor by Neil Innes’ heavy work on the double bass and Chris Dawkins’ guitar there is some fantastic slow stabbing piano. The overall feel is something funky but slightly sinister. ATA Records has a solid history of putting out releases with a cinematic feel and Theme From The Watcher is a nod to this, conjuring up the sort of imagery that coincides with the black and white spy thrillers of the 1960s. Last Man In The Chain Gang has a very strong Ramsey Lewis feel and offers some of the most powerful piano playing of the whole album. The final track, Straight Seven Strut, is the only vocal track of the album. The staccato swing and French words lend it some of the qualities of 60s yé-yé music but with a far jazzier backbone, spiced with percussive handclaps.

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Bob Baldwin – Back To Basics (Family First)

Contemporary jazz pianist Bob Baldwin started his career in 1983 and his debut album was A Long Way To Go (1988). His new album Back To Basics (Family First) is meanwhile his thirty second album in this year of lost and shock. Bob comments: “Through the toughness of it all, we are trying to make some sense of it. I was blessed to stay home and create.”

Pianist/Composer/Arranger Bob Baldwin’s 32nd offering was not planned so soon. His upcoming disc is a jazz-funk offering, and his latest journey with rhythms, vocals and syncopated vibrations continues to intrigue and inspire. The end result is the empathetic new single. ‘Back To Basics (Family First)’.

‘The upcoming disc is a direct result of basically staying home, staying off the road, quarantining, not knowing what’s really happening out there’, says the New York native. “As a result, at home, I got back into a heavy groove of producing, arranging, wanting and performing on several tracks, including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, CeCe Peniston, Ragan Whiteside and Lori Williams. I also, however, squeezed out 11 tracks for myself. I didn’t want the time at home to be wasteful, and in many cases. I found myself needing less, being less dependent from the outside world and keeping things uber-simple Eating better, enjoying family and friends, re-connecting with some great people was the order of the day, hence, my latest creation, ‘ Back To Basics (Family First)’ is a reflection of these moments. Continue reading

Various Artists – The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz

The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz is, as the title suggests it might be, a seventeen-track compilation of some of the best Italian contemporary jazz around. It is a really top notch collection which Includes fabulous tracks such as Renato Falaschl’s ‘Following My Soul’ and ’Top Down’ by Gianni Vancini that are both right up there with the best that Alfa’s release has to offer. Make no mistake. The Italian Smooth Jazz All-Starz’ ts one of those albums that is bursting with standout tracks and very much in this category is Time Square from Urban T that checks every smooth jazz box imaginable

Elsewhere, the mid tempo groove of ‘Unlimited’ from the Smooth Operator Project proves to be a total joy while the hard driving ‘Swagger’ showcases the unmistakable sound of sax-man Rocco Ventrella. Other featured artists include Amedeo Bianchi, Gio Lombardi, Marcello Sutera, Lorenzo Defmti. Maurizlo Grondona Group. Da Nu Jazz 4et. Danrio Riccardi. Piero del Preto. Carlo Mcheli. and Angelo Trane while some of the genre’s best session men. Enc Marienthal, Gary Novak, Ricky Lawson, Greg Manning, Alex Al, Andre Berry, Darryl Williams, Gordon Campbell, are variously around to lend a hand. All things considered this is Smooth Jazz ‘Made in Italy’ at is very best. Continue reading

Riley Richard – Don’t Wanna Let Go

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Riley Richard is an inspired jazz saxophonist who has plans on making his contribution to the jazz genre. Having studied at Cleveland School of The Arts, Cuyahoga community college and Cleveland state University, Riley was trained in the traditional sense of jazz analyzing the styles of John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Sonny Stit. Although having a heavy interest in sports at a early age, Riley was encouraged by his parents to take piano lessons in which led him to learn the flute and eventually the Alto Saxophone. His first professional gig was at the age of 14, playing with Cleveland’s legendary organist Eddie Baccus SR. From then on Riley has shared the stage with the likes of Najee, Brian Simpson, Kim waters and Boney James and the list continues.

He started his career with his debut album Evolving in June 26, 2017. Now he returns with the second album Don’t Wanna Let Go, scheduled for release August 31, 2020 in all stores.

Jeff Nathanson – Deep into the Night

For over 2O years Jeff Nathanson was the featured soloist and horn section member for Latin-pop superstar Luis Miguel. He has toured and recorded extensively with Mr. Miguel, appearing on numerous albums and videos, and has performed thousands of concerts worldwide at venues including Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Staples Center, Aztec Stadium Mexico City, and Estadio Belez in Argentina. Jeff has also appeared on primetime shows such as The Today Show, Ellen Degeneres and recorded tracks for the Latin Grammy awards.

Jeff has also recorded two of his own CD’s: More than Coincidence and Deep into the Night which showcase both his playing and compositional talents. Jeff, a Colorado based saxophonist, composer, and recording artist, has performed or recorded with Earl “Fatha” Hines Russell Ferrante, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Bugnon, Eric Marienthal, Alejandro Sanz, Frankie Valli, Chuck Findley, Ehsan Aman (Kite Runner), Joel Dorham, Sheila E. and Pete Escovedo, Ray Obiedo, Hazel Miller, Rob Mullins, and John Novello.

If you want to get his album, visit his website.