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Carey Frank – Keep Smiling

As a long-time Jazz fan it is always great to realize that there is a new young and fresh generation of musicians, who dedicate their great talent to that musical genre.

One of them is pianist Carey Frank from Los Angeles who recently released his debut CD. Frank mentioned that he named the CD ‘KEEP SMILING’, because his grandfather was always saying that. And you can feel that positive message on every single track

Frank, who holds a Master of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California, presents his music in a classical trio with himself on the piano, Sezin Ahmet Turkmenoglu on bass and Jamey Tate on drums, only in two tracks a saxophone (played by Bob Mintzer) is added.

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Da Phatfunk Clique – Phat Jazz

There are a few instruments in the Funk/Jazz-Genre, which are very unusual as a lead-instrument. One of them is definitely the electro-violin, here played by Darrell “D-Funk” Looney.

In 1998 Looney founded ‘Da Phatfunk Clique‘, first as a project with different musicians on every processing step. In 1999 he released his first album called “Pandemic Love“. In 2000 ‘Da Phatfunk Clique’ became a steady band, utilizing local talents in support of the new album release.

The violin, almost always in the lead on every track, gives the whole sound of the album an exotic touch. The musical style is an entertaining mixture of Funk, Pop, and Jazz. Looney himself names some of his influences, such as violinist Jean Luc Ponty, John Mc Laughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra, George Clinton, Herbie Hancock and George Duke.

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Catherine Grace – Marshmallow Man

Some people assert that Jazz is an “out-of-date model”, because there wouldn’t be enough young talented musicians, who engage themselves in that musical genre.

Australian Saxophonist and singer Catherine Grace is the best proof that this is not true. She started her young career, as so many others, playing on weddings, in cafes and restaurants.

She has already won competitions including the 2013 Sing For your Supper and 2013 Starquest. Having a huge repertoire from Jazz to Pop, she now presents her first professionally produced collection of five tracks on iTunes, which already shows the outstanding talent of this young lady.

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Dan Goodman – Back Story

Being a multi-instrumentalist normally is an advantage, because you can do the most of your recording work by your own. But it can also be a problem, if you use too much electronic equipment and too many instrument-samples in your work. Then the music tend to sounding synthetic, like being created on a drawing board. This -at least- applies to some of the eight tracks of Dan Goodman‘s latest release, called Back Story.

No doubt: Dan Goodman is a good and experienced musician and arranger; his solid guitar playing shows a lot of talent and the compositions are mostly coherent but the use of too many electronic samples let some songs sound like canned music.

The record starts with the up-beat AYALA COVE, a smooth jazz song with mysterious synthesizer-chords in the background and an acoustic guitar in the lead, followed by SIERRA MOON, a pleasing melody on the acoustic guitar, flavored with electronic strings and a short E-Piano-solo.

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Robert Miller – Twenty

During his career, New York bassist and composer Robert Miller has been creating jazz music with a lot of different musicians for several decades. He started with solo projects and formed bands like “The Robert Miller Group” and “Project Grand Slam” with some of the best musicians of the genre. Several Grammy-nominations and Top 20 Jazz-Radio-Hits were the result of that creative process.

For his new Album Twenty, Miller has chosen sixteen tracks from his huge oeuvre, mostly taken  from the two releases Play (2007) and Spring Dance (2012) together with some older songs of Miller’s solo work.

The whole album describes the unique career of Robert Miller and is -at the same time- like a journey through the different styles of Jazz Music of the last twenty years.

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Sonido – Camino De Los Sueños

Sonido is a band from Los Angeles, which was formed by Multi-Instrumentalist Arie Salma and guitarist Rob Math in 2012. Their musical style combines classic Flamenco with Salsa, Jazz- and Pop-Styles.

For Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma, Music starts with melody: “If you can’t appreciate the song by listening to it played merely on the guitar or the piano, something in the composition must be missing.”

The first track My Star just underlines Arie’s musical credo. It takes the listener into the folkloristic world of Spain: A catchy melody played by a Flamenco guitar, percussions, and castanets, followed by The Spring, which musically may describe the beauty of a Spanish night in Spring with all its flavors.

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David Longoria – baila!

David Longoria is one of the most important and many-sided trumpet-players in contemporary Smooth-Jazz. He also is a brilliant singer. He worked with Sting, Foreigner, Buddy Rich, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, B.B.King, Boyz II Men and many more. He also have worked as a producer for many other musicians. On February 7, 2014 David Longoria was awarded the Best Jazz Artist award for 2014.

Being classically trained, he has a great range of repertoire, from Classical music to Pop and Jazz, from Flamenco to Salsa and even Disco and House-Music.

On his new album baila!, he shows the whole spectrum of his talents.

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fo/mo/deep – The Groovy Goodness

Music in our times is often described with a certain kind of label like Jazz, Rock, Fusion etc.. But the musical concept of fo/mo/deep is different from that. They don’t seem to care for labels; they put different styles together, just as they like it.

The result can -once again- be enjoyed on their new record The Groovy Goodness. The Groovy Goodness takes the listener on a journey into the groovy and funky sounds of the seventies and the eighties of the last century.

Musical eclecticism is often used as a negative term, just to describe music, which contains nothing unique. But The Groovy Goodness shows, that ‘eclecticism’ can also be understood as ‘music without boundaries’.

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