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Jonathan Fritzén – Ballads

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden’s finest export of smooth jazz, piano magician Jonathan Fritzén spreads his wings over the States. With his 6th album Ballads (2017) he demonstrates the rightness of his compositional concept.

Guest musicians on his new project are Alex Crown and Andreas Rydman (guitars), Katarina Fritzén (flute) and Peter “Peet” Ferencz (violin). All other instruments are played by Jonathan, who also composed, produced and mixed all songs.

The Journey is remarkable in its quiet, unobtrusive song structure, which fits so wonderfully to the Swedish natural landscape. The piano is the main carrier of the sonic sequence and is gently accompanied by a violin arrangement.

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Freeze Frame – Endless Summer

Lincoln Park – The Best Of Freeze Frame should be a crowning end to his life’s work. A carefully selected compilation of the defining pieces of his varied albums as a statement and key to discover his opuses.

The cat cannot stop chasing mice and the musician cannot stop creating new music. Ray Bach comments: “While one might remember that I have announced that I have to stop future releases that create a massive effort I have to admit that I can’t help myself here.”

That said Ray Bach aka Freeze Frame presents his newest project Endless Summer (2017) with the title “the last album”. Ray has written, performed and produced all tracks. Further musicians on selected tracks are Tom Farmer (sax), Jan Hiltman (guitar), Stefan Gade (bass) and LIZA (vocals).

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Artur Bayramgalin – Let’s Talk

Russian guitarist Artur Bayramgalin has already created some gems of smooth jazz. To mention are Interro Island (2009), Electric Breezz (2010), Perfect Day (2014), and My Seasons (2015). His new album Let’s Talk (2017) is just released on the freshly founded German Lemongrassmusic sub-label Lemon Jazz Records.

Artur is supported on his new album by Artur Gimaev (trumpet), Anton Buzz (sax), Leysan Saripova and Elvina Mustafina (vocals), and Rustem Karimov (percussion). The album lifts off with Let’s Talk, an intimate conversation between Artur and the trumpeter Artur Gimaev, breathing the melancholy of a summer afternoon.

Embedded in a Latin-inspired rhythm Artur celebrates the sound of his guitar on Intero featuring Anton Buzz on sax. Bayramgalin’s inner relaxed attitude gets its expression in his smooth-running guitar performance. With a swaying Samba beat he approaches the Tangerine Coast. The tangerine is an orange-colored citrus fruit that is closely related to, or possibly a type of, mandarin orange. The sweet fruitiness morphs into a rich harmonic declaration of lyrical independence.

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Matt Marshak – Year’s End

years-endYear’s End is guitarist Matt Marshak‘s debut New Age recording. He has released 9 contemporary jazz records over the last 15 years that have been featured on Billboard and other Jazz charts. On this effort Matt delivers a very different offering: From the heart, melodic, introspective, atmospheric, new age acoustic guitar. There are enticing melodies, capturing moods, and an overall feeling of Peace and Joy to this recording. The songs on Year’s End echo the end of the year. Autumn, harvest, and Winter time are the themes of this recording. As the leaves change, the air cools, and Winter soon approaches, it is a reflective time of the year.

Year’s End is the soundtrack for the Autumn and Winter seasons. From the heart, organic and melodic handcrafted new age atmospheric guitar. Now at CDBaby.

Ron Wells – Sweet Incense

Sweet IncenseRon Wells has released with Sweet Incense an instrumental album written for relaxation, prayer, worship, and intercession with a variety of musical styles. This is music designed to relax and yet expand the cognizance of the unlimited glory and love of the God of the universe. No animals were harmed in the making of this album.

Sweet Incense is also categorized as New Age and Easy Listening. Check it out at CDBaby.

Freeze Frame – The Lost Book Of Moviescores

The musical career of keyboardist Ray Bach began in 1989 with the album The Book Of Movie Scores, released in 1991 on the label IC / Digit. Soon followed his second album The Crossover (1992). When Ray asked me to assemble the songs for the compilation Lincoln Park – The Best Of Freeze Frame and to write the liner notes, I insisted to include songs from the beginning of his period of creation.

My assumption Ray would pull copies of the early CDs, turned out to be wrong. Instead he studied the original Master tapes to eventually re-master these tapes. He went into his archive and found an astonishing amount of final mixes, demos, multi track tapes and discs with sequence data.

After carefully re-mastering the old tapes or new mixing the tracks, the result is The Lost Book Of Moviescores (2016). Instrumental, new age, film music, ambient music and no jazz at all. Enter The Wave has the freshness of his early years. Ray has developed his unique identity working out the special power of synthesizer.

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Absinthe Minded – Soundtrack for a Louisiana Swamp

Soundtrack for a Louisiana SwampWelcome to the world of Absinthe Minded. With Frank Ball on guitar, dobro, mandolin, and harmonica, and Jon R Smith on Sax, Absinthe Minded weaves a lush tapestry of the haunting images and sounds of Louisiana. Many natural sounds of wildlife and nature are incorporated into this production. We are a part of life in South Louisiana and it is definitely a part of us. Videos accompanying these songs can be seen at . The songs are written with the intention of being used as soundtracks for motion pictures. From the urban world of New Orleans to the swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin these songs will transport your soul to the heartbeat of Louisiana.

Absinthe Minded is their most recent project and this is the first in series of forth coming CDs. Absinthe was a popular drink in France and New Orleans in the 1800s until eventually made illegal due to it’s psychedelic properties. It is now legal once again and is gaining popularity. Drinking of Absinthe is referred to as “Dancing with the Green Fairy”. Absinthe has a natural green colour and was referred to as the Green Fairy. Two famous artists who helped popularize the notion that absinthe had powerful psychoactive properties were Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh. In one of the best-known written accounts of absinthe drinking, an inebriated Oscar Wilde described a phantom sensation of having tulips brush against his legs after leaving a bar at closing time.

Soundtrack for a Louisiana Swamp is a musical excursion into psychedelic dreams at CDBaby.