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Dreaming In Colour – The Dream Merchant

Dreaming In Colour is a contemporary, instrumental jazz group that presents an atmosphere of resonant song writing full of energy and melodiousness. The group’s diverse musical influences and contributions to contemporary jazz have been well received and appreciated by lovers of this genre. Their common ground is not just playing music, but creating a hip cutting edge vibe as well.

With an array of talent and musical arrangements that are sure to grab you, a Dreaming In Colour performance will awaken your inner musical self. Each incarnation of the group has influenced the compass of their musical odyssey. Over the years their sound has evolved into one that consists of an inter-blend of some of today’s top contemporary jazz artists. The group says, ” While hurdling some of the obstacles of composing, it’s important that your music remains relevant, recognizable and has staying power.”

The nucleus of Dreaming In Colour, bassist-Kevin Ellis, drummer-Chris Noonan and guitarist-Joe Calandrino, enlist some of the top sax and keyboard luminaries in contemporary Jazz for recording and performance.

While forging a genesis of energy complemented by bright, funky hooks; Dreaming In Colour presents a diverse collaboration of creativity. An encounter with Dreaming In Colour is truly an escape from the ordinary and may leave one referring to it as a dream sequence .  The Dream Merchant is soon available in all stores, also at CDBaby.

Pete Gitlin – Amplify

Coming Together Records proudly announces Amplify, the second release from Phoenix-based guitarist and composer Pete Gitlin. Following up on “Full Circle and the Great Temptation”, and its #1 hit “Sunshine Days”, Amplify stakes out new ground in the alternative jazz genre. Early previews of the CD describe it as “the Sgt. Pepper of smooth jazz”, in that each of the ten tracks are very different, and yet they hang together as an inspiring and uplifting work.

Far from playing it safe, Gitlin and his producer, John Herrera, from the legendary Arizona fusion band Turning Point, have crafted a dizzying array of styles and songs, from the pure smooth jazz of the joyous single “Lucky in Love”, to the neo-soul of “Soul Connection”, to the raunchy beat of “Reggaetown”, to the country/jazz feel of “Cowboys and Indians”, to the Philly-soul sound of “Until the Morning Comes”. A truly unique work, with production and excitement rare in the smooth jazz genre.

The Sgt. Pepper of smooth jazz! Ten diverse tracks, featuring Pete on guitar, joined by incredible musicians and vocalists, including Cindy Bradley, Jeff Kashiwa, Dominic Amato and Dennis Rowland. A musical journey and experience! Amplify is available at CDBaby.

Adam Maslowski – F-Hole in Outer Space

I love instrumental guitar music. I love studying music theory. I love improvising. I love jazz, and fusion music. I was brought up listening to rock and jazz. So, after all my years of practicing, and studying, I finally feel like it is time to do an album devoted to the kind of music I like. This has been a totally fun and rewarding experience. I am finally able to try to compose music of my own. I love that it has structure to it, and usually strong melodies, but it gives me a chance to play what I love most. That is improvising. I love to play emotionally and let it come out different every time.

Most of my songs are based on a theme, or an emotion or a feeling. I try to convey that in each song. I feel that my songs are very storytelling in their emotional journies. Just like a good book or movie, they introduce you to the mood at the beginning, then develop a little character, get into the story, and then usually build to some kind of a climax and then kind of re-state the whole mood again.

My songs celebrate life through music. Some are a tribute to a person or an entire race of people. Some just try to re-create the feeling I had at a certain time in my life, or the emotion I felt at a particular moment.
I feel there is something for everyone in this album. Especially if you like guitar instrumental music. I loved the sound of the electric guitar ever since I was a young kid. I spent most of my life trying to fall in love all over again with the instrument and I think I am hooked for life. It has many colors and sometimes I am accused of trying to play too many different styles of music. Variety keeps me alive. I keep growing and am surprised daily at how much I have learned, and how much I still have yet to learn.

If you like the sound of a guitar, you just might like this album. It contains the stuff that made me fall in love with the guitar many years ago right now at CDBaby.

Royce Campbell – Right Now!

Originally released under the group name RC & The Groovediggers, Right Now has now been reissued under the name of the producer, Royce Campbell. This CD was on the smooth jazz charts for three months in ’05.

Acclaimed jazz player Royce Campbell’s music brings together a range of styles, influences, and technical skill, defining his own, unique approach to jazz guitar.

As a full-time musician for over 40 years, Campbell has recorded music with more than a dozen labels in the U.S. and internationally, with twelve projects making the jazz radio airplay charts.

Right Now! and more albums of this artist are available at CDBaby.

Cliff Targum – Tropical Oasis

Cliff Targum grew up in Agoura CA where music was always a part of the home. He began playing the guitar at around the age of 14 years. Since then he has studied and written much music. He is also gives lessons on the guitar.

His new album Tropical Oasis is a blend of Spanish guitars and smooth grooves.  Guitar lovers will listen to this album at CDBaby.

Frank Gambale feat. Boca – Soulmine

Guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale is widely known as well respected artist performing with jazz legends like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham and as member of the jazz fusion supergroup Return To Forever. With more than 20 solo albums in his credit and dozens of other guest record projects his name echoes like thunder.

In January 2010 he married his soulmate fiancé Boca. The project Soulmine is Frank’s affair of the heart. Frank comments in an interview: “Boca is a wonderful singer/songwriter and talented pianist. She’s just a fantastic talent. I’ve wanted to do vocal music. Back in Australia I was always in vocal bands and it’s something I’m returning to – although I’ve done vocal tunes on my instrumental records too. Before, I was doing the lead singing, but I wanted a wonderful, talented singer to front the sound. We wrote ten songs together. I’m really excited about it.”

Further artists on this album are bassist Victor Wooten, drummer Joel Taylor, pianist Otmar Ruiz, and organist Brian Auger. Gary Coppola adds some background vocals on selected tracks.



Take 6 – One

With the popularity of televised vocal competitions like the explosive a cappella show The Sing Off and the mania over singing driven comedy dramas like Glee, Take 6 is the original torchbearer for the first instrument. The ten-time Grammy and ten-time Dove winners, Take 6, (Claude McKnight, Mark Kibble, Joel Kibble, Dave Thomas, Alvin Chea and Khristian Dentley) celebrate their 25th Anniversary this year and have a lot to be grateful for. The distinguished Gospel/Jazz vocal group, heralded by Quincy Jones as the “baddest vocal cats on the planet!’ are the quintessential acapella group and model for what vocal genius is.

Through the years they have won praise from such luminaries as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Brian Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston. Any singer who aspires for vocal excellence cannot overlook the contributions these men have made to music. The multi-platinum selling sextet says of their longevity, “The glue for Take 6 is that we consider this a Ministry. We are God’s group! We are also family in the sense that we care deeply about each other, and that helps keep us together. We have times when it gets tough, but we pull together because of the love we have for one another.”

One is Take 6’s first project without Cedric Dent, who retired from the group last year. “Cedric had taken a position with MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN) which didn’t allow him to go out on the road during the school year and kind of limited him only to the weekends and that’s if it worked for the schedule,” says Kibble. “So we decided it was best to find a person to step in and cover him when he couldn’t be there. We actually had a pool of three people we used over the years. Khristian Dentley was one of those people called on to step in. He did it beautifully and had a lot of energy. In standing in for Cedric, we were able to learn his personality and he was able to learn the music. After seven years, Cedric decided to go full time into academia and when he did, Khristian was already primed to step in behind him.”

Dentley brings a multitude of skills to the mix. He programmed, co-wrote or co-arranged some of the songs such as “One,” the soulful, block-party styled title song.  “Khristian was the visionary behind the music video for that song,” says McKnight. It was shot at a private home outside of Los Angeles with about 40 Take 6 friends and family members. Stevie Wonder; Claude McKnight’s little brother, crooner Brian McKnight; Lalah Hathaway, Lil Fizz from B2K and former pro football player Greg Gunther all make appearances in the video. “The video was all about getting together at a family styled barbecue and hanging out and just having fun,” says Claude McKnight. “We invited some of our friends, we had some cameos. It was just a lot of fun.” Continue reading

Funkee Boy – Philosoulphy

Chart topping Smooth Jazz keyboardist/producer Funkee Boy delivers his sophmore CD Philosoulphy containing 13 stellar songs that draw upon his influences in Smooth Jazz, Funk, RnB, and Soul! Philosoulphy features special guest appearances from his friends & fellow recording artists Leila, Elan Trotman, Vincent Ingala, Ru Williams, Anthony Rivera, Robert Harris, LG McKenzie, and more. Funkee Boy’s trademark songwriting and production style shine thru on songs with strong melodies that stick in your head from the moment you play them.

This CD has inspiring music to fit your every mood making you want to play it over & over & over again. If you like the passionate, romantic sound of artists such as Luther Vandross, Sade, the contemporary sound of today’s RnB artists Brian McKnight, NeYo, the classic grooves of Earth, Wind, & Fire/Tower Of Power/Stevie Wonder and the smooth jazz of artists Brian Culbertson, Dave Koz, Kenny G, etc. then this CD is for you!

Philosoulphy contains 13 songs featuring beautiful melodies with Piano, Saxophone, blended with creative/meaningful lyrics and rich sultry warm vocals. Funkee Boy also pays tribute to one of his favorite bands Tower of Power on the track “On Top” (featuring RU Williams) on vocals, where he creatively infuses titles of his favorite   Tower of Power songs within the lyrics.

For those wanting to get in a romantic mood, check out the sexy ballads “Anatomy” featuring the silky voice of Anthony Rivera”, “When We Groove” featuring the sultry voice of Leila, and the sweet piano lead on “Ssensuality”. These songs are sure to get you in the mood! All -n- All Funkee Boy’s – Philosoulphy is a CD perfectly blending old school with new school that will lift you up and never let you down.

The album is now available at CDBaby.

D Turner – Sharing The Groove

D Turner‘s love for music began at the age of five and continued throughout college where he mastered three instruments. Drums, Bass and Keyboards. He has a Christian musical background and enjoys playing, composing and arranging to everything from jazz, pop, soul, easy listening, hip hop and more.

D Turner has performed and/or recorded with several original artists and bands, including Ronnie Laws, gospel artist Brian Duncan and Daryl Coley with compositions that can be heard on the Weather Channel and numerous radio ads. He has extensive recording experience and has recorded in various studios in and around the Los Angeles area.

D Turner has a passion for music. His talent for creativity can be heard in his project Sharing The Groove. Which is totally all keyboards. Eventually finding his way to smooth jazz, he enjoys focusing on that while still composing. Please visit his current project on the music link to CDBaby.

Chinua Hawk – A Beautifully Complicated Life

Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, just some of the words that can be used to describe Chinua Hawk. Chinua (pronounced: Shin-Wa) has worked with Wyclef Jean, Kanye West and his debut CD release for Blue Canoe illustrates just what a dynamic recording artist Mr. Hawk is.

It’s “gonna be alright” is the underlying theme of Chinua Hawk’s dynamite new release A Beautifully Complicated Life, produced by Joseph Patrick Moore (Earl Klugh, Stewart Copeland, Bob James). In his fourth full length compilation, Mr. Hawk sings of heartbreak and finding his way back to life. A songwriting partnership with Wyclef Jean and studio support work with Kanye West has led Chinua Hawk to A Beautifully Complicated Life. Listeners will be captivated by Mr. Hawk’s unique blend of pop, gospel, R&B and classic soul.