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Bob Baldwin – NewUrbanJazz 3/An UrbanSmooth Suite

New Urban Jazz 3Actually, keyboardist Bob Baldwin had not planned a new album after his instrumental album Henna (2020). However, the current initial situation, which largely excludes touring, is quite fruitful for productivity. Accordingly, we can welcome the new album NewUrbanJazz 3/An UrbanSmooth Suite.

It is already his 32nd album and the third in his NewUrbanJazz series. Bob defines this term as A gumbo of contemporary jazz, Urban, R&B and Brazilian/Caribbean genres. The focus of this album is on the vocal element especially from the R&B genre. Bob places increased emphasis on high quality music and the participation of a variety of musicians, as their musical contribution beneficially broadens the creative spectrum. See credits for details.

As is well known, Bob runs his own radio station and so the first song The Urban Smoothsmith makes reference to this fact and his famous predecessors, the radio personalities Frankie Crocker and Pat Prescott. Right away with the song Funk In Da Pocket Bob pushes the funkomometer to the upper limit. Written and interpreted by La-Rita Gaskins the virtuoso singer brings so much energy that the spark literally jumps over.

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Bob Baldwin – New Urban Jazz 3

This latest Bob Baldwin disc is a blend of Urban Music through a Jazz lens, this time featuring his touch as a vocal producer. Tracks by Lori Williams, LaRita Gaskins, Toni Redd, Monica Mason, GiGi Welling, Regina Trouxpe (all on vocals), also Ragan Whiteside, J-Fly, Tres Gilbert, Melvin Baldwin, Barry Danielian, Phil Hamilton, and more! Turn your bass up and get right with this groove.

Get your physical CD on his special website.

Bob Baldwin – Back To Basics (Family First)

Contemporary jazz pianist Bob Baldwin started his career in 1983 and his debut album was A Long Way To Go (1988). His new album Back To Basics (Family First) is meanwhile his thirty second album in this year of lost and shock. Bob comments: “Through the toughness of it all, we are trying to make some sense of it. I was blessed to stay home and create.”

Pianist/Composer/Arranger Bob Baldwin’s 32nd offering was not planned so soon. His upcoming disc is a jazz-funk offering, and his latest journey with rhythms, vocals and syncopated vibrations continues to intrigue and inspire. The end result is the empathetic new single. ‘Back To Basics (Family First)’.

‘The upcoming disc is a direct result of basically staying home, staying off the road, quarantining, not knowing what’s really happening out there’, says the New York native. “As a result, at home, I got back into a heavy groove of producing, arranging, wanting and performing on several tracks, including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, CeCe Peniston, Ragan Whiteside and Lori Williams. I also, however, squeezed out 11 tracks for myself. I didn’t want the time at home to be wasteful, and in many cases. I found myself needing less, being less dependent from the outside world and keeping things uber-simple Eating better, enjoying family and friends, re-connecting with some great people was the order of the day, hence, my latest creation, ‘ Back To Basics (Family First)’ is a reflection of these moments. Continue reading

Bob Baldwin – Henna

In a promotional video Bob Baldwin reflects on the fact that Henna is already his 31st album. Contemporary jazz pianist Bob Baldwin started his career in 1983 and his debut album was A Long Way To Go (1988).

The title of the debut borders on clairvoyant abilities, which are confirmed by his new album. Henna is a reddish-brown dye made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used to color the hair and decorate the body. Basically, it is a symbol of transience, of which Bob is also aware.

The musicians of this album are a mirror of an in a long time grown friendship with a variety of his musical companions. Dave Anderson (bass), Tony Lewis (drums), Café Da Silva (percussion), Ragan Whiteside (flute), Lori Williams (vocals), Rohn Lawrence (guitar), Tom Browne, Barry Danielian, Joey Sommerville (trumpet), Marion Meadows, Walter Beasley, Marcus Anderson (sax), Brooke Alford (violin), Oli Silk (keyboards), and the guitarists Nils and U-Nam.

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Bob Baldwin – Henna

Bob Baldwin‘s latest release is called “Henna” and it’s an organic expression of his music, but it’s also an expression of creative control, a path he credits his longevity to. The Radio Host of the award-winning International weekly NewUrbanJazz Radio program shares his thoughts.

“I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go,” says the Mt. Vernon, New York Native. “People seem to flame out quick in this industry, but the real victory is finishing the race.”

Another lesson the 11-time SESAC Composer Award-winner wishes to teach is that of ownership. “In the Ray Charles movie, ‘Ray’, there’s a five-minute scene of him sitting across from the label president demanding creative control AND ownership of the records. Not only did the Label agree, he also received an advance for the production. Brilliant move, but unfortunately, for every Ray Charles success story, you have thousands of other artist horror stories (like Toni Braxton, TLC) who made business secondary, soon after watching career and life spiral into the ozone. It’s a horror story I’d like to see less of. Some of them should call me direct because I could really give some very good sound advice,” laughs Baldwin. Continue reading

Bob Baldwin – Presents Abbey Road And The Beatles

Calling keyboardist Bob Baldwin an active musician borders on simple understatement. He celebrated his twentieth album in 2013 and this year he has already released two albums.

At regular intervals he releases albums in which he thematises certain musicians or groups. On his Tribute to Michael Jackson “Never Can Say Goodbye” (2010) he performed popular songs of the king of Pop. On Betcha By Golly Wow – The Songs By Thom Bell (2012) he encompasses the Philly Sound. On Mellowonder – Songs in The Key Of Stevie (2015) he interpreted songs by Motown hero Stevie Wonder.

This year Bob Baldwin focuses with Bob Baldwin Presents Abbey Road And The Beatles on songs of the Fab Four. By the way his 25th album. Bob plays on this album piano, keyboards, vocals, Vocoder, bass, drums, melodica. On selected tracks he is joined by Dennis Johnson (percussion/atmosphere), Tony Lewis (drums), Dave Anderson (bass), Café’ Da Silva (percussion), CeCe Peniston, Lori Williams (lead vocals), Euge Groove (sax), and Ragan Whiteside (flute).

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Bob Baldwin – Welcome To The Games (Remixed Version)

His internet-only release City Sketches – a disc privately released commemorating the 1996 Olympics – is a musical portrait of the city of Atlanta celebrating the city’s unique history. Violinist Regina Carter so loved “Downtown Underground” that she in turn recorded it on her CD, Something for Grace. Baldwin performed for the athletes at Atlanta’s Olympic Games and shared the stage with Roy Ayers and Chuck Loeb at the Club Benson and Hedges Music Festival. Then in 2000, he traveled to South Africa with Marion Meadows for a historical concert.

Welcome To The Games (Remixed Version) is an Atlanta-based homegrown remix of a project Bob Baldwin did years ago in 1996, and it is Funky! This album contains three new tracks and with 3 bonus tracks “For My Baby”, “Thought It Was You”, and “Funkin’ For Jamaica” (instrumental), all partially recorded in the late 1990’s.

You get this album exclusively on Bob’s website.

Bob Baldwin – Bob Baldwin Presents Abbey Road and The Beatles

Bob Baldwin was a kid listening to pop radio in the outskirts of New York City when he fell in love with the melodies of the Beatles. For his 25th album, the pianist-keyboardist embarks upon a magical mystery tour through the hit-filled pages of the legendary group’s storied songbook, plying his trademark urban-jazz sheen to the iconic harmonies. The Red River Entertainment release that dropped last Friday (November 30), Bob Baldwin presents Abbey Road and the Beatles was produced and arranged by Baldwin who wrote an original song in tribute to the band, “Abbey Road,” along with composing new passages that add unique elements to the eleven reimagined Beatles classics.

Having issued albums that honor the landmark works of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Thom Bell, Baldwin set his sights on the Fab Four’s influential catalogue that first captured his interest decades ago.

“My childhood listening tendencies before I was ten-years-old were quite broad, including Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, the music of Motown and Aretha Franklin. On the pop side, the catchy hooks of the Beatles crept into my ear from days of listening to pop radio. For this project, I wanted to interject my own reharmonized view of the Beatles music while keeping the original melodies pure. Doing the Beatles was a different twist for me,” said Baldwin, who plays piano, keyboards, bass, drums, melodica, vocoder and plies his soothing tenor voice to the session. “It would be cool to know if Sir Paul McCartney could hear it, and more importantly, if he digs the attempt.” Continue reading

Bob Baldwin – Music with a Message

Pianist/Arranger Bob Baldwin delivers timely music in the spirit of the classic “What’s Goin’ On” vibe as some tracks speak to the current conditions of the US and the world. The sampler features the powerful vocals of Lori Williams on the heart-wrenching “Where’s That Smile” and the popular Pandora recurrent smash “Stand Tall”, now edited for radio, a heartfelt composition penned following the historic 9/11 tragedy.
Music with a Message is his brand-new album, now available on

Bob Baldwin – The Gift of Christmas

14947413_1049456588486721_5514232106515465841_nBob Baldwin is an International Jazz artist, having recorded on 4 different continents since the beginning of his recording career (1988). He has 8 top-10 Billboard Jazz discs since 2000. In 2015, his tribute to Stevie Wonder (“MelloWonder/Songs in the Key of Stevie), broke top through the top-10 Billboard Jazz Charts, his 12th Top-20 disc. In 1988, Roberta Flack selected him as the Sony Innovators Award winner in a highly publicized new-artist-signing contest. He was then walked into music mogul Sylvia Rhone’s office and signed his first deal with Atlantic Jazz. He’s worked with such Jazz and Pop stars like George Benson, Grover Washington, Jr. (RIP), Will Downing, Marion Meadows, Pieces of a Dream, Kirk Whalum, Phil Perry, Chuck Loeb and Chieli Minucci, to name a select few.

His newest project is The Gift of Christmas. This album features on selected tracks Lee Mendelson, Corvina Nielsen, and Ragan Whiteside. The album is on sale at