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Kevin Jackson – Full Circle

Baltimore’s own Kevin Jackson recorded and performed with artists Sheila E., Chico Debarge, Jennifer Holliday, Maysa, Oli Silk, and more. His potent mix of soulful R&B, rock, contemporary Christian, and contemporary jazz offers something for every taste. On stage, it’s easy to see this is where he is most comfortable. Kevin is a laid back guitar player, but don’t let that fool you. Live, he and his band sneak up on you with tight grooves and sly melodies.

Jackson’s first CD, “Stories in Color”, debuted in 2012. That same year, Jackson was a featured artist at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington, DC, and at Artscape here in Baltimore. In 2015, Jackson released “The Mirrored Truth”. The album and song “Favorite Way” was considered for a GRAMMY nomination for best traditional R&B album of the year and best traditional R&B song of the year.

His new album Full Circle is now available on iTunes.


Walter Kittle – Full Circle

Dr. Walter Kittle, known to other musicians as “Dr. Bass” was just 5 when his love for music started. But his journey to playing music full time has taken decades. The bassist/composer has released his second album, Full Circle. Kittle comments: “I think music has always been in my genes. After practicing as a chiropractor for 35 years, my wife finally told me to go back into music. She knew that was my first passion.” Kittle started as a music major at Michigan State University and gigged frequently in the area. “I did a lot of volunteer work, playing at churches or for friends,” Kittle said. “I’ve always loved music and thought I’d be a performer,”

While bass players generally hang out in the back of the ensemble, Kittle uses a piccolo bass guitar that puts his sound out in front. “It sounds like a jazz guitar,” Kittle said. “It might come as a shock to many, but it’s a bass. It’s unknown and unique for a jazz artist.”

A fresh smooth jazz guitar album that is available as download at CDBaby.

Brian Bromberg – Full Circle

bbfullcircleWorld-renowned acoustic and electric bassist Brian Bromberg hasn’t released an album in the U.S. since 2012, a fact that might not have been cause for concern if you know that at one point he released three albums in one year. Every man deserves a break. However, once you realize that this chameleon with over 20 projects in his catalog recently had reason to believe that he might never play music again, you understand the gravity of his latest acoustic jazz project, Full Circle – one he says may well be “the most important record of my career.”

Like all of his work, Bromberg’s latest features a stellar cast that includes trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, saxophonists Bob Sheppard, Kirk Whalum and Doug Webb, pianists Randy Waldman, Mitch Forman and Otmaro Ruiz, and percussionist Alex Acuña. The project also finds ‘the man that refuses to sit still’ mixing styles from New Orleans funk and a legit jazz cover of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop `Til You Get Enough” to Cubop – with a sizzling relentless swing throughout. But the aspects that make this project resonate deeper than anything Bromberg’s done prior boils down to a series of life changing events, career firsts and the magic of today’s technology meeting mediums of old.

A freak accident that Bromberg had at his home a couple years ago resulted in him breaking his back in two places with severe trauma. The fall nearly debilitated him requiring extensive rehabilitation to stand and walk, let alone cradle an upright bass properly or strap an electric bass on his back. Through sheer intestinal fortitude, exhaustive work, and the love and support of the woman in his life, Bromberg made an amazing recovery. When he did, a familial spirit guided him to make an album that returned him to his roots in acoustic jazz. That spirit is that of his father, Howard Bromberg, a once-busy drummer in Tucson, Arizona (where Bromberg was born) who inspired both his sons to play drums as well. Continue reading

Lawson Rollins – Full Circle

As acoustic guitarist Lawson Rollins has a special affinity for Latin jazz. He has already acted this passion on his solo albums Infinita (2008), Espirito (2010) and Elevation (2011). That with so much success that now follows his fourth album Full Circle (2013).

On his new album Lawson is accompanied by Dominic Carmadella (keyboards, piano), Dave Bryants (drums, percussion), Randy Tico (bass), Richard Hardy (clarinet, sax and flute), Charlie Bisharatz (violin) and Cameron Stone (cello). Lawson has written all compositions, which corresponds to his basic attitude.

Lawson comments: “Full Circle is somewhat of a return to my roots in a sense, with the focus shifting to a sound that is more centered and grounded in the instrument I know best – the nylon string Spanish guitar. I was determined and indeed excited to create a cohesive, guitar-focused album. Full Circle is perhaps the most accurate, pointed expression of my guitar style and approach to melody and songcraft to date.”

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Lawson Rollins – Full Circle

FullCircleHaving traversed the world in search of intriguing sounds from virtually every corner of the globe with his beloved Spanish guitar en tow, Lawson Rollins has come full circle on his aptly titled fourth solo album, “Full Circle,” which will be released July 16th by his Infinita Records.

Adopting a “less can be more” philosophy on the twelve new songs that he composed allows the focus to be on Rollins’ captivating melodies and dexterous fretwork that unfold over worldbeat rhythms and multicultural instrumentation. Radio listeners will be introduced to the collection Rollins produced with multi-platinum producer Dominic Camardella (Ottmar Liebert, Flora Purim, 3rd Force) when the first single, “Momentum,” is shipped to stations in June.

Just as he has on his previous releases, Rollins entered the recording studio with Camardella (keyboards, piano) and a gifted ensemble comprised of Grammy-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, bassist Randy Tico, percussionist Dave Bryant and saxophonist/flutist Richard Hardy. Rollins plays classical, flamenco and electric guitars on “Full Circle” along with keyboards and drum programming. The multilingual etchings of the erudite guitarist fluctuate in tone and speed. Continue reading

Aniya – Full Circle

Delbert Boyer, guitar player for Aniya has been playing for over 20 years. He grew up and performed in the Philadelphia area, including Delaware and New Jersey. Delbert has opened for major acts such as B. B. King, Pieces of a Dream, Houston Person as well as many familiar local artists and bands.  Delbert attended Temple University as a guitar major. He studied with Tom Giagabetti, Ed Flanagan and Larry McKenna. Delbert later moved to San Diego that led his career into Smooth Jazz.

Andre’ Hoxster, keyboard player for Aniya has been playing keys for over 20 years. Andre’ grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area and later moved to New Castle, Delaware. Andre’ attended Christiana Cultural Arts Center as a bassist and piano minor. He played with many local artists, bands and church groups in the tri-state area. Andre’ later moved to New Jersey where he became part of the Atlantic City scene. There he was picked up by Time Warner’s music division. Andre’ went on to play and work with many major acts. Later he moved back to Delaware for a much needed rest from the road. While on break, Andre’ met up with Delbert and they created the group Aniya. Later they hooked up with bassist, Tyrone Blanford, known as T bone and drummer, Kenny Gladney. The rest is history.

Their newest album is entitled Full Circle and now available at CDBaby.

John E. Taylor – Full Circle

Some musicians are very restricted in giving any information about their person. What do we know about John E. Taylor? He is saxophonist and he loves Christian Jazz.  His debut album is called Full Circle and was released in 2008.

Now you have the chance to listen to his music at CDBaby.