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SAXPACKGIRL – Dream a Night Like This

Pacharee Sa-nguanprasert (Pang) was born in April 19, 1990. Pacharee started to learn Saxophone when she was 14 years old in secondary school band. In 2008 Pachare was accepted from College Of Music, Mahidol University Major in saxophone performance (classical) with Professor Shyen Lee and Mr.Anawin Kerdteesud in Jazz Saxophone (Minor program). After graduated she work as teacher and musician.

In 2014 she has set the group with her partner Kwang which called SAXPACKGIRL channel in Youtube and Facebook Page. As they work together known as “SAXPACKGIRL”, Kwang & Pang did the Travel&Music Festival Video Program as the hosts. And they did the cover songs and also write their own original songs to use for the Youtube programs and Live Sessions. In 2017 they have released their first album Dream a Night Like This.

This album is available on iTunes.


Jim Wilson – Remembrance

Along life’s journey, we may be lucky enough to meet someone who inspires us, has a lasting impact and transforms how we love and live our life. Pianist Jim Wilson said goodbye to his inspirational figure last year when his aunt passed away at age 97. He wrote “The Girl From Eastland County” for Aunt Billie Jo for his forthcoming tenth album, “Remembrance: A Collection of Cinematic Portraits,” but the presence of the woman who embodied unconditional love is felt throughout the redolent session of poignant piano poetry that drops September 28 from Willow Bay Music. Remembering another dear confidante, Andrew Gold, Wilson offers a sprightly instrumental remake of the late singer-songwriter’s worldwide hit “Thank You For Being A Friend,” which was remixed for radio airplay by the track’s guitarist Chris Standring.

On Remembrance, Wilson pours his seemingly endless fount of sweeping melodies and grandiose harmonies to craft vivid sonicscapes rendered with heart and emotion. Inherently expressive and sentimental, his exquisite piano strikes resonant notes that penetrate deep to the core. The color and scope applied to Wilson’s canvases vary, sometimes favoring a full palate of lavish orchestrations such as on opener “Shadow Falls,” the title track, “Under A Highlands Moon” and “Denouement”; other times choosing dreamlike ambient hues (“Tangerine Moon” and “Diogenes Lantern”); or opting to leave his reverential pencil sketches sparsely adorned (“In The Stillness” and “Home is Where the Heart Is”). Whether the accompaniment be minimal and atmospheric or illumined by noteworthy musicians including keyboardist Brad Cole (Phil Collins), drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John), Irish flutist Eric Rigler (“Titanic” soundtrack) and noted session players Troy Dexter (guitar) and Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Wilson’s aim is to connect and lead his listeners on an affecting path of discovery.

“I’ve always been told that my music has a visual quality to it, but I wanted to take it to a new level with this record, creating a collection of ‘cinematic portraits’ that take the listener on an emotional journey. ‘Remembrance’ has a reverent, contemplative feel that serves as centerpiece for the rest of the album. What matters most is that this music enriches the lives of those who hear it,” said Wilson, who concluded by addressing the role his aunt still plays in his life. “I strive to be more like her in every aspect of my life.” Continue reading

Notorius – Groove Mode

Groove Mode was written and produced by Cedric “Cnote” Buard, who also plays drums and keys and features Bach Norwood on bass, Gary Delvecchio on horns, Ashley Westgate on vocals, and Dave Bunger on guitar. The music has been described as “Southern Paul Hardcastle with a twist”. The musicianship alone on this CD is impeccable. Combine that with relaxing vocal melodies and sensual female vocals, and you have the formula for great smooth jazz. The CD contains 19 total tracks and includes the vocal editions as well as the instrumental edition together for one low price.

This collection is for download only on CDBaby.

The Classics, Smooth And Sexy: Smooth Jazz Plays The Great Love Songs

The ultimate collection of the great R&B love songs performed by the top stars in Smooth Jazz!

Sensuous interpretations of songs originally made famous by Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, The Isley Brothers, Roberta Flack, Robin Thicke, The Stylistics and others, lovingly performed by Smooth Jazz greats Will Downing, Euge Groove, Norman Brown, Kim Waters, Maysa, Chuck Loeb and more!

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Dave Muse – Forgotten Journey

Dave Muse has released on May 21, 2018 his 4th solo album, Forgotten Journey. This new project takes an evolutionary step toward a more contemporary jazz feel with a Latin funk vibe, moving away from the rock/pop/jazz sound of Dave’s 2016 release Firefall Revisited. But don’t be mistaken, it won’t be boring background music. These tracks are upbeat, light and will make you move.

The CD will include 10 tracks, featuring many of the musicians already associated with the Dave Muse sound. Dave has brought back his co-producer / Master of Keyboards Ron Reinhardt, drummer extraordinaire Dave Reinhardt and the incomparable Tim George on bass guitar. There are also some new faces in the crowd to round out the sound. Further  joining artists are Craig Chaquico, Neal Schon, Jim Peterik and Nate Najar.

This album is available on

Gentleman Professional – High Season

San Francisco based formation Gentleman Professional shines with High Season, tropical chill vibes from San Francisco, CA. Watch this video to get in the right mood. By the way you can book your club visit here.

The right sound is High Season and you get it on CDBaby.

Steve Oliver – Illuminate

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Steve Oliver is known for his distinctive style, which results from three components. Foremost a jazz guitarist, he follows his guitar performance with his voice. This jazz singing wherein words are sung note for note to melodies is called vocalese. Steve Oliver’s trademark is the wordless vocalese. The third component is the Roland (Boss) GR-33 guitar synthesizer which bases on the Roland JV-1080 sounds and is triggered by his guitars.

His album Illuminate is now available, his 11th career album. Steve has written and produced all songs. He plays all guitars, guitar synth, vocal sounds, bass, keyboards, drums, sound design. On selected tracks he is joined by Joel Taylor (drums), Cory de Brake, Jimmy Haslip, KT Tylor (bass), Walle Larsson, Chase Huna, Nelson Rangell, BillyRay Sheppard (saxophone), Tateng Katindig (piano), and Craig Chessnut (percussion).

The best way to get started on a new project is to get going at full steam. The aptly titled Full Tilt features Steve Oliver as master at work in the style he is known for and loved by his audience. The Game Is On serves syncopated thrill with exciting freshness.

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