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Adewale Olutunbi – Close to You

Adewale Olutunbi is a saxophonist from United Kingdom. His debut album Close to You is a unique collection of seven songs. Adewale comments: “These songs were inspired by my experiences in life and how I had to rely on God’s guidance through prayers and in dreams. The awesomeness of God is so great, and his earnest desire to restore you, remains his number one priority. No matter how far have detoured from his original blueprint, I undoubtedly want to positively assure you that God’s unconditional love is greater far than any pen can ever tell As you listen to these songs, I pray it brings miraculous healing to your broken soul, family, relationship and sleep.”

Close To You is available on CDBaby.

Jonathan Butler – Close To You

South African guitarist, singer and songwriter Jonathan Butler dedicates himself to Burt Bacharach’s music with invigorating and unique interpretations on Close To You.

“This record was inspired by my fiancé Nadira Kimberly. At home one night, we played and sang together as we listened to “Close To You” by the amazing Burt Bacharach. This really opened the door for me to do this amazing man’s music. In 1975 I was 13 years old when my first single was released, “Please Stay” by none other than Burt Bacharach. It’s like I’ve come full circle.”

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