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Brian Simpson – Something About You

Hailing from Gurnee, Illinois keyboard wizard Brian Simpson combines a masterful control of his instrument with a keen sense of the catchy melody. As popular musician at countless festivals and also very welcomed accompanist he will not be forgotten.

Your personal every day Brian Simpson is now available with Something About You, released July 27, 2018 on Shanachie Entertainment. Brian performs piano and keyboards. In addition he is supported by Alex All (bass), Darrell Crooks (guitar), Ramon Yslas (percussion) and guest musicians Ron King (trumpet), Andre Berry (bass), Oliver Wendell (keyboards, producer) and Yarone Levy (guitar). Steve Oliver created the programming and also produced the album.

Brian enters the album with the title song. The decisive sound moment that drives you addicted unfolds without much difficulty. Morning Samba runs on the same principle. In quick succession the notes of the piano overtake you and leave you no chance to escape the hooky pull.

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