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Bryan Anderson – Live At Creative EJ

Live At Creative EJBryan Anderson, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, started playing bass as a teenager. He was influenced by many bass players of different genres. Bryan’s first steady gig was playing for his church in the mid-1980’s. He recorded a gospel album, The Time Is Now, with members of his church in 1991. In 1992, Bryan moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and began working on various projects. In 1996, he started playing with Drawing Lines, a pop/rock band with a touch of blues and funk. He also performed around Atlanta with the popular jazz quartet, The Will Culbreath Project.

Between gigs and rehearsals, Bryan recorded the solo CDs, Without The Words, Playtime, Spice, Beaufort Avenue & Slow Your Roll. Live At Creative EJ was recorded live at Creative EJ, Huntersville, NC. December 20, 2008. It features: Bryan Anderson – bass, Gavin Munoff – sax, Reggie Graves – guitar, Kariji Jones – keys, Robert Beasley – Percussion, Clayton (Clayfunk) Turnage – drums and special guest Connie Sawyer – sax on “Funky Spy”.

This rare footage is now on sale at CDBaby.

Maurice David Crutcher – Desert Rain

Desert RainThese instrumentals are a mixture of smooth jazz, classical, pop and world music. All tracks were composed, performed, and produced by Maurice David Crutcher. Drum Programming on “March Of Triumph” by Eddie Hedges & Maurice. Influences are George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Hans Zimmer, David Foster, Beatles, Beethoven & Stevie Wonder. Maurice lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he shares a big dose of humor with a even greater musical talent.

Desert Rain is a recommendable tour de force over ebonies and ivories. Get it at CDBaby.

Eduardo Ramos – Eduardo Smooth Jazz

eduardoramos3Eduardo Ramos is a smooth jazz multi instrumentalist, who has already released three albums at CDBaby. Jazz Fusion (2014), a combination of smooth jazz and jazz fusion, Piano Insomnio (2015), an album dedicated to all those who suffer in the evenings to not being able to sleep and Eduardo Smooth Jazz (2015). This album is a tribute to his family, composed songs based on their tasks of everyday life and situations that have happened in his life. Moments that mark you for a lifetime. Music will always be part of our lives ..

Eduardo Smooth Jazz is now available at CDBaby.

Amp Trio – m(y)our world

Music for the visual? Amp Trio does both an audio recording and a video series with m(y)our world (2015).

The musicians are Addison Frei, piano; Matt Young, drums; and Perrin Grace, bass. Special guests who appear on selected tracks are Tahira Clayton, voice; Brad Kang, guitar; Drew Zaremba, organ; and Nick Rothouse, percussion.

Clayton joins the trio for “Stand by You.” It’s an upbeat title, driven by Grace’s riveting bass line. Frei’s piano play gives the song a touch of beauty and elegance. The lyrics speaks of friendship, as Clayton sings, “Stand by me, and I will always stand by you.”

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Chris Standring – Ten

TenChris Standring offers his tenth solo recording with a dazzling soul infused groove-laden jazz set. Digging even deeper into creative territory, Standring continues to stand out from the herd and blaze new trails in the contemporary jazz world.

Celebrating the remarkable milestone of album number Ten – an ever evolving catalog that includes the 2011 re-issue of his 1989 first indie recording Main Course (The Early Tapes) – he’s still got the cool, trippy sonics happening via a colorful fusing of live instrument and DJ sounds. But this time, while keeping his melodies, rhythms and arrangements as infectious as ever, the British born, L.A. based hit maker fashions them as the vehicle for him to unleash his deeper chops as a powerhouse jazz player and improviser.

Soloing with a wild abandon he’s been holding back way too long, the longtime Benedetto endorse introduces us to the latest love of his musical life, his new, gorgeous white Bambino archtop jazz guitar. Perfect combination? Sounds like a perfect Ten. For a very early pre-copy visit Chris’ website and subscribe to his newsletter or place your order at Amazon.

Jermaine Mondaine – Don’t Let the Moment Pass You By

Don't Let the Moment Pass You ByDepending on your preference, this project will either be the jazziest gospel project you’ve ever heard or the churchiest jazz project you’ve ever heard! Either way, this project is 12 tracks of pure musical enjoyment! Don’t Let the Moment Pass You By is a perfect representation of who Jermaine Mondaine is musically. He grew up enjoying a diversity of music, but his main preferences were Contemporary Jazz and Gospel.

There is no doubt you will hear both represented strong in this project. He is honored to be joined by industry giants, Paul Jackson Jr. and Jonathan Du Bose Jr. on guitar and brass sensation, Phil Lassiter on trumpet! This project also features upcoming talents such as, Jeremy Thomas and Carlton “CDub” Whitfield on organ. Project producer and bassist, Michael Fields Jr. of Water From The Rock Productions showed the skills of an industry veteran and helped me turn my music from simple ideas to a musical masterpiece! This project is filled with pleasant musical surprises. I am convinced, whatever your musical preference is, this project is guaranteed to uplift you!

This album is on sale at CDBaby.

Jimmie Highsmith Jr – Saxology 101

Saxology 101A music teacher introduced him to the saxophone. Jimmie Highsmith Jr brought focus and thirst for music to the High School for Performing Arts where he walked the halls with and befriended other standouts like Motion Picture Actor/TV Star Scott “Taye” Diggs & R&B Singer Charlene “Tweet” Keys. He has shared the stage with multiple Grammy Award winners, including Alicia Keys and Wynton Marsalis. Jimmie Highsmith, Jr’s sax work represents some of the best in the Smooth Jazz Genre.

After his debut album Awakening (2013) he returns with Saxology 101, driving and a little funky too. This album is now on sale at CDBaby.

Kim Nalley – Blues People

History, contemporary times, hard times and good times mix and mingle with Kim Nalley’s Blues People (2015).

The band consists of Nalley, vocals; Tammy Hall, piano and organ; Greg Skaff, guitar; Michael Zisman, bass; Kent Bryson, drums; and Bryan Dyer, background vocals.

Blues People is inspired by Amiri Baraka’s book, Blues People: Negro Music in White America. According to the liner notes, Baraka argues in the book that African Americans were fundamentally a blues people. In short, the blues were a way of life, a culture, that encompasses the totality of black Americans’ historical and day-to-day existence.

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Jay Soto – Veritas

VeritasVeritas is Guitarist/Producer, Jay Soto‘s latest album effort. It is an epic, musical journey that seamlessly melds together Rock, Pop, Classical, Latin, World Music and Jazz. the arrangements are delightfully unpredictable and the productions are sophisticated and thoughtful. The writing is unique and the melodies, memorable. Truly a one-of-kind listening experience.

This album is available as download at If you prefer the quality of a physical CD visit his website.

Jim Casey – Miles Goes Wes

Miles Goes WesMiles Goes Wes is a collection of songs from Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery with today’s groove’s and sounds. Jim Casey takes on the Wes Montgomery parts and Steve Howard steps into Mile’s shoes and they both create interplay that stirs the soul!! Jim conceived the project, in fact, as a tribute to his own heroes, Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery.

“Because they’ve never failed to inspire me as creative artists,” says Jim, “I wanted to honor them by interpreting their material. For Wes, the compositions I chose—`Road Songs,’ ‘4 on 6,’ ‘Angel’ and `Day in the Life’—come from sixties. For Miles, I dipped into his classic stuff from the fifties—like `So What’ and ‘Four’—as well as three songs from Tutu, the record he made with Marcus Miller in the eighties that had a huge impact on me. With every tune, though, my goal was to reimagine the songs in a contemporary context. To do that I needed help. That’s why I turned to Frank Hames who essentially serves as my co-producer and main arranger, not to mention engineer and mixer. Frank’s genius informs every second of this record. I met him back in the early seventies when I left my home of Pampa, Texas for college at North Texas in Denton. North Texas—with its incredible One O’Clock Lab Band—was the first time I found myself in a sophisticated musical environment. So many of the great players on Miles Goes Wes—drummers John Bryant, Greg Bissonette and saxist Randy Lee, bassist/drummer Mike Medina, drummer Kirk Covington, bassist James Driscoll–are connected to North Texas.”

North Texas—both the university in Denton and the geographic area encompassing Dallas/Fort Worth—is the fertile territory that gave birth to bands like Phyrework, the legendary jazz-rock-soul group founded by Frank Hames and John Bryant around the same time Jim formed Buster Brown. In that sense, Miles Goes Wes has the feeling of a warm homecoming, a reunion of musicians whose connections have stayed strong over a lifetime.

“I also must mention Bernard Wright,” Jim is quick to add. “He’s all over this record, playing with impeccable taste, style and imagination. Of course he became a funk star in the early eighties as Nard, a contemporary of Marcus Miller and Lenny White from Jamaica, Queens, New York. Marcus recruited him to play on Tutu. I met Bernard when he moved to Dallas some thirty years ago and worked with Buster Brown. We lost touch for a while, but hooked up again for this project. I treasure his solos here, especially the haunting introduction he wrote for ‘Nardis.’ Randy Lee, another forty-year-friend and the original tenor saxist in Phyrework, also knocked me out. I love how he tears up `Day in the Life.’” Continue reading