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Finally – Final Definition

fdFinally is a Slovak jazz-funk band formed in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2002, founded by Eugen Botos (piano) – leader and composer of the band, Robert Vizvari (bass guitar), Martin Koleda (guitar). Finally and guests is a project of young passionate musicians, who were brought up on jazz, jazz funk and smooth jazz music (to include Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea…).

The genre of their music could be characterized as a harder style of Chick Corea’s Electric Band or Mark King’s Level 42 influenced by smooth jazz, hip hop, modern jazz, funk and ethno. Finally and Eric Marienthal had a series of performances in Japan and peaked at Bratislava Jazz Days (one of the top jazz festivals in Europe), where they performed with great success with Eric Marienthal. They started cooperating on stage in 2008, Finally has become Eric’s band for European concerts. These performances moved them forward to finishing their CD called My Space, at least 2 songs (Manhattan, My Space) are often played in American and Japanese smooth jazz/jazz radios. This formation – Finally and Eric Marienthal is going to be further presented in Europe.

The members of the group were brought up in traditional musical families; each of them has a university degree in music. They are multi-instrumentalists and passionate performers of classical music as well. They are European top artists in their genre. Finally and their music can be definitely seen as a new fresh and innovating energy in the jazz genre. Final Definition is their second album after their debut album My Space (2010) and now available at their website. The guest musicians are Marcus Miller, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Victor Wooten, Jeff Lorber and more. Please write an email to Your name, quantity and an address is fine. The price is 30.-Eur + shipping!

Jazz Head Entertainment – Paradise

jazzheadentertainment2Jazz Head Entertainment is back again with their sophomore release Paradise. They send you on a trip around the world and back with a tasteful infusion of jazz, R&B and funk. So take a seat, sit back and relax while they take you on this musical journey.

The journey starts at CDBaby.

Sean Uliasz – Electrify

electrifySean Uliasz is a 24 year-old contemporary jazz pianist/keyboardist, composer, and producer from Southwick, Massachusetts. Sean has had a great deal of performance experience in both Jazz and Classical settings. Most recently, he performed as a first place winner for the Crescendo International Piano Competition at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Sean has performed with his band at numerous venues throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, including Mohegan Sun, The Cambridge House Brew Pub, Luxe Burger Bar, and the Windsor Arts Center.

His first album (EP) is Electrify and now available at CDBaby.

Christoph Spendel – Jazzmatics Vol. 1 New York Sessions

Jazzmatics Vol. 1 New York Sessions is the first album in the Jazzmatics series by jazz genius Christoph Spendel. The addition New York Sessions is explained by the fact that Christoph Spendel recorded these pieces during his stay in the USA in the 90’s.

Christoph was supported by top notch musicians, with whom he performed on many events in the years 1993 – 1994. The album starts with the powerful City Life, described by Spendel with mighty keystrokes. Near the epicenter of fusion jazz he is also toying with other formats.

Backed on a precise and snappy percussion rhythm Christoph exercises on Strong People the noble art of piano driven jazz. From the Past allures with elevated pristine synth sounds in opposition to a stroke of piano genius.

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Anna Danes – Find Your Wings

During the summer, as vocalist Anna Danes planned the marketing and promotional aspects of her new album, Find Your Wings (DLG Records, 2016), she learned that she has breast cancer. She penned a motivational blog, Cancer Part 1: Vanity Saved My Life, to educate and inspire others who are dealing with their own health challenges.

Accompanying Danes are Rich Ruttenberg, piano; John Ferraro, drums; and Trey Henry, bass. Richard Shelton joins for a duet on “That’s All.”

“I Will Wait for You” has a moderate, finger-snapping, toe-tapping pace. Danes opens with a haunting chant before delving into the lyrics. She sings of a lover whose gone away for some purpose not mentioned in the song. What matters is that she’ll is patient, longing for his return. Ruttenberg complements with fills underneath her lead, as well as a middle solo. Ferraro and Henry are steady throughout, with the pair coming out more during the instrumental fade.

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Shamik Jones – Hands On

hands-onThis project is a “coming home” so to speak musically connecting the many threads and styles that make up Shamik Jones‘ musicality. You can hear the influences but also a distinctness that is his own. This being Shamik’s second instrumental project is also exibits his growth musically as we explore his “roots”. We invite you on this instrumental journey which is a rediscovery of a musician and also a tribute to those who inspired and mentored him. It’s literally Hands On as Shamik has written, produced and played everything. It’s something He’s excited to share with you.

You will hear the many musical influences like gospel, pop, jazz and others on this project. It’s a musical tapestry making this instrumental journey a collage of styles. Get it at CDBaby.

Billy Hines – Rain Down on Me

rainThis CD is dedicated in memory of Billy’s brother in law “Tony Dozier” whom he affectionately called “Tony D”. The music is big and boomy with that Detroit bass in the face, those Chicago horn hits, Washington Gogo beats and pulsing rhythms that carry the music along. Songs bring to mind the funk of James Brown and the groove of Earth, Wind and Fire, while exciting the audience with the energy of rock & roll. The Caught up show is a live 15 piece R&B / Jazz band, delivering an exciting and transporting experience blending funk, rock, Gospel, Soul and faith.

Rain Down on Me is your choice at CDBaby.

Christoph Spendel – Jazzmatics Vol. 2 New York Sessions

The Jazzmatics series is for Christoph Spendel a resume of the last 40 years. It started 1971, when Christoph watched on TV Miles Davis and his band during the Berliner Jazztage. The Miles Davis cast made it clear how interesting it is to combine different styles and cultures.

Christoph is a child of the 70’s, when fusion jazz and rock jazz were developed, later copied to a high level. The mixture between America, Africa and Europe is a huge musical treasure trove for him. He always surrounded himself with musicians, who also shared his philosophy. So with his bands in Germany and in USA as a member of Special EFX.

He had the opportunity to perform with Chuck Loeb, Dave Samuels, Dave Valentin, Lee Ritenour, Marion Meadows, Chieli Minucci, and more. His love for Weather Report and his longtime friendship with Joe Zawinul have also shaped him. His passion for Latin music was fueled by his numerous Cuba visits.

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Anthony Branker and Imagine – Beauty Within

Where he leads, they gleefully follow. Anthony Branker and Imagine present Beauty Within (Origin Records, 2016), an engaging set of all-original music.

Branker is composer and musical director. The Imagine musicians are Ralph Bowen, tenor and soprano saxophones; Pete McCann, guitar; Fabian Almazan, piano; Linda Oh, double bass; Rudy Royston, drums.

Oh goes it alone to introduce the title song. The nearly two minute solo shows the bassist’s dexterity. A little stick work from Royston cues the band. The song has a haunting, enchanting mood, whether Bowen or Almazan has the lead. Royston, rather than keep a steady beat, mixes rolls with independent strikes, deftly shifting from cymbals to toms and back. The melody is a duet between tenor sax and guitar. Entering the final phase, Bowen stretches out, bringing more energy and passion.

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Rodney E. Foster,Sr – Sunlight

sunlightRodney Foster had many childhood musical experiences that helped nourish his musical creativity from touring the United States with his grandmother and aunts to winning talent shows from grade school throughout high school. After a devastating military accident that permanently damaged his hearing, Rodney got very serious about music as a career. He purchased a set of congas and taught himself to play. In 1979 he joined Strong, a top 40’s band, and went on tour to Japan as a lead singer and percussionist.

When he returned to the United States he formed several R & B bands but couldn’t find members as dedicated as he was to working towards success. He purchased his first keyboard, a Roland Juno 106, and quickly mastered midi techniques. This lead to purchasing computers, modules, multi-track recorders and a 48-channel mixer. Rodney has produced, arranged, and written many tracks throughout the years for other artist’s such as: Jimi Clinton, Maniac Dum Dumz, S Kay, Trick One, Alias One and many others. He likes to stay on top of all the newest technological trends in music. These innovations have allowed him to create his music on his own terms. Rodney has a catalog of well over 5000 tracks and growing. The albums, Sensual Thoughts and Maya are only the first and second offerings with several new projects to be released.

His new project Sunlight is now arrived at CDBaby.