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Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2016 (A Retrospective)

The wintery Augsburg was dressed in a robe of hoarfrost, when we reached our destination on Friday after a long journey. It was for the first time that we attended the Smooth Jazz Festival in Augsburg during the New Year period. We had expected adverse weather conditions and were pleasantly surprised by the snow-free weather. Traditionally the festival took place in the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg. A venue of timeless beauty build in the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany. It is the work of famous architect Jean Keller, who constructed the building in 1886.

The festival is due to the promoter Christian Bössner, who, like every year, is passionate about the smooth running, the high-profile artists and the constancy of the festival. To him my highest appreciation and many thanks for this wonderful event.

The backing band consisted, as always, of professional studio musicians, who had been operating their music business for many years. The formation was led by musical director and gifted keyboardist Lutz Deterra, who, with his musical expertise, mastery on his instrument and tireless élan, kept the event in motion.

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Oli Silk – Where I Left Off

It’s a long way to make a name for itself, when you are a keyboardist from UK. Oli Silk has made the impossible possible and achieved a great reputation as one of the hottest acts in USA.

Although an integral member of the band in Pizza Express, London, he often takes the transatlantic leap to be visible at numerous events in the States.

He has come forward in the smooth jazz scene and the supporting musicians on his new album Where I Left Off (2016) are reading like a Who-is-Who of this genre. Rick Braun, Ryan Jacob (trumpet), Omari Williams, Oscar Seaton Jr., Gordon Cambell and Andrew Small (drums), Dwayne ‘Smitty’ Smith, Orefo Orakwue (bass), Mark Jaimes, Peter White and Nick Colionne (guitar), Joe Becket, Karl Vanden Bossche (percussion), Steve Cole (sax), Athea Rene (flute) and Katie Leone (vocals) are on the guest list.

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Oli Silk – All We Need

Keyboardist Oli Silk is best known by the albums Fact or Friction (2000) and Duality (2002), which he released with Danny Sugar. During his relative short solo career he already published the albums So Many Ways (2006), and The Limit’s The Sky (2008). I recommend to visit his new-look website, a piece of impressive artwork, where you can find more information about this upcoming smooth jazz star in a few days.

Born in London, UK he is frequently touring with The Sax Pack, Jackiem Joyner and Cindy Bradley. During the concerts in venues such as Pizza Express and Jazz Café, London he often supports artists like Peter White, Marc Antoine, Richard Elliot, Jaared and Rick Braun.

His new album All We Need (2010) will certainly stimulate the interest for this musician, who is destined for higher merits. Oli is joined by Joe Becket (percussion), Oscar Seaton (drums), Mark Jaimes (guitar, bass), Shannon Pearson (vocals), Dwayne Smith (bass), Gary Honor (sax, flute), Cindy Bradley (flugelhorn, trumpet), Rebeca Vega Felipe (vocals), Carl Stanley (sax) and Marc Antoine (guitar).

Oli welcomes us with the sultry title song All We Need. He has already adapted the elegant piano style of popular artists like George Duke or Alex Bugnon. His sense for melody and arrangment is clean and tidy.

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Oli Silk – All We Need

International Artist of the Year Nominee producer/keyboardist Oli Silk steps back into the fray and elevates the bar with  All We Need marking his third and most auspicious musical offerings to date. The old adage ‘third time’s a charm’ comes to mind as Silk ramps up the fun and the funk with this infectious assemblage of sparkling originals that truly showcase his burgeoning talent.

Silk lays the grooves fat and funky on tracks like ‘LA to London (The Return Journey)’ sets a strong hook on ‘Get Out Claws’ a piece that boasts the classic Bob James Rhodes sound and sure to be a hit. ‘Latin Haze’ smokes up guitar licks supplied by Marc Anotine, the track ‘Tokyo’ brings trumpeter and label mate, Cindy Bradley out front and center for a fun and infectious romp and rounding out the set Shannon Pearson wraps her silky smooth voice around the R&B gem ‘Didn’t Know About Love,’ which could very well find a home at Urban AC. Pure pleasure from across the pond!!

Having established himself as a fixture on the American Smooth Jazz radio and touring scene with his prior Trippin N’ Rhythm projects, Silk may well want to begin speaking with a real estate agent as ‘All We Need’ will surely elevate the demands for his time and talents here on American soil.

Source: Trippin N’ Rhythm

Oli Silk – The Limit’s The Sky

Fans of U.K.’s smooth jazz scene will remember Oli Silk as part of the group Sugar and Silk. Danny Sugar (bass guitar) and Oli Silk (keyboards) had two albums to their credits, Fact or Friction (2000) and Duality (2002).

While Danny Sugar became a designer and does lots of designs and all the artwork for Oli’s album, Oli Silk started his solo career with his debut album So Many Ways (2006), followed by the album The Limit’s The Sky in 2008. Both albums were released on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records.

Oli also produced James Vargas’ debut album (2004) and Jaared’s album Addiction (2008). Oli Silk has just begun the recording of his third album, which is scheduled for release August, 31st 2010.

A good reason to listen to his previous album The Limit’s The Sky. The title track opens the album with Jaared’s dirty, gritty sax intrusion served in a turntable scratch set. Peppered with that flavor Silk’s piano performance sounds fresh and contemporary.

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