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Brian Simpson – Something About You

There are many qualities that make Brian Simpson’s music distinctive but one of the most powerful elements is his ability to compose unbelievably beautiful and striking melodies. This gift has landed him on top of the charts numerous times. “I have figured out that there is no simple way to write a good song,”  he explains “You have to take time crafting every element. I will often write one melody for a song then try to come up with something completely different, then let a day go by before listening again in order to get an objective opinion on which one to use. I often make changes at the last minute, so it’s a process of refinement that isn’t over until it’s over!”

Something About You opens with the jubilant and funky title track which shines a spotlight on Simpson’s effervescent and soaring piano lines juxtaposed to the bouncy and bottom heavy bass lines of Alex Al and rhythmic fancy of  Ramon Yslas. The sweet and dreamy “Morning Samba,” the album’s first single and the mystical “Blue Horizon,” both possess an intoxicating EDM vibe. “I wanted this project to sound modern, which I hoped to accomplish through electronic music elements,” says Simpson. “This should catch your ear upon first listen. What I hoped would be unique is combining those elements with the organically funky bass and guitar that has become a distinction of my music.”

The pervasive feeling on Something About You is one of joy and upliftment. Simpson and company fuel the good times with the percussive “Mojave,” featuring the intense and beautiful interplay between Simpson’s piano and Yarone Levy’s guitar. The seductive and R&B laced “Chemistry,” featuring trumpeter Ron King, is a high point on the CD. “I’m following in the footsteps of those that laid the foundation of contemporary jazz music,” says Simpson. “Fusing jazz and R&B is just what contemporary jazz is all about.” The pop infused songs “At First Sight” and “Irresistible” show the melodic brilliance of Simpson who is unparalled in his ability to compose breathtakingly beautiful melodies that almost sing their way into your subconscious mind and soul. Something About You also features “Gotta Get To You,” a sensuous ballad with a relentless rock-steady groove and the emotive “Speechless,” which will tug on your heartstrings with its wistful melodic lines and Simpson’s longing and tender piano touch. It is fitting that the CD closes with the gorgeous composition “The Rainbow.” And just like the qualities of a rainbow, Simpson creates an an illusion all of his own – an auditory illusion spurred by his majestic touch and ability to conjure deep emotion. He shares, “My hope is always the same, that somehow the melodies, harmonies, and grooves make a connection with people.”
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