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Bobby Sanabria Big Band – Multiverse

MultiverseIt’s not my style to make broad generalizations. But there is one I believe. If you listen to Latin jazz and don’t come away with something to smile about, something’s wrong with you. This thought came to mind while playing the joyful jam, “Cachita,” from the Bobby Sanabria Big Band’s Multiverse (Jazzheads, 2012).

The song has a bit of everything you expect. A lively rhythm. Rich percussion. A dynamic horn section. Playful vocals. And brilliant saxophone solos by John Beaty on alto and Jeff Lederer on tenor. And after a stunning, get on your feet and dance passage, the track calms down with an engaging electric bass solo by Leo Traversa, accompanied only by percussionists and an eventual vocal chant. The horns come back in for the riveting finale.

Sanabria is musical director and plays drum set with timbalitos, xylophone, maracas, organ and a variety of other instruments. He grew up in the South Bronx of New York, where he experienced a variety of musical styles, a confluence of sounds that led to the naming of this project. “Multiverse” jazz is rooted in music that migrated from Africa, Cuba, New Orleans, St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago and founts its way to New York.

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