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Rob White – Keep Riding (Remastered)

Millions of musicians play the saxophone but few have the ability to stand out among the rest. Rob White began his musical journey at the tender age of 7 with a violin. Brought up in a family of singers, his mother encouraged him to play music and chose the instruments for young Rob to learn. In every instrument that was given to him, from the soprano, alto and tenor sax to the flute, Rob mastered it.

Creating his debut CD, “Let It Ride,” was a wonderful experience for this young talent. When Rob stepped into the studio, Yasha and he met on an entirely different level. The connection was a divine appointment. Yasha, a seasoned producer who has been a part of the Orpheus magic since the beginning also helped create the sounds for Najee and Alex Bugnon. Yasha took Rob to a level professionally that he didn’t know was obtainable. “When Rob began to play “I Wish I Wasn’t,” it sounded like a Heather Headley song, but when I told him to play it 2 octaves higher, he made it into a Rob White song. I saw Najee and “Sweet Love” all over again” says Yasha. And Rob makes it known, “Yasha taught me to take control of the tune and not let the tune take over me.”

Keep Riding was originally released in 2010 on Orpheus Records. Now Rob has released a remastered version available on CDBaby.