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Ronald Boo Hinkson – Shades

St Lucia’s premiere Jazz guitarist Ronald Boo Hinkson is back with a new CD! For all the devoted fans who have waited since his popular release, “Beyond”, this new project is definitely worth the wait. Infused with his signature Caribbean take on the smooth jazz culture, Boo flows effortlessly from the more traditional Smooth Jazz genre with “Making It Easy” and “How Can I”, to the more Caribbean influenced selections like “Dance The Hall” and “African Queen”, to even more Latin leanings with “La Luna Latina”. Boo even demonstrates his vocal skills in his memorable scat solo on “Dance The Hall”. His friend George Benson would be proud. His skills are on full display on “Shades”, even giving us some more taditional Pop/R&B flair with the vocal performance on “User Friendly”. This CD is jam packed with memorable hits that you will find yourself singing from the moment you pop this into your CD player.

Shades is an excellent balance between traditional Smooth Jazz and the Caribbean influenced styles perfected by St Lucia’s premiere Jazz Guitarist, Ronald Boo Hinkson. Fans of Al Jarreau, George Benson and even Michael Bublé will love this one!

Available on CDBaby.